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New e-scooter laws go into effect as of Jan.1

New scooter laws go into effect on Jan. 1.

There is no shortage of electric scooter options in San Diego, and on January 1 riders have a new set of rules they must follow or face getting a ticket. 

Users who are under the age of 18 are now required to wear helmets. Those 18 and over do not need to wear them.

Governor Jerry Brown signed the new law, AB 2989, which went into effect on Tuesday. 

Sailor kissing his husband not appreciated by some Florida TV viewers

Some Floridian news watchers were not happy with welcome home kiss.

It's a scene San Diegans are familiar with; reunited service members disembarking from their ships after a lengthy tour and giving their loved ones waiting on the dock a passionate smooch. In fact, a statue which mimics the now-famous photograph of a returning World War II sailor kissing a nurse known as "Unconditional Surrender" stands 25-ft. tall over the Port of San Diego.

Illinois couple's rainbow flag stolen, neighbors unite to do something special

An Illinois couple thought when the rainbow flag disappeared from their backyard that would be the end of it, but actually, it was the beginning of a block-wide blessing in disguise. 

Casey Handel and Zadette Rosado and their two daughters have only lived in the suburb of Barrington for seven months. 

Lyft launches their own e-scooters in San Diego

Lyft is adding their brand of electric scooters to San Diego..

Make room for more scooters, Lyft is the latest ridesharing company to add their brand name to electric scooters in San Diego starting on Thursday. 

The company said in a statement that they are guided by four key tenents, "Transportation equity, safer streets, transit integration, and environmental sustainability."