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Butch on Tap: Stone butch beer

This week Butch not only reveals a little more of her self, she takes us on a tour of Stone Brewery like only she can ...

Butch on Tap: Wait for it ...

Butch explains her methods of biding her time while her femme gets ready to leave the house for any occasion.

Butch on Tap: Behind enemy lines

This week Butch explains what it is like to tackle a public ladies room. Again, something we non-butch lesbians all take for granted.

Butch on Tap: Tapping in

What is it like to move through the world as a butch woman? There are often some very interesting circumstances that many of us would take for granted. Our new columnist will walk you through her world, one butch blog at a time.

Telling my 10-year-old that I am gay

Recently coming out as gay, this writer shares what it was like coming out to his 10-year-old daughter.