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Info about San Diego Comic-Con & Hillcrest events

Catch Kickxy Vixen Styles in one of her Hillcrest performances in honor of SDCC.

San Diego just experienced record-breaking crowds at the Pride festival and now another mass of people are expected to infiltrate the city at the Convention Center for San Diego Comic-Con International (SDCC). 

This time downtown and the Gas Lamp Quarter will get the brunt of the crowds although Hillcrest always has a few things going on during the massive pop culture event. 

Surprise F-15 flyover on Saturday was a first in U.S. Pride history

Surprise F-15 flyover on Saturday was a first in U.S. Pride history.

Those loud jets you heard in the skies on Saturday were actually United States LGBT Pride history in the making.

A four-ship F-15 flyover from Cal Guard's Fresno 144th Fighter Wing shook windows and eardrums all across Hillcrest and its surrounding areas in a salute to transgender military service members. 

San Diego Pride breaking records, again

San Diego Pride breaking records, again.

San Diego didn't disappoint its residents and visitors this weekend for the 46th annual San Diego Pride festival. The weather cooperated and brought plenty of sunshine and blue skies throughout the weekend.

Protesters absent at San Diego Pride parade

Protesters skip San Diego Pride parade.

Another record-breaking Pride has come and gone. Hundreds of thousands filled the streets of Hillcrest for the parade, but there was one thing missing: protesters. 

There is a special policed section on the parade route which is designated for protest groups, but this year that space only contained San Diego's finest standing vigilant. 

First-of-its kind LGBT homeless shelter opens in Hillcrest

LGBT homeless shelter opens in Hillcrest.

The LGBT homeless youth have a place to go in Hillcrest thanks to the Interfaith Shelter Network (ISN). This first-ever LGBT shelter which contains 12 beds opened two weeks ago and according to CBS 8, already has 10 guests. 

Nomi d'shire crowned Miss Gay Pride 2019

Nomi d'shire crowned Miss Gay Pride 2019.

Nomi d'shire might be a little exhausted already in 2019, but she wouldn't have it any other way. The drag queen just moved back to San Diego and already she's earned the title Miss Gay Pride 2019. 

Hillcrest business windows broken by vandals

Hillcrest business windows broken by vandals.

Several business windows in Hillcrest were vandalized earlier this week.

Police say there were two reports that came in at 11:21 pm and 11:24 pm, respectively on Tuesday, July 2. 

Babycakes San Diego returns to Hillcrest

Babycakes San Diego returns to Hillcrest

Just in time for summer, Babycakes is returning to Hillcrest. The bakery is not taking up a permanent spot just yet, it's partnering up with Fiji Yogurt and opening up a popup shop on University Avenue on July 8.

Body found in Hillcrest identified

Body found in Hillcrest identified.

San Diego Police are currently investigating an apparent homicide in Hillcrest after they recovered a body in the 3400 block of Albert Street. 

It happened at approximately 5:30 am on Sunday when an unnamed person made a call to the police department to report the body.