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Drag queen attends impeachment hearings

Drag queen heads to impeachment hearings.

A drag queen was giving Capitol Hill realness at the Trump impeachment hearings on Wednesday. Pissi Myles of Asbury Park, New Jersey was on the scene at the U.S. Capitol dressed in a red pleather mini and a blonde bouffant wig. 

Gay teen's slap against name-caller goes viral

Gay teen slaps bully in viral video.

Jordan Steffy has become an LGBT celebrity of sorts over the past weekend. The teen was captured on video standing up to a bully who continued to call him homophobic epithets.

In the video Jordan appears to be being harassed by another student when finally he's had enough.

Teacher says he's being fired for coming out, school district says otherwise

Teacher says he's being fired for coming out, school district says otherwise.

Josh Hamilton, 32, works at Grapevine High School and was put on administrative leave for reasons that are still unclear, but he thinks it is because he came out to a group of students. 

Hamilton, a communications teacher, says he talked to about seven pupils in order to give them encouragement about an upcoming public speaking tournament, he was trying to inspire them. 

Desmond is Amazing says he was attacked in NY subway

Desmond is Amazing was attacked by an angry critic in NY City subway station.

Tween drag superstar Desmond is Amazing took to social media and YouTube on Saturday to describe what it was like to be attacked on a New York subway.

The young entertainer was with his mother and says they had just got finished with a movie shoot and decided to take the subway home. As they made their way out of the station, things got very scary. 

Students elect non-gender conforming "royalty" for homecoming

White Station High School in Memphis (WSHS), Tennessee, has bestowed a crown to a member of their homecoming court. Winners are no longer called "king" or "queen," they are instead called "royalty." 

Brandon Allen was coronated this past Friday. Pictures of his chosen regalia, including a long golden gown and diamond-crusted tiara have since gone viral.