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The Best Cities to Work Remotely in the USA



COVID-19 transformed our ways of living and working. What was deemed a simple, temporary adjustment became integrated into the lives of many people.

Remote work is gaining more popularity today than at any other time in history. Working from home keeps morale high, productivity booming, and pockets full by saving workers’ costs of commuting and buying fancy office clothes. If, as a remote professional, you can pack up and relocate anytime with no compromise on your job, then settling for a permanent working environment may not always be easy; thanks to articles like this, a USA VPN and a cozy working cafe, you are given every chance to work remotely across the USA.

This ideal place of residence should have a low cost of living, many leisure and travel destinations, high remote job opportunities with great earning potential, and a reliable internet connection to work with. Below are some of the top cities for remote workers in 2023:

1. Jersey City, New Jersey

Compared with other localities, Jersey City has a larger number of coworking sites. It offers one of the best road networks in the US and abundant public transport facilities to various outskirt cities, such as New York. Remote workers will often find an aptly priced apartment in Jersey City to suit both the working environment requirements as well as personal taste. Moreover, the city and its surroundings host various kinds of entertainment suited for individuals with different hobbies.

2. Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, CO, was ranked in 2022 as the #1 best place to live in the US by US News. It’s a great place to live and work with family, nature lovers, hikers, triathletes, and rock climbers.

During the week, there are a lot of activities in this wonderful town. Boulder provides the opportunity to begin understanding the Rocky Mountains. You can embrace an active, outdoor lifestyle by joining a gym and taking part in rock climbing and hiking in the Flatiron Mountains. For those who are very bold or athletic, you can even use the weekends or your days off to walk on Colorado’s fourteenth.

3. Charlotte, North Carolina

The average rent in Charlotte, North Carolina, makes it an affordable place for people to live and work despite its status as a busy city. Charlotte is well known to have the head office of many leading technology enterprises, making it one of the preferred industries to work remotely. The fact that there is plenty of space where you can complete your daily tasks makes it easy to find a place in the city.

4. Memphis, Tennessee

The rate of living in Memphis has not yet matched its fast-developing pace. However, it is better kept among your inner circles. The transformation of derelict buildings into switched-on start-ups, small independent stores, and crazy coffee houses characterizes the architectural rebirth that is going on in Birmingham’s busy South Main Arts District.

Known to have a conducive networking environment, Memphis offers laid-back hangouts such as The Link Up. You can visit the Crosstown Concourse development, which was previously a department store and is now transformed into an architectural company called Spatial Affairs Bureau. It’s now easier to navigate around the city cheaply due to another wave of bike-sharing companies.

5. Missoula, Montana

Hello from a laid-back and small-town feel city. You will have multiple brewpubs, galleries, and food truck joints around to keep you entertained, but not so many as to distract your attention from work. If you are an artist, Missoula is where you should look for inspiration because it is the beginning of beautiful scenery in the USA, with the very best spots for that perfect social media picture.

You shall find yourself located between the glory of Montana and the crown jewels of Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park. There is a vibrant artistic environment in Missoula City that features theatre companies, outdoor theatres, and an open amphitheater. The open landscape spurs creative imagination. The KettleHouse amphitheater is located by the side of a river and has an amazing view during events held therein, so watch out for that!

6. Burlington, Vermont

Interestingly, Burlington is among the best cities in the US where you can enjoy working remotely next to the snowy slopes. Since 2020, generous workers interested in migration have been enjoying this relaxed state. Eclectic Burlington may not be the richest city in America, but it’s a good place to slow down and forget the stresses of a fast life. It is literally a nomad’s paradise, surrounded by bike routes, farmers’ markets, beautiful green areas, and excellent cuisine.

The city is also walk-friendly. You can go for walks along Lake Champlain’s shore and on Sundays, make hikes to the Green Mountains National Forest. Burburen is one of the most livable and sustainable cities in America.

7. Louisville, Kentucky

In this underrated gem of a town, one can find connections with people who have similar goals to theirs. The town has some co-working initiatives that almost suit every branch of trade, such as non-profit, entrepreneurship in hotel management, and business product development, among others.

Louisville is home to a growing dining district, reasonably priced accommodations, and an active gay scene (their drag nights are legendary). Walkable NuLu neighborhood, Airbnb, bars, and mural-covered galleries. You name it! Louisville is also a gateway to the South, and it offers the ability to reach over half the distance of the country in a day’s driving time, which takes not more than 12 hours.

Finding Your Perfect Remote Work Paradise

Remote workers looking for some change of environment may find the United States as their dream destination because the US has many cities with different characters. From busy urban hubs to relaxed coastal villages, everyone will find his/her own niche.

Despite your lifestyle preferences, you can always find a city that will embrace you and help you survive as a successful remote employee anywhere on this planet. Thus, have fun with a sense of liberty and take advantage of the many exciting opportunities provided by America.

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