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2009 salute to local heroes to take place today

A Mission Valley woman who fought and helped capture a serial rapist, is among the five people who will be honored today as local heroes by the heads of the three largest local law enforcement agencies in San Diego County.

Veterans jobs initiative moves forward

The proposed policy change is part of Councilmember Gloria’s ongoing effort to improve the City of San Diego’s connection to the local veteran community.

Speaking out- the dynamics of whistleblowing

Over the years, protections for whistleblowers have slowly made their way into corporate policy. They have also been written into bylaws. For decades, however, protecting a whistleblower was a slippery slope.

The Center appologizes for cameras having been turned away from Town Hall meeting

On January 10, community members involved with the organization of that night's Town Hall meeting prohibited Channel 10 News from entering the meeting, saying cameras would not be permitted to film the forum because The Center prohibited such an action. The Center, however, says that their policies were misinterpreted.