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What if gay kids had a church that loved them?

“I can only wonder how my life would have been different if there’d been a church around that had loved me for who God created me to be, instead of trying to change me from what it feared I represent.”

The Coming Epidemic: Is HIV really what killed Spencer Cox?

My generation, which continues to stare down HIV, is facing a new plague -- the one that likely killed Spencer Cox. As yet unnamed, it manifests in aimlessness, depression, broken relationships, substance abuse, unsafe sex and suicide.

"Gay cure" ban heads for vote in California

The passage of California's SB 1172 would be the latest in a series of recent actions signaling a widespread condemnation of the practice of "ex-gay therapy."

Butch on Tap: Tie one on

Butch is offering advice on how to look like a million bucks for this weekend's Pride events.