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Saving San Diego’s LGBT historic sites

The Bernie Michels House is the place where San Diego's GLBT history began. Lambda Archives and SOHO hope to raise enough money to show the government that it should be recognized as a historic site, thus preserving it for future generations.

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RGOD2: 2,000 years after Mary gave birth to Jesus, women remain outside God’s dream of justice and equality

Religious and cultural barriers, and more fundamentalist interpretation of holy texts, work together to reinforce the need for laws that discriminate against women and LGBT people. We must work to change that.

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Green Scene: 10 energy-efficient ways to keep warm indoors

10 ways to keep warm during the colder months — many for little to no cost — while keeping energy efficiency in mind.

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Understanding issues facing LGBT Americans

MAP's newest publication, "Understanding Issues Facing LGBT Americans," is a short primer summarizing the major areas in which unfair laws and stigma create extra burdens for LGBT Americans.

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RGOD2: Human Rights Day 2014, or reflections on a train wreck

The money we will all spend on observing Human Rights Day could be better spent on funding several key groups that are struggling to have deeper dialogues with organizations and leaders who are leading the anti-LGBT movements in many of the countries we read about.

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Take Me Home - San Diego Humane Society

ADOPT ME! Take Jeppo home!

Jeppo is a tri-colored rat Terrier. He is 9 years old and has been neutered.

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