U.N. Postal Admin. releases LGBT themed stamps

The United Nations Postal Administration (UNPA) has issued for the first time ever, an LGBT themed stamp.

The six-stamp collection is a colorful celebration of diversity within lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender global communities.

The United Nations Human Rights office, Free and Equal initiative reaches many countries and their public education campaign is designed to bring global awareness to current issues which affect societies around the world.

Trans athletes can compete in Olympics with few restrictions, IOC says

The International Olympic Committee's medical officials announced Sunday that trans men will be able to compete "without restriction" and trans women will only need to undergo one year of hormone replacement therapy, according to a new policy initially reported in Outsports. Previous guidelines, in place since 2003, mandated athletes undergo gender reassignment surgery as well as two years of hormone therapy.

LGBTI in Africa: from victims to victors

Historically speaking, pride parades have been portrayed as festivals where athletic bodied, barely clad men gyrate to up-tempo music on glittery floats; and when night falls the festivities become a seething cornucopia of lust and drug use. This has been veiled as a chance for LGBTI+ people to celebrate life and "be free."

Freedom, however, has many different applications. Anyone expecting such frivolous displays at the Joburg People's Pride would be in for grave disappointment, as was evident in the November 2015 march through down-town Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Grindr sells Chinese gaming company 60 percent of its stock

The popular hook-up app Grindr has just allowed the Chinese gaming giant Kunlun Tech Company to take over 60-percent of their business.

The six-year-old utility has been valued at $155 million, and although Kunlun will oversee the majority of the enterprise after the purchase, the remaining 40-percent of the company will survive with the original Grindr employees.

Young Indian student sets himself on fire, teased for being gay

INDIA - A young student in Agra, India is recovering after he set himself on fire last Sunday, reports The Times of India.

The 15-year-old undergraduate and exceptional student, siphoned diesel fuel from a vehicle and doused himself with it after two days of self-seclusion.

His drastic action came after he was caught being intimate with another boy in a park, then harassed and teased afterwards.

African teenager with both sex organs killed for wanting to be a boy

An intersex African 17-year old has died from fatal bloodloss sustained after four men cut off his penis.

Muhadh Ishmael was born with both male and female genitalia. His family considered him a female through childhood, but Ishmael, as he matured felt that he was male.

Born in Malindi, a poor town about 70 miles north of Kenya's capital city Mombasa, Ishmael was given the female name of Muhadh Hafswa Said at birth before he changed it to better identify himself as male.

Britain's 'Sky Broadband' nixes internet porn by default

Many attempts to limit the amount of adult content which the internet provides in the U.S. have been struck down as unconstitutional. However, British providers are beefing up their securities and installing filters into their services by default.

British internet service provider Sky Broadband will be blocking pornography by default next year
Pink News reports.

Offensive Christmas sign featuring Caitlyn Jenner sparks outrage

A New Zealand advertising company is apologizing after putting up a billboard that made a transphobic joke about Caitlyn Jenner.

"I hope your sack is fuller than mine this Christmas," said the billboard from Cranium Signage, which featured the Vanity Fair cover of Jenner, Photoshopped to include a Santa hat.

Russian magazine lists "acceptable" gay men

RUSSIA - Titillating and rather tame men’s magazine Maxim has offices all over the world. For its Russian edition the male-centric monthly published an article about gay men they have “forgiven” for being gay.

Buzzfeed reports that the article lists the gay men who have earned “respect” and therefore are a little more accepted in their public eye.

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The HRC ranks the best and the worst LGBT inclusive companies

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has released its annual Corporate Equality Index (CEI) for companies which have policies in place for the fair treatment of their LGBT employees.

The index focuses on the marketplace and Fortune 500 companies who make it a priority to include their LGBT staff with equality and non-discrimination polices.

This year, the HRC is proud to announce that they have given more than half of their examined companies a score of 100-percent.