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LGBT people in the construction business can't relax yet

Construction workers, architects still face homophobia.

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Remembering a community friend: Bobby Vannoy

Bobby Vannoy was not only an involved LGBT supporter he was also a friend to the community.

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RGOD2: LGBTI People are not mentioned in the proposed Sustainable Development Goals –who else are they leaving behind?

The Rev. Albert Ogle talks about how some well-meaning people can negatively influence the UN.

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Blue Diamond Society, Nepal, bravely faces its greatest challenge

It is on the advocacy front that Blue Diamond Society has made perhaps the greatest impact in Nepal.

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RGOD2: Peddling backwards –the World Bank’s Draft safeguards polices unravel

LGBTI people are predicted to be one of many vulnerable populations who will suffer at the hands of Bank-financed policies.

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Do you think the Caitlyn Jenner costume by "Spirit Halloween" is offensive?:

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  • The Center's Young Professionals Council to host 1st Tuesday Series on networking

    On the first Tuesday of each month, all YPC members, friends, and those interested in learning more about YPC are welcome to attend for brief updates, followed by a program focusing on helpful skills for young leaders and professionals.

  • Back Out With Benny: #TalkingSex

    As a gay man, I’ve spent much of my life hearing people tell me how I should have sex (or why the sex I had is wrong, or why having too much sex made me a “slut”). I don’t want that to be the case anymore — I want people to feel the freedom to have whatever type of legal and consensual sex they want to have — as often as they want to!

Take Me Home - San Diego Humane Society

ADOPT ME! Take Brodie Dalle home!

Playful and fun-loving, my kitten antics will provide endless entertainment and brighten even the gloomiest of days.

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