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Obama appoints trans woman to Department of Commerce

Amanda Simpson has been appointed to the Department of Commerce as a senior technical advisor, working in the Bureau of Industry and Security. Simpson is the first transgendered woman appointed to a federal government position.

Waging class warfare - the rich win again

On New Year's Day, the estate tax, which has been part of the US tax system for nearly 100 years, will disappear due to the failure of the Senate to pass an extension in December.

When lesbian mommies collide: birth mom disappears with child prior to custody turn-over date

A Vermont Judge ordered Miller to transfer custody to Jenkins by January 1, 2010, seeing this as the only way to guarantee visitation between the two mothers. However, in the weeks prior to the court-ordered turnover date, it appears Miller has vanished with the child, cutting off contact even with her attorneys.

New legislation to target repeat DUI offenders

Assemblymember Jerry Hill (D-San Mateo) held a press conference yesterday to unveil legislation that will make it more difficult for repeat DUI offenders to get their license back.

Quake serves as reminder to prepare

The 5.8 magnitude earthquake centered in Guadalupe Victoria, Mexico just before 11 a.m. yesterday serves as a good reminder to San Diego County residents to be prepared for natural disasters.

Leather Pride donates $1,500 to The Center

Leather Pride, the non-profit organization behind the Mr. and Mrs. San Diego Leather competitions and Leather Pride week has donated $1,500 to The Center.

New year, new laws, new low for state

The bills passed in Sacramento this year ran the gamut, from setting penalties related to paparazzi and offering gay spouses various employer benefits to blessing a high-tech billing system for toll roads like the South Bay Expressway and giving San Diego more control over the seal colony at Children’s Pool beach.