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A dozen Krispy Kreme donuts for $1

Celebrate Krispy Kreme's birthday with a dozen donuts for $1.

Your sweet tooth is about to get passed on to your wallet as Krispy Kreme celebrates its 81st birthday on Friday. 

The company is offering customers one dozen Original Glazed donuts at participating locations for $1 when you buy any other dozen at the regular price. 

Trans woman of color murdered in Mississippi

Diamond Stephens, 39, murdered by a gunshot to the back of the head.

A trans woman of color, Diamond Stephens, was murdered on June 18 in Meridian, Miss, but because she was misgendered and deadnamed in the media, she wasn't identified as trans until Wednesday. 

CVS apologizes for harassing trans woman at pharmacy

Pharmacy apologizes for trans harassment by one of their pharmacists.

CVS Pharmacy has apologized for the way it treated one of its customers in Arizona this past week. Hilde Hall had just recently been given the go-ahead by her doctor to start her hormone treatment but when she went to pick up her prescription she was met with alleged harassment. 

McDonald's marquee leaves Chick-fil-A in the shade

McDonald’s has a message for its chicken neighbor.

A Chick-fil-A is set to start accepting customers later this week, but its historic anti-LGBT stance may not be as savory as their waffle fries, especially to its next-door neighbor McDonald's. 

The Golden Arches' landmark signpost marquee usually touts its daily specials, but the franchise in Glastonbury, Connecticut, may be casting shade on its chicken-based competitor.