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Gay French couple not allowed to name their male child "Amber"

Moms aren't allowed to name their son "Amber."

A French court has told a lesbian couple that they cannot name their son "Ambre" (Amber) because it risks “confusing the child in a way that could be harmful” due to the fact that it is considered a girl’s name.

Marine who was sexually assaulted in the corps by another man writes courageous essay

Essay recounts a Marine's account and healing of male on male sexaul assault.

Captain Justin Rose had his day in court two years ago, sitting on the stand to give testimony on his experience being sexually assaulted by another male Marine while stationed on Horn of Africa in 2006. Rose reported the incident just after it occurred but no one believed him. 

German pop singer disappears from cruise ship in the middle of the ocean

Daniel Küblböck feared dead after reports say he jumped from a cruise ship headed to New York.

A gay reality show contestant is believed to have died after reportedly jumping from the deck of a cruise ship and into the ocean over the weekend. 

Daniel Küblböck, 33, became a celebrity after competing on Deutschland sucht den Superstar, the German version of the singing competition show Pop Idol.

Threatening hate speech painted on gay man's Nevada home

Gay man's Nevada residence tagged with hate speech.

In an earlier report coming out of Nevada, local publication Therenogaypage reported that a gay man's Washoe County home was vandalized with a homophobic slur and death threat on Thursday (Sept. 6) morning. The graffiti has since been painted over.

Gay sex now legal in India after historic Supreme Court ruling

India Supreme Court rules to legalize LGBT consensual sex.

In a unanimous decision, India's Supreme Court has ruled to decriminalize gay sex. 

The decision was announced in Delhi causing citizens and LGBT rights activists to celebrate in the streets. 

The law, Section 377, was put into place during British rule and made gay sex "against the order of nature," punishable with a life sentence. 

Only one dad allowed to pre-board with child, airline apologizes

A gay couple was told only one of them could pre-board with their child, while other "straight" families were all allowed on.

Heading to Taipei with their toddler, a married male couple was stopped at the EVA Air gate at the San Francisco International Airport during family pre-boarding, where they were allegedly told only one parent could accompany the child into the cabin.