Offensive anti-LGBT handouts are placed around UK beach town

The seaside town of Margate in East Kent, England will be the site of the 2015 Kent Pride parade. The big budget celebration will take place on August, 29.

However, some residents of the ocean town are not happy that their neighborhood will be the setting for such an event.

Yesterday the village was infiltrated by black-and-white leaflets pleading for members of the community to reject the parade.

The highly offensive and homophobic bulletins read, “Save yourself and your children from homosexuality.”

Queensland Australia may lower the age of consent for anal sex

Queensland Australia is considering lowering the age of consent for anal sex to 16. Currently the sexual practice is considered consensual at age 18.

The LGBT community has long since lobbied to lower the age of consent to be on par with that of vaginal intercourse which is 16 years of age.

Video shows how public reacts to two men holding hands in Jerusalem

As portable technology seems to be the only way gay people from other countries can document their everyday lives and share it with the rest of the world, more and more brave people are willing to put themselves in harm’s way to teach others what it is like to walk in their footsteps.

Last month ChebuRussiaTV released a YouTube video of two men walking hand-in-hand through the streets of Moscow.

The apparently gay couple were met with harsh criticisms, angry looks and at some point physical disapproval.

Delta Airlines makes a change to their cargo policy

Delta Airlines released a statement on their website today saying they will no longer transport certain species of wildlife trophies.

That means any big game hunters who wish to ship their kills back home via the cargo hold will no longer be able to do so.

These “trophies” come in the form of the severed heads or other viscera of the killed creatures and up until now Delta Airlines allowed certain souvenirs to be shipped aboard their aircraft.

Delta’s policy does not prohibit all forms of slain wildlife, but will review each case as the situation arises:

Police in Brighton show support by decorating their cruisers

BRIGHTON, England - Despite having to investigate a suspicious package at this year’s Brighton Pride celebration, police got into the spirit and decorated a few of their patrol vehicles in support.

According to The Daily Mail, Sussex police wanted to show their encouragement for the Brighton LGBT community by decking out their euro-cruisers with rainbow colors and words of encouragement.

16-year-old Jerusalem Pride stabbing victim dies

One of the stabbing victims from last week’s Pride event in Jerusalem has died from her wounds, the Associated Press reports.

Shira Banki, 16-years-old, was in attendance at the celebration, when an ultra-orthodox Jewish conservative man produced a hunting knife and began slashing his way through the crowd, injuring six people before he was wrestled to the ground and dis-armed.

The Jerusalem Pride event is a small celebration compared to the 100,000 people who attended the Tel Aviv celebration in June.

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President Obama calls for Kenya to embrace gay rights

Despite the warning from Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta that discussing gay rights would be a “non-issue,” President Obama, in his landmark visit to Kenya this weekend, worked the topic ambiguously into his speech to the country.

The passive aggressive communication to the Kenyan people seemed on the surface to celebrate the differences in politics between Africa and the U.S. but the underlying message was certainly clear to the LGBT community.

Two men hold hands publicly in the Ukraine and video their assualt

A social experiment went violently wrong in Keiv this past week. Two men hoping to film honest reactions from the public in the Ukrainian capital, were suddenly assaulted after a neo-nazi group noticed them in the park.

You may remember a similar duo a few weeks ago trying this same experiment in Moscow for ChebuRussia TV on YouTube.

Zoryan Kis and Tymur Levchuk were inspired by the ChebuRussia experiment and went into the streets of Kiev to see what would happen if they did the same thing.

Biblical scripture materializes over gay cruising park

Imagine your surprise as you go out looking for a little cruising “fun” in the park, and just as you enter you see a biblical verse warning you that what you’re about to do is an abomination in the eyes of the Lord.

Queerty reports that is exactly what happened in McKee’s Dam in County Down, Northern Ireland, a park rumored to be a cruising mecca for men looking to have a sexual triste with a stranger in the shrubs.

European Court on Civil Rights advises Europe to support marriage equality

The European Court on Human Rights (ECHR) ruled that all signatories to the European Convention of Human Rights should recognize same-sex partnerships.

As a part of this coalition, countries such as Russia, Turkey and Italy are strongly advised to recognize same sex partnerships as a right. The ruling will impact 47 countries and 800 million people across Europe and around the world.