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No Straight Pride for Modesto CA, City Council says

Organizers of a Straight Pride parade in Modesto, CA were denied approval of their event by the City Council this past Friday.

Due to the lack of proof of insurance by coordinators, the council denied their request for safety reasons.

FBI nab Las Vegas man who they say wanted to bomb gays, Jews

FBI nab Las Vegas man who they say wanted to bomb gays, Jews.

Authorities may have thwarted a plan by 23-year-old Conor Climo to firebomb a Las Vegas synagogue and LGBT bar. 

Climo was arrested this past Wednesday and U.S. Magistrate Judge Nancy Koppe ordered him to remain in federal custody until his court hearing scheduled for August 23. 

Hillcrest is eating up new brunch spot

If you've been in Hillcrest for any amount of time on any given day, you might hear the word "bitch" being thrown around in a playful way. Now the word is attached to brunch and people are lining up to get a taste. 

Church denies dying man's last wish because his son is gay

A Tennessee Baptist minister is allegedly refusing to hold a service for a dying member of his own flock because he has a gay son. 

Jesse Goodman's 71-year-old dad is on his death bed, and Jesse must make funeral arrangements but a request from his father for his service to be held at Lee’s Chapel Baptist Church has been denied by its pastor, Jay Scruggs.