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Two arrested for attempting to bring Ecstasy aboard gay cruise

Two men were arrested on Sunday when Homeland Security agents discovered they had a suitcase full of illegal drugs which they planned to bring on board a gay cruise. 

Security agents thwarted the attempts of government contractors Peter Melendez, 35, and Robert Koehler, 27, after intercepting emails in which they discussed their alleged plans. 

"Creepy" Diet Coke napkins on Delta flights removed

Invasive gimmick gets puled from Delta flights.

In this digital age of app-based dating, the need for invading a stranger's space with handwritten love notes might seem creepy. 

That's at least what people were saying about beverage napkins supplied by Coke on Delta Airlines. The airline has since removed the serviettes from rotation. 

A small history of Nancy Pelosi clapping behind other presidents

The clap heard around congress at the State of the Union Address.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi's clap heard around the world at Tuesday night's State of the Union Address was definitely something worth paying attention to especially since her applause in the past even for Republican presidents has been a little more jovial. 

Trans teen wins homecoming crown despite torment

Trans high school student wins homecoming crown.

After being mercilessly bullied and harassed, a transgender student at Forsyth Central High School in Georgia has been crowned its Homecoming Queen. 

Infamous Covington Catholic school student gives his side on "Today"

Nick Sandmann speaks about that day now immortalized on video.

It what might be the most polarizing event open to interpretation of 2019; a stand-off between a Catholic high schooler in a MAGA hat and a Native American man that took place on the Lincoln Memorial steps continues to divide opinions. But at least for the student, he got to tell his side on the Today show this past Wednesday.