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Bradley Manning's gender identity issues raised in WikiLeaks case

Pfc. Bradley Manning was a deeply troubled soldier struggling with issues of gender identity whose alleged leaking of classified material to WikiLeaks could have been prevented by superiors.

VIDEO: Is "Shish va Pish" Iran's first gay movie?

Mohammad Reza Golzar and Amin Hayati, two hugely popular actors in Iran, star in the "buddy movie" that has stirred up controversy and been condemned by one imam for "promoting Hollywood-style homosexuality."

LGBT people organizing in remote areas of Kenya

"LGBTI members are moving away from rural areas to bigger cities to live freely. I am committed in creating safe spaces in rural Kenya, we can’t all move to the cities."

COMMENTARY: Transgender, victimized and black

It’s not easy for any person of African descent to be LGBTQ in our black communities, but our transgender brothers and sisters might feel the most discrimination.