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First-grade teacher attends Halloween party in blackface

A first-grade teacher at Walcott Elementary in Iowa is under investigation by the Davenport school district after she showed up to a Halloween party in blackface.

Megan Luloff was a part of a group costume effort in which she was depicting Lafawnduh, an African American character from the film Napoleon Dynamite. The party took place at Walcott American Legion’s “Boos Bash."

Marines outline "phallic image" over California

A Marine flew over the Salton Sea and left a penis on the radar.

It what looks like something Maverick from Top Gun would do, the Marine pilot(s) of a T-34C aircraft left something to be desired during a flight pattern this week.

Trans pride flag flies in solidarity high over Hillcrest

Trans Flag flies high over Hillcrest after word of gender redefining memo from Trump administration.

In support of San Diego's transgender community, the Hillcrest Business Association, at the behest of the community, has raised the trans flag in Hillcrest. 

Its presence is in response to an article written in the New York Times that brought to light a memo from the Trump administration to redefine gender and nonbinary people.

Anti-gay group suing library over drag queens reading to children

Libraries across the country have made storytime more fun by having local drag queens read to kids. 

But this program is not something conservative Christians find enlightening and they have fought to have them discontinued. 

An extreme haunt in Ohio accused of simulating sexual assault on men

For a few male guests at a Halloween haunt in Ohio, things got too extreme after one of the actors allegedly simulated rape on them.

Sarah Lelonek and her boyfriend Ryan Carr were attending Fright Fest at Kim Tam Park in Akron.

During the tour Lelonek says she witnessed one of the employees at the event dressed in a pig mask simulate rape on Carr. 

Gay teen asks straight friend to homecoming and it's a viral hit

"Something clicked inside and inspired me to actually ‘ask Erick’"

An Orange County, CA., gay high-schooler asked his straight best friend to homecoming and their story has spread across the internet. 

Alexander Duarte, 17, goes to Santa Ana Valley High School and had been planning on asking his best friend Erick Pineda to the homecoming dance.