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Brunei to implement death penalty for gay sex

The tiny nation of Brunei is being accused of human rights violations by Amnesty International for criminal laws that will go into effect on April 3.

The laws would mean that citizens caught having gay sex could be put to death by way of stoning. Thieves would suffer amputation if caught. These laws would also apply to children. 

Wrinkled trans flags generate discussion about display tact

People notice that trans flags are not pressed.

The trans flag is being displayed at high-profile government offices all over the country to commemorate International Transgender Day of Visibility on March 31, but some are not focusing on the wave of support, but rather its unkempt appearance. 

Adele & Jennifer Lawrence have a great time in NYC gay bar

Adele and Jennifer Lawrence surprise guests at a New York gay club.

Oscar winners Jennifer Lawrence and Adele were looking to have some fun over the weekend and patrons at the Pieces LGBT bar in New York's Greenwich Village, watched as the duo did as everyone else was doing; having a great time. 

Man dies after e-scooter crash downtown

A man not wearing a helmet died as a result of injuries he sustained from an e-scooter crash.

A man who crashed while riding an electric scooter downtown has died in the hospital this past Friday. Police say that this is the first documented death as a result of dockless scooter usage. 

Christopher Conti, 53, was riding the machine on the sidewalk of 10th Avenue last Wednesday night.