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Trans woman found dead under hotel bed after four days

Transgender woman Amphon Kongsong found dead after four days under hotel bed.

Like a scene out of a horror movie, two guests staying at the Soi Buakhao hotel in Pattaya Thailand complained of a strange smell coming from their room.

After asking the hotel to investigate the odor, a maid discovered blood coming from underneath the bed.

Dress made with anti-LGBT country flags showcased by trans model Valentijn de Hingh

Valentijn de Hingh models dress made of anti-LGBT country flags.

Transgender model Valentijn de Hingh wore a very special dress for a photo session inside the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam over the weekend.

The gown is made up of country flags where homosexuality is currently illegal; 72 in all.

The Museum was host to EuroPride, the international event which celebrates gay pride in one select city each year, but represents many nations. 

Surrogate in UK decides to keep the baby instead of give it to gay couple

Judge rules that UK surrogate can keep her baby.

A UK gay couple was denied their newborn from a surrogate mother who decided to keep the baby after giving birth.

The child has no biological relationship to the mother.

The sperm was donated by one of the men and the egg donor lives in the United States.Two embryos were implanted.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau marches In Toronto Pride parade

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau marches at Toronto's annual Pride parade.

TORONTO — Canada's largest Pride parade marked another milestone Sunday as a sitting prime minister marched for the first time in a colourful celebration that was tempered by last month's shooting massacre in Orlando, Fla.

LGBT hate mail read aloud by Toronto Pride organizers is disturbing

Toronto Star staff members read LGBT hate mail to Pride organizers to hear what hate sounds like.

Some people in the LGBT community face homophobia every day, hateful words and vile comments can be found in social media news feeds, public events and even face-to-face.

These words may seems less harmful in word form, but when read aloud their intentions are devastating.