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Teen charged with hate crime, accused of holding man hostage for several days

Teenager charged with hate crime for allegedly beating and starving another man because he is gay.

Jackson Sugrue, 19, of Framingham, Massachusetts is being charged with a hate crime after allegedly holding another man hostage for four days, beating and starving him. 

Sugrue is accused of keeping the 50-year-old victim, Otoni Eliseu, against his will because he is gay, calling him homophobic slurs. 

Ohio bill seeks to jail teachers if they assist trans kids

Conservatives in Ohio are pushing for a bill that would make teachers and other school officials blow the whistle on students who want to be recognized outside of the gender they were assigned at birth. 

Christians apologize to the LGBT community

The Church of Freedom in Christ Ministries apologizes to Filipino LGBT Pride parade attendees.

Pride month came to a close in the Philippines with a message of hope and forgiveness this past weekend, the apology coming from a Christain group who attended a Pride parade near the capital city of Manila. 

The religious group didn't show up with banners containing homophobic rhetoric or appropriated scripture used as weapons of hate, this group held signs that said "I'm sorry." 

CA politician asks for "Straight Pride American Month"

Ted Hickman of Dixon California.

Although the Trump administration didn't officially recognize June as Pride Month, the number of Pride festivals around the country and the world seemed to be all the validation the community needed. But this year also brought with it plenty of detractors who challenged "LGBT Pride," suggesting also a "Straight Pride Month."

Trans woman killed in Cleveland; 14th in U.S. since start of 2018

Keisha Wells, a Cleveland trans woman was shot and killed last weekend.

The second transgender woman to be killed in Cleveland in four months was reported on Sunday, making her the 14th killed in the U.S. since the beginning of 2108. 

Family members and members of the LGBT community identified the woman as Keisha Wells, 54.