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Trans folks may face barriers when voting in Nov. study shows

"Transgender people who have transitioned often face substantial challenges to obtaining accurate identification."

An estimated 137,000 transgender people who have transitioned will be eligible to vote in the November 2018 election in states with strict voter ID laws, but an estimated 57%—approximately 78,000—of them may not have identification or documentation that accurately reflects their gender.

Wynn Las Vegas asks gay man in swimming brief to leave poolside

A man who just wanted to enjoy the pool at the Las Vegas Encore Beach Club in his Mr. Turk swimming brief was asked to leave sparking a social media video post in which he accuses the hotel of discrimination. 

Facebook removes InfoWars pages; host wanted drag queens burned alive

Alex Jones media pages get pulled by Facebook.

Facebook has seemingly had enough of InfoWars host Alex Jones hate speech and has pulled his pages from their platform because of it. YouTube, Apple, and Spotify have already taken a lot of his programming down.