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Faroe Islands legalizes same-sex marriage

Faroe Islands have become final Nordic country to legalize same-sex marriage

The self-governing archipelago known as the Faroe Islands have made it legal for same-sex couples to get married.

This kingdom of Denmark with a population of over 48,000 people lies northwest of Scotland and half-way between Iceland and Norway in the North Atlantic.

Colombia legalizes gay marriage

Colombia's high court legalizes gay marriage.

Colombia has just legalized same-sex marriage.

The South American country follows Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and other Latin America territories in allowing men and women to join together in legal matrimony despite their genders.

Strange billboard in London rises over the weekend

This billboard had the London LGBT community a bit confused

Londoners are a little confused this morning as they make their way to work.

A billboard in the U.K. capital has sprouted up asking the city to, “Imagine London without gays.”

Gay Star News in the U.K. reports that the sign seemed to have gone up without explanation over the weekend.

Chinese court rules against gay man's marriage lawsuit

Sun Wenlin will not give up on trying to legally marry his partner in China

A court in China has ruled that two men cannot get legally married, reports Reuters.

Homosexuality is legal in China, however same-sex marriage is not and LGBT couples therefore have no protections.

Many advocates have applauded Sun Wenlin, 26, who filed the suit in the Chinese city of Changsha against a civil affairs bureau.