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Only one dad allowed to pre-board with child, airline apologizes

A gay couple was told only one of them could pre-board with their child, while other "straight" families were all allowed on.

Heading to Taipei with their toddler, a married male couple was stopped at the EVA Air gate at the San Francisco International Airport during family pre-boarding, where they were allegedly told only one parent could accompany the child into the cabin.

Swami's Cafe building in Hillcrest for sale

Swami's Cafe Hillcrest building is currently for sale.

Swami's Cafe is a very popular restaurant chain in San Diego; there are 11 locations around the county, the first opened in 2005 on Highway 101. 

But the one which recently opened in Hillcrest may not be around for much longer. 

Fourth grader dies by suicide only four days after coming out at school

A 9-year-old boy died by suicide just days after coming out to his mother and classmates according to KDVR, a Fox affiliate in Colorado. 

His mother, Leia Pierce thinks bullying was the main factor in her son, Jamel Myles'  death.  

CA has new law that will support its LGBT senior citizens

Gov. Jerry Brown signs into law AB 2719 that will offer more federal support to CA LGBT seniors.

Governor Jerry Brown has signed  AB 2719 into California law, which broadens the definition of who is eligible to receive federal funding to older individuals to include sexual orientation and gender expression.

Hillcrest Pride flag to fly at half-staff for Sen. McCain

The Hillcrest Pride flag will fly at half-staff through Saturday.

In honor of the late Sen. John McCain, who passed away on August 25, the Hillcrest Pride flag will be flying at half-staff through Saturday. 

On Monday the president called for the U.S. flag to be lowered to half-staff all week. 

Hillcrest's Pride flag follows the same protocol as the American flag when it comes to official positioning.