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The Georgia Street Bridge is now open

The historic Georgia Street Bridge is once again open to the public.

After two years of retrofitting, the Georgia Street Bridge is once again open to the public.

The historic landmark located in North Park just outside of Hillcrest has been under construction for over two years. It was supposed to be completed in November of last year, but that was extended to spring of 2018 and is only now tread-worthy. 

Public restroom orgy leaves parkgoer "horrified"

A man in Edinburgh, Scotland was surprised by what greeted him and his nephew in a public restroom last Wednesday; a 12-man orgy. 

The encounter took place at a place called The Mound when the man, only identified as a "grocer," walked into the bathroom with his six-year-old nephew and saw a man “crouched down at another’s groin” while the others masturbated. 

Three shot outside gay Texas nightclub

Three people were hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries.

Someone opened fire outside the popular gay nightclub Pegasus in San Antonio Texas late Sunday night reports KSAT

Three people were hit by the gunfire in what is believed to have been an altercation between two parties that started inside the club. 

New York LGBT personality Osvaldo Gomez dies

Ms. Colombia is believed to have drowned in a beach in Queens, N.Y.

As we celebrate LGBT history month and the icons who have affected us in one way or another, New York is mourning the loss of one of their own this week. 

Toys "R" Us may live again

Toys "R" Us backs out of auctioning off their brand.

A collective groan was heard around the United States when toy retailer Toys "R" Us broke the news that they would be closing all of their stores back in June, but on Monday the controlling lenders say they pulled out of the bankruptcy auction. 

Around-the-clock Christian news network launches

Pat Robertson started CBN in 1960.

The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) launched the first-ever 24-hour news channel with a purely religious perspective. 

Called the CBN News Channel, it quietly began airing on October 1, in 15 cities across the United States reports LGBTQ Nation.