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Anti-gay hate crime suspect appears in court

A 36-year-old man accused of savagely beating a gay man with a large bicycle U-lock because of his sexual orientation appeared in court Friday on three felony charges.

California AG responds to San Diego County Clerk's petition against same-gender marriage

"If successful, the petitioner’s effort to revive a ban on same-sex marriage in San Diego County will compel new violations of gay and lesbian Californians’ federal constitutional rights, precipitate a wholly avoidable conflict with the federal court, and block the uniform application of marriage laws in California.”

Jazzie Collins, S.F. transgender activist, dies

Jazzie Collins, a community organizer and well-known transgender activist who was involved in social justice causes in San Francisco, died Thursday at age 54.

Older gay couples finally get their prom night

Last weekend, just one day after gay marriage became legal once more in California, the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center hosted a senior prom for older LGBT Americans.