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Trump mistakenly calls out Mayor Faulconer in his speech on Friday

President Trump accidentally targets Mayor Faulconer in a speech.

President Trump called out San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer (R) in his speech about immigration on Friday, but he really meant to address the Mayor of Oakland. 

The remark came as the president spoke about "angel families," the victims of illegal immigration, from the Eisenhower Executive Office Building 

Don't get it twisted, this art installation has a powerful message

An artist installed a bent drug spoon, one that resembles those used to heat up heroin, and placed it at the entrance to drugmaker Purdue Pharma in Connecticut on Friday. Weighing nearly 800 pounds and 11-feet long the piece is in protest to what the artist Domenic Esposito believes is an epidemic of opioid use. 

Trump sings executive order, ending separation of families at the border

Under pressure from his own political party, family members and public opinion, President Trump signed an executive order that desists in separating families at the border as a result of his zero-tolerance policy against illegal immigration.

Ann Coulter says kids photographed weeping at border are "child actors"

On the heels of First Lady Melania Trump’s statement about the treatment of children at U.S.-Mexico border facilities, conservative and FOX News regular Ann Coulter is convinced that the traumatized kids being photographed are just actors.

First Lady "hates" seeing migrant children being taken from their families

First Lady disapproves of kids being taken from their families.

First Lady Melania Trump had been missing from public view for a while last month after a surgical procedure, but she’s back in the spotlight and it doesn’t appear she’s too happy with the way her husband is handling families in immigration.