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Video shows bus rider fighting back against homophobe

Man fights back against homophobic attacker on city bus.

A trip on public transportation in New York turned ugly when an argument between a homophobic rider and another gentleman resulted in a bloody altercation. 

It's not clear what started the scuffle, and the video only shows the altercation mid-heat, but what is clear is that the person being verbally pummeled with hate speech fought back when it turned physical. 

Gay male penguins "adopt" neglectful straight parents' chick

Gay penguins go parental in kidnapping scheme.

There are about 30,000 LGBT parents raising adopted children in the United States, but in Denmark there is now at least one gay penguin couple that tried to do the same.  

Hillcrest "Peeping Tom" caught on camera

Recent reports of a Hillcrest Peeping Tom have the neighborhood on alert and now it appears the invader has been caught on camera. 

Fake bomb in Hillcrest prompts evacuations

Novelty bomb scares Hillcrest residents on Monday.

A portion of Hillcrest was evacuated and cordoned off on Monday while authorities investigated what was originally thought to be a bomb. 

It was later determined that the object was not an incendiary device, rather a novelty item made to look like one according to KUSI

LGBT activist reportedly "lynched" in Greece

Video shows a Greek shop owner kicking Zak Kostopoulos which may have led to his death.

A Greek LGBT activist died on Saturday, an alleged victim of a lynch mob, but officials say only a full medical investigation will determine a broader picture of how he died. 

Hillcrest resident reports "Peeping Tom" in bedroom window

Serial "Peeping Tom" seen outside window of Hillcrest apartment.

A Hillcrest resident is on edge after he discovered a strange man peering into his bedroom at night last week. 

Ricardo Alvarez said at about 1 am last Wednesday, from his 4th Avenue apartment, he looked at his bedroom window to see someone standing there looking in at him.