Sinn Fein vows to torpedo DUP's "religious freedom" bill

BELFAST, Northern Ireland -- Sinn Fein has vowed to torpedo an attempt by the DUP to amend equality laws to introduce a conscience clause for people with religious convictions.

First Minister Peter Robinson has backed his colleague Paul Givan's Private Member's Bill, which is aimed at allowing businesses to refuse services to a customer if they feel it is against their religious convictions.

UK: Labour parliamentary candidate comes out as transgender

LONDON, England -- In a rare move, a British parliamentary candidate has come out as transgender, in an interview with PinkNews.

Labour’s Emily Brothers – who is standing for Parliament in Sutton and Cheam – has opened up about being transgender.

Brothers – who lost her sight to glaucoma as a child – was a key figure in securing Disability Living Allowance for blind people, and has opened up about her gender transition for the first time.

UK gives Uganda lesbian, victim of torture and exorcism, reprieve from being deported

LONDON, England -- A Ugandan woman has a matter of days to prove she is a lesbian and was tortured over her sexuality.

Judith Twikirize, 23, was told she would be forced to return home to Uganda, flying home yesterday evening (Dec. 8), after the UK government ruled she was lying over her sexuality.

Due to the case being fast-tracked, after she had claimed asylum on Sept. 29, the young woman could not compile the necessary evidence in time.

Japan: Activist running to become country’s first gay male lawmaker

TOKYO, Japan -- An LGBT activist running for election in Japan could be on course to become country’s first openly gay male lawmaker.

Campaigner Taiga Ishikawa – who recently failed in his bid to become leader of the minority Social Democrat party – is running for parliament in the country’s general election, taking place next week.

Ishikawa will be at the top of the party list in Tokyo – making him likely to be elected under the proportional block of Japan’s complex parallel voting system.

#5DaysOfEquality interview: The first same-sex couple married in Australia

GLAAD talked to Alan and Joel Player, the first couple to be married in Canberra, after the Australian Capital Territory legalized marriage equality. Between December 7-12, GLAAD is joining thousands of people around the world to wish a happy anniversary to the 31 couples married during Australia's #5DaysOfEquality. These marriages happened during the brief window of December 7-12, 2013, but were later nullified by Australia's High Court.

Colombia: YouTube teen celebrity's coming out goes viral

A Colombian YouTube celebrity broke new ground by coming out online in a country where homosexuality is still taboo.

Juan Pablo Jaramillo started his video with seven seconds of excruciating silence before announcing that he wouldn't talk about his usual subjects: friendship, travels or music.

"I think this is the most serious video I've ever had on my channel and the most serious I'll ever have," he said. He invited viewers to watch the entire 19-minute video before passing judgment.

New Zealand: First openly gay judge named to High Court

AUCKLAND, New Zealand -- Friday's appointment of an openly gay High Court judge means the main fight against institutionalized homophobia is over, according to one of the authors of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill.

Lawyer Matthew Muir was raised to the High Court Bench with his sexuality, partner and life experience being acknowledged and welcomed during his swearing-in.

Chile: Gay marriage bill to be introduced Wednesday

SANTIAGO, Chile -- President Michelle Bachelet campaigned, in part, on a progressive platform that included support for marriage equality. And on Wednesday, lawmakers will introduce a bill to legalize gay marriage in Chile.

The Civil Marriage Act currently defines marriage as between a man and a woman, but the new bill would amend the law to define marriage as between two people.

The bill will be introduced in the House of Deputies. Back in October, the Senate passed a bill that would legalize civil unions for gay and lesbian couples.

Bisexual millionaire cleared in murder of his wife

The revelation that British millionaire Shrien Dewani was a secret bisexual, who cavorted with male prostitutes, was intended to be the prosecution’s trump card.

But when the defense team beat them to the sucker punch, by introducing the evidence as part of Dewani’s own witness statement, it completely undermined the state's case.

Prosecutors in South Africa believed revealing details of his double life would demonstrate the all-important motive for why a husband would want to kill his wife on their honeymoon.

Egypt: 25 men arrested in bathhouse raid in Cairo and humiliated publicly

CAIRO, Egypt -- Police raided a bathhouse in downtown Cairo on Sunday night, arresting 25 men for suspicion of homosexuality and dragging them naked outside the hammam to public humiliation as a local TV personality taped the sequence.

A security official told the Associated Press about the raid.