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The Center's Community Coalition Breakfast cancelled

The San Diego LGBT Community Coalition Breakfast scheduled for tomorrow, Friday, January 22, with the newly elected Speaker of the California Assembly, Speaker John Pérez, has been cancelled.

Air America Grounded

Carried in hundreds of local AM channels across the country, the network's first lead anchor and staunch bulwark was now Senator Al Franken (D-Minn), who left in 2007 to run for that office.

Prop 8 supporters show some churches opposed ban

Lawyers defending California's gay marriage ban started the eighth day of a federal trial by producing campaign fliers and other documents showing some churches in the state opposed the ballot measure that established the ban.

Gay marriage ban backer to be hostile witness

A proponent of California's same-sex marriage ban who warned that gay rights activists would try to legalize sex with children if Proposition 8 did not pass is expected to be called as a hostile witness Thursday for two same-sex couples suing to overturn the measure.

First Conference to Educate Counselors of LGBTQI Youth - the Grad Student's Perspective

In this second part of the series, SDGLN reached out to a number of Dr Hatch's grad students to find out what CESCal and the upcoming conference meant to them. Ironically none of the students we spoke to are from the LGBT community themselves, but their love for the program and enthusiasm for what they are doing and the conference itself shined through their answers.