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Abused, homeless and gay: Hurdles don't stop him from achieving success

SAN DIEGO, California -- Gabriel Bristol was born into a poor family, filled with neglect and abuse. Oftentimes his injuries were so bad that he was kept home from school. His life seemed destined to become tragic and misguided, and for a time it was. But Bristol is now the CEO and president of a company in San Diego that is changing the way employees are treated, and it is all because of the misfortunes that plagued him in his youth.

December birthday? Celebrate Saturday night at Babycakes!

SAN DIEGO, California -- San Diego's Biggest Birthday Bash is back at Babycakes to celebrate December babies!

The monthly mass birthday celebration, presented by San Diego PIX, will be held Saturday, Dec. 20 from 8-10 pm.

This birthday party for adults includes a hosted vodka bar from 9-10 pm, free cupcakes, giveaways, party favors, drinks specials and free birthday "spankins" for anyone whose birthday falls in the month of December.

Johnathan Hale saves little dog from the pound

SAN DIEGO, California -- Hale Media Publisher Johnathan Hale saved a little dog from going to the pound on Wednesday, and her owner is very grateful.

Hale said he noticed a Yorkshire terrier named Sesame tied to a railing outside Baja Betty's, sitting in the light rain, just as a parking-enforcement officer was calling the pound to come and collect the pet. The officer was having a parked car with an expired registration towed.

Laugh fest as Neil Simon's "Murder By Death" returns to big screen in San Diego

SAN DIEGO, California -- FilmOut San Diego and Diversionary Theatre this week will co-present Robert Moore’s hilarious film adaptation of Neil Simon’s “Murder By Death” (1976).

The comedic spoof of the world's best-known murder mysteries will be shown at 7 pm Wednesday at the Hillcrest Landmark Cinema.

Profiles in Advocacy: Sabbaticals, shadow cities and San Diego

The summer is over, and so is my “sabbatical,” if my three months away can be termed as such. It’s been a change-filled summer and I’d like to think I’m coming back as a changed man.

I hit the big “4-0” in August and have embraced my silver hair (see my new headshot). I’m shifting career focus and timidly stepping back into school. I can now also cross off my bucket list the item of playing Tom Collins in “Rent.”

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Crooner Jonathan Karrant set to woo audience at Martinis Above Fourth

SAN DIEGO, California -- Jonathan Karrant, born and raised in a small Arkansas town, has become a household name on the cabaret circuit. This week he brings his show One For My Baby-The Songs Of Johnny Mercer to Martinis Above Fourth in San Diego, California on Thursday, Oct. 2 at 8 pm.

San Diego promotes Waste No Water Wednesdays

SAN DIEGO, California -- The Water Conservation Team at the city of San Diego hopes to reduce local water use by capitalizing on the viral nature of social media.

The team encourages all San Diegans to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other online platforms to spread awareness of the need for water conservation by sharing water-saving tips and using the hashtag #WNWwednesday, every Wednesday.

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Reese Witherspoon’s "Wild" to kick off San Diego Film Festival

SAN DIEGO, California – The 2014 San Diego Film Festival will launch on Sept. 24-28, with award-winning independent films, filmmakers, actors, panels and parties.

Reese Witherspoon's "Wild" will open the festival on Sept. 24, while Hilary Swank's "You're Not You" co-starring Emmy Rossum and Josh Duhamel will close the festival. Duhamel will definitely appear at the festival. Other celebs confirmed include Michelle Monaghan, Richard Dreyfuss, Alison Pill, Tom Berrenger and Alan Arkin.

Matt Alber: "My songs have never been written from the closet”

Matt Alber is a man made of music. His devotion to sound started at an early age and would eventually propel him into the music industry with his own unique style. Wanting to express his own feelings of love, the singer/songwriter gave his talent to a community that was eager to embrace it.

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SDGLN exclusive: Accuser in HIV-infection case speaks out for the first time

SAN DIEGO, California — In an exclusive interview with San Diego Gay and Lesbian News (, the original accuser in a case alleging that Thomas Guerra intentionally infected him with HIV has come forward for his first on-the-record interview. In it, he sheds light on the facts of the case and gives media covering the story a much-deserved reprimand.

When the accuser isn’t the accuser