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Trump says he would "beat" Oprah if she runs for election

Trump says he'll "beat" Oprah in a presidential race.

The Oprah for President movement has reached the White House with President Trump responding to reports that Oprah is “actively thinking” about entering the 2020 presidential race.

COMMENTARY: How Oprah hurts me and my family

A hero of great integrity, Oprah just invited two people onto her show, who actively preach against these rights that belong to my family and my community and all Americans. While marriage may not be important to Oprah it is treasured by millions of Americans who need its construct for so many reasons.

Transformations: Lea T. - a peek inside the world of a transgender model

Meet Lea T. She’s long and lean, with legs that seem to go on forever. She is thin, even by modeling industry standards; with long, wavy, dark-brown hair, petite bone structure and a slightly prominent (though delicate) jaw line, Lea T. may well define the newest trend in the modeling world.