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Tijuana to make history with opening of first LGBT center

TIJUANA, Baja California, Mexico – History is in the making in Tijuana next month when the bustling city south of the border opens its first-ever LGBT center.

Gay marriage bill introduced in Australian Senate

CANBERRA, Australia -- The Liberal party will have to consider allowing its members a free vote on same-sex marriage after a crossbench senator presented a bill to the Senate on Wednesday.

The prime minister, Tony Abbott, has repeatedly stated his opposition to same-sex marriage, but said the question of a conscience vote would be for the party room to decide if and when a bill was presented to parliament.

Being gay in China: Does the rainbow flag fly free?

(Editor's note: In this month's episode of On China join Kristie Lu Stout for a revealing conversation with China's leading gay rights advocates. The show premieres at 5:30 pm Hong Kong time on Thursday. For other air times please click HERE.)

BEIJING, China -- In this narrow Beijing hutong, the rainbow flag flies free.

South African gets 30 years in prison in toilet-brush rape and murder of lesbian

A South African court has sentenced Lekgoa Lesley Motleleng to 30 years for the rape and murder of Duduzile Zozo, a 26-year-old black lesbian from a township east of Johannesburg, according to representatives with the organization Forum for the Empowerment of Women (FEW) who were inside the courtroom.

Motleleng, a 22 year old who lived near Zozo and even attended a vigil before her burial before being identified as the killer, reached a plea bargain with the prosecution on October 22.

Rapper turned Muslim preacher embraces homophobic views

LONDON, England -- A former rapper turned Muslim preacher has been banned from speaking at a university because of his homophobic views.

Preacher Imran ibn Mansur, who abandoned a career in rap for a radical view of Islam, calls homosexuality a "disease."

The 24-year-old preacher also spouts this gem: Sodomy, is an act that in the Sharia ... comes under the category of 'obscene, filthy, shameless' acts."

Australia: Liberal Party faces dilemma as gay marriage bill arrives in Senate

Liberal Democrat David Leyonhjelm is poised to introduce his long-awaited same-sex marriage bill to the Senate in Australia, in a move that will increase the pressure on the Liberal Party to allow its MPs a conscience vote on the issue.

Senator Leyonhjelm is due to introduce his Freedom to Marry Bill to the upper house on Wednesday afternoon, which would allow gay, lesbian, transgender and intersex people to marry.

He will flag his plans in a speech to the Senate on Tuesday evening.

Cameroon: Accuser relents, but police won’t free alleged gay man

(The author of this article is an activist for LGBT rights in Cameroon who writes under a pseudonym.)

A 22-year-old Cameroonian man, identified here as A.H., was held in police custody from Nov. 17 to Nov. 20 after a Facebook correspondent entrapped him and denounced him to police as a homosexual.

The accuser, Serge, turned A.H. over to police when the two men met for the second time — an occasion that had seemed like a date but ended up more like a trap.

UPDATED! Chaos ensues when Baja California's first gay marriage is denied

(Editor's note: Update is below.)

MEXICALI, Baja California, Mexico -- This morning was supposed to be one for the history books in Baja California, when Victor Aguirre Espinoza and Fernando Urías Amparo were scheduled to become the first same-sex couple allowed to marry in the Mexican state just south of the California border.

But instead of a joyful wedding ceremony, the couple, dressed in matching white suits, were thrust in the middle of an ugly homophobic nightmare.

Outside the Mexicali City Hall, anti-gay protesters prayed and shouted slurs.

The World Bank's uneasy relationship with LGBTI rights

The U.S. Agency for International Development and other bilateral donors announced last week a new commitment to infuse lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex rights into their development agendas.

The move, however, left some activists and civil society leaders to wonder: Where does the world’s largest multilateral donor stand on LGBTI rights?

Chinese activists worry as landmark gay "conversion" case stalls

The excitement that coursed through China’s gay rights community in July when a Beijing court heard the country’s first case challenging gay “conversion” therapy has turned to apprehension after the deadline for a decision passed without news.

The lawsuit, filed with Beijing’s Haidian District Court in May, accuses a psychiatric counseling clinic in the southwestern city of Chongqing of exceeding the bounds of its license in offering to “cure” homosexuality. Search engine Baidu, which published ads promoting the clinic, is also named in the suit as a co-defendant.

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