China: Court rules against clinic in country’s first "gay conversion" case

BEIJING, China -- In the first ruling of its kind in China, a Beijing court said on Friday that a psychiatric counseling center was in the wrong when it attempted to cure a 30-year-old man of homosexuality with a mix of hypnosis and electric shocks.

Gay rights activists have said they hoped the lawsuit will help put an end to the practice of “gay conversion” therapy in the country.

Taiwan: University rips down poster on coming out talk for fear students will turn gay

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- A Taiwanese university's decision to tear down a poster for a lecture by a gay speaker because it was "afraid everyone would turn homosexual after listening'"has sparked online debate in the country.

The openly gay director of the Alliance to End the Death Penalty, Miao Po-ya, last night (Dec. 17) gave a lecture at Fu Jen University in Taipei titled "My Coming Out Experience."

Organizers, lesbian society Good Club and the Gender Studies Group, put up three posters on Friday (Dec. 12) but one in the university's main corridor was torn down within six hours.

594 LGBT people killed across the Americas in 15-month period

WASHINGTON DC – The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) has continued to monitor the situation of violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex persons (LGBTI) in the Americas, and as a result it has documented killings and other instances of violence against LGBT persons during a fifteen-month period (between January 1st 2013 and March 31st 2014) and has published an annex to this press release which contains an analysis of that information.

Egypt sends 26 men arrested at bathhouse to trial on Sunday

CAIRO, Egypt -- Prosecutors swiftly referred 26 men to trial Wednesday on charges connected to their suspected homosexuality after they were arrested in a much publicized raid on a Cairo bathhouse, an official said.

The official from the prosecutors' office said the trial will begin Sunday, only two weeks after the raid. It is an unusually quick referral in a case that has captured public attention. Some cases can take more than a year to be referred to trial in Egypt's backlogged judicial system.

Kuwait: Transgender woman, boyfriend arrested over "immoral" video

MANAMA, Kuwait -- Police in Kuwait have arrested a transgender woman and her boyfriend for posting a clip that was called "morally offensive."

A transgender woman who goes by the name of "Shemale Sara" posted a clip online showing Sara walking a horse and kissing it. Later on in the clip, Sara kisses her Iranian boyfriend on the cheek.

Central America: Activists decry "genocide" of LGBT organizers

Facing violence and criminal impunity in their countries of origin, LGBT people have become the latest face of Central American displacement, and they have turned to Costa Rica for refuge.

On Monday morning, activists presented lawmaker and legislative Human Rights Commission Secretary Epsy Campbell with a white paper chronicling the stories of LGBT victims of violence to raise awareness about Costa Rica’s policy of accepting hate-crime refugees.

Openly gay café manager hailed as hero of Martin Place siege in Sydney, Australia

SYDNEY, Australia – The Lindt café manager shot dead during the Martin Place siege that captured the world’s attention is being hailed as a national hero in Australia for helping other hostages to escape as he lunged for the dozing gunman’s weapon.

Scotland's first gay marriage takes place in Australia

SYDNEY, Australia -- Scotland's new law on same-sex marriages has come into effect.

Existing civil partnerships can now be converted to a marriage and other same-sex couples can give notice of their intention to wed.

The new legislation was used for the first time shortly after midnight when one couple upgraded their civil partnership at the British consulate in Sydney, Australia.

The first gay weddings in Scotland will take place on Hogmanay.

U.S. Marine charged with murder in death of Filipina trans woman

MANILA, Philippines — Philippine government prosecutors charged a U.S. Marine with murder Monday in the killing of a Filipino, saying the suspect acknowledged attacking the victim after he found out she was a transgender woman.

UKIP candidate resigns after anti-gay remarks

A prominent Ukip general election candidate has resigned after making a string of offensive remarks, including calling gay members "poofters", and joking about shooting people on a "peasant" hunt in Essex.

Kerry Smith, a member of both Essex County Council and Basildon District Council, quit as Ukip's candidate in a top target seat after being forced to apologise for the comments.