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SDPD trans officer called a ‘pig’ at awards ceremony by trans activists

BySDGLN StaffApr 15, 2017

In what should have been a peaceful night of giving back to the community on Friday turned…


‘Radical transgender activists’ try to stop trans SDPD officer’s award

BySDGLN StaffApr 14, 2017

One of San Diego’s finest, Christine Garcia was told earlier this year, she was going to receive…


New details on missing person David Medina

BySDGLN StaffApr 13, 2017

A new development concerning the missing person’s case of San Diego LGBT member David Issac Bernal-Medina have surfaced.San…


Missing Person: Aunt needs help finding her nephew

ByAdminApr 11, 2017

Desperate family and friends are trying to find David Issac Bernal-Medina who they say was last seen in North Park on Wednesday, April…


‘Stripper Circus’ promoter attacked in L.A. street

BySDGLN StaffMar 18, 2017

The promoter for the popular San Diego Sunday night drag show Stripper Circus, Jason King, suffered a…