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Drag queen rushes chapel to disrupt wedding in viral video

Drag queen gets the last say in hilarious wedding video.

There's probably no greater suspense at a wedding than the time between the priest asking if anyone disapproves of the union and when he continues uninterrupted. That makes this viral video all the funnier when a drag queen makes a dramatic entrance during that moment denouncing the marriage in song. 

Church evicted over homophobic signage

The Remnant Fellowship Church in Indiana was ousted from its space by the landlord for a homophobic sentiment they posted on a lawn marquee. 

Teen charged with hate crime, accused of holding man hostage for several days

Teenager charged with hate crime for allegedly beating and starving another man because he is gay.

Jackson Sugrue, 19, of Framingham, Massachusetts is being charged with a hate crime after allegedly holding another man hostage for four days, beating and starving him. 

Sugrue is accused of keeping the 50-year-old victim, Otoni Eliseu, against his will because he is gay, calling him homophobic slurs. 

Ohio bill seeks to jail teachers if they assist trans kids

Conservatives in Ohio are pushing for a bill that would make teachers and other school officials blow the whistle on students who want to be recognized outside of the gender they were assigned at birth.