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Record-breaking heat expected this week in San Diego

Summer heat moves into San Diego for the week.

Summer is definitely upon us in San Diego as temperatures are expected to soar throughout the county this week starting on Monday. 

High surf warnings will also be in effect as people make their way to the beach to cool off. 

Trans woman of color found murdered in Florida

Sasha Garden, 27, was found murdered in Florida.

A transgender woman was found dead Thursday morning in Orange County, Florida.

Police say Sasha Garden, 27, was discovered in the early morning hours with trauma to her body, but the cause of death has not yet been determined. 

Man spits on rainbow crosswalk, video goes viral

Viral video of man spitting on rainbow crosswalk piques interest of Canadian news.

As much as people support the rainbow crosswalks that have been painted in intersections all over the world, there are some who aren't so happy with the installations.

Part of Harbor Drive will close for Comic-Con

Section of road in front of San Diego Convention Center will be closed to traffic for Comic-Con.

For the first time ever a  section of Harbor Drive in front of the San Diego Convention Center will be closed to public traffic, including skateboards and scooters according to Fox 5

City Council approves new short-term rental rules

Years of debate may have come to an end over short-term rentals in San Diego. The City Council, using Mayor Faulconer's input voted to establish new regulations for short-term residential occupancy (STRO) programs such as Airbnb. These new rules include upholding strong code enforcement and preserving the quality of life in San Diego’s neighborhoods.

Episcopal church says yes to gay marriage across all dioceses

In a decision on Friday at the Episcopal General Convention, a resolution passed that allows the right for same-sex couples to marry in all dioceses even if a local bishops objects.