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Does Running Really Burn Belly Fat? The Ultimate Guide!



Belly Fat

Following a healthy lifestyle is the only way to a healthy life. When you overeat and have no portion control, it could affect you by depositing fat internally and externally. This can cause obesity, cardiovascular issues, uncontrolled cholesterol, and many more health risks. There are times when we cannot do anything, especially we are not considering the symptoms of weight gaining. 

To your knowledge, the main thing about weight loss is to understand, it is not a destination. It is a journey of multiple measurements that we have to follow in our life. Keeping that is a must in our life. If you are a person of workouts or if you want to start it, and follow a healthy food routine, you can also read this article and share it with your close enough ones. Making the right step towards a healthy life is the thing we can do.

Increasing metabolism and reducing weight can make you achieve well-being. Walking, jogging or running is beneficial and useful for raising this metabolism. When you try to do that, prioritizing running is better than any. Running can burn calories which is doubler than when you walk. This article is all about the elevation of your health by running and how to burn fat. Let us discuss and examine the topic.

What Is Belly Fat?

Belly fat is a major issue for many individuals and also, and many of you may are affected by it. It is visceral fat, that could be accumulated in the abdominal area and in between the organs. It could go down deep into the body rather than subcutaneous fat, and there would be subcutaneous fat deposited too.

 Belly Fat In People

It could cause many health risks to the heart, liver, etc. and also, and it is one of the main reasons behind some cancerous growths and type 2 diabetes. There are many reasons behind having this belly fat. Some of the reasons are given below, 

  • Uncontrolled diet
  • Eating too much junk food and calories
  • Slow metabolism and not being active
  • Having too much sugary things and carbonated drinks 
  • Overconsumption of liquor 
  • Stress, depression, mood swings, and anxiety issues
  • Smoking 
  • Genetical issues of metabolic issues
  • Sleeping issues and insomnia
  • Higher cholesterol 

Does Running Help You To Burn Belly Fat?

As we mentioned, running can be the best for burning calories twice as walking. And it takes little time for burning so many calories. When you run, it can increase the rate of total metabolism and be helpful for melting the fat deposition in the abdominal area and thus removing the belly fat.

Studies have proven that those who are running have higher health than those who are not. Finding some time to run steadily and always try to take intervals when you start running. Increasing and decreasing the pace of running can help with a higher amount of fat burning. 

Experts state that running helps burn 100 calories if you are ready to run a mile distance. You can take some breaks and do scrunches while running to specifically target belly fat. You want to target the visceral and subcutaneous fat when you start running.

The changes in subcutaneous fat can be seen when you run for a quite long time because that is the one which is visible outside. The danger one is visceral, which is basically deep.

Apart from belly fat, running is focusing the total health of the body. As we discussed, taking breaks and having some belly exercises would do better for the reduction of belly fat. It is not only about running outside, you can even find some time on your treadmill. 

Best Time To Run To Burn Your Belly Fat

The best time for running is a topic that is studied in many types of research by scientists and experts in the field. And you can get a lot of information regarding it in online articles and media. According to experts in the field, you can choose the morning time. Compared to the statistics, the running individuals in the time around 7.00 am have more belly fat burning.

Meanwhile, evening time is also good for running and exercise. You can start running from 4:00 p.m. to 6 or 7:00 p.m. Keeping the right time period each day will help the metabolism acceleration. Also, this punctuality and habit formation will help you with strong hormonal balances. 

Best Time To Run To Burn Belly Fat

Apart from all these,  mood and energy always matter. You have to keep the determination and motivation to follow the process for a long time period. You can choose morning time or evening time according to your lifestyle. But, as we mentioned, having the same amount of time daily in the same evening or morning must be followed.

There are many misconceptions like running in the evening time may affect your sleeping pattern. But there is no proof of it. Through running your happy hormones will be released and it could relax your body and guide you to good sleep. In case, if you have any concerns, you can add 5 minutes of yoga or meditation sessions after your running as a part of relaxation.

Several Types Of Running

Like exercises, there are types of running and you have to read each of them and finalize what is good for your health maintenance and health upliftment. If you are planning to add running as a part of your lifestyle you must get enough knowledge of types of running. And also, it is beneficial for getting the desired results. 

  • Base: This is a type of running that focuses on the normal speed of running and it gives strength to connectivity tissues and more power to the bones and muscles. You can do it as a push for more metabolism and aerobic capacity. So that you can burn fat as well as calories daily. If you are planning for heavy workouts, you can start it to prep your body.   
  • Long: You can improve your metabolism and endurance with long-running. Meanwhile, it helps for an average hitting of fat to melt a number of calories deposited in the body. It increases the strength of muscles and maintains your stamina. Long runs have proven the ability to regulate your heartbeat and help with cardiovascular for a long time. You can increase the speed and length of distance according within days. 
  • Interval: This is one of the most effective ways for burning Calories and helping for melting fat and shredding the extra pounds. You can moderate your fast running and slow jogging within a specific distance. It could help with your strengthening of muscles and bones, increasing stamina and fitness.  
  • Hill Repeats: Hill repeat focuses on short-term running towards the uphill movement. This running method is so hard and so focused to raise your metabolism and strength. It manages to lower your cholesterol and fat along with maintaining the functioning of your body. This high-intensity running may take a few minutes of your daily life and impact you in a great way. 
  • Recovery: Recovery running is mainly concentrated on your body and helps you to normalize your heartbeat. As the name says, it is for recovering your higher body function through high-intensity running or heavy workouts. More than burning fat it would moderate your whole body processes. 
  • Progression: Progression running means starting with a normal page running and increasing its speed of it within segments. It is ideal for those who are beginners and want to moderately burn fat. It could help your mental peace and sleeping as well as stress issues. 
Hill Repeats Running

Other Benefits Of Running

We have discussed losing belly fat through running. But, al of us know that running is also related to many other health benefits. Some of them are given below,

  •  Healthy weight loss
  •  Increased stamina and muscle strength  
  •  Maintenance of good cardiovascular health
  •  Removing bad cholesterol from the body
  •  Preventing Insomnia and providing good sleep
  •  Free from stress and anxiety issues
  •  Fitness and prevention from diseases
  •  Improve blood circulation and nutrients circulation

How To Run Properly To Burn Belly Fat?

If you are a beginner and trying to lose belly fat by running, you can follow the symbol steps to properly burn fat accumulated in your belly area. You have to keep a running plan and time period each day.  And for beginners, a pair of running shoes is a must-buy before you start your running because it is a crucial and important thing.

Otherwise, it could Vasant the health of your knees. You can slightly do the warm-up exercises and warm-up jogging sessions before you start running. Starting slowly to increase the pace will help for higher metabolism and fat burning. When you start feeling comfortable you can increase the speed.

Moreover, the distance you are going must be analyzed. Never go for higher distances from the very first day. Slowly you can increase the distance within days and weeks. And again, you can run for a while or a distance with high density and lower your intensity for a shorter period like interval running. This is one of the best ways for belly fat burning. If you can do some little exercises in between running, that could also be a big part of weight loss.

According to trainers and experts in the field, keeping a good poster is required for healthy running. If you are jogging you can guys forward. But when you are doing high-intensity running or sprinting you can lean your body towards and run. But on a treadmill, you can be straight and stand studying and keep your shoulders parallel to the hips rather than sloping when you are sprinting. 

Other Things To Consider

1. Diet

A nutritious diet is important when you start running and even if you are a beginner. It is very important to cut sugar and junk foods from your diet because it is the main reason for having so many calories on a daily basis. Studies state that there are only 2000 calories needed for women and 2500 only for men.

Diet For Belly Fat

You can have a banana or an apple as a pre-running meal when you are running in the morning because sometimes, you can feel so tired and weakened. You can check with your nutritionist for advice regarding diet plans. Never go running after heavy meals.

2. Stay Hydrated

Running can cause you a higher amount of water loss and it is necessary to stay hydrated while you are running. Somebody will sweat more and somebody won’t and it can be influenced by the seasons too. You can have two cups of water and that is measured in between 450 to 500 ml or 16 ounces.

Stay Hydrated

If you are running for hours you can take a little bit of water at each interval. If you had any after party or if you drink alcohol the last night, you have to take care to drink a good amount of water. Water is essential for detoxification and improving digestion. 

3. Get Enough Sleep

You have to get proper sleep because running needs a lot of energy both internally and externally.  At the same time, if you are continuing the running pattern for a long time it will affect your sleeping by providing a good amount of sleep. 

Get Enough sleep

Things To Follow While Running And Better Belly Fat Burning

  •  Having a good pair of running and fitting shoes
  •  Taking advice from a nutritionist
  •  Having medical checkups at least twice a year
  •  Starting with slow and moderate patterns
  •  Having a good and nutritious food plan
  •  Drinking enough water
  •  Maintaining sleeping hygiene 
  •  Avoiding smoking and drinking
  •  Reduce the consumption of sugary and carbonated drinks
  •  Award overeating of junk foods
  •  Don’t look much into the screen of a treadmill if you are preparing to run on a treadmill
  •  Running through the space of easier healthcare Access

Expert Advice

Running has many health benefits like fat burning and especially it looks forward to reducing your belly fat. The visceral fat and subcutaneous can be deposited in the abdominal area and visceral fat is very dangerous because it is deposited in between the organs.

Running can melt the fat deposited, both visceral fat and subcutaneous. It could also help with helping cardiovascular health. It elevates energy and along with that, it is helpful for increasing metabolism. It could improve your sleep and prevent insomnia. 

You can start running with base or recover running and start at a slow pace. And gradually it could affect the belly fat. If you have grown to run in an intensity mode, you can opt for interval runs and hill repeats. You can use comfortable wears and buy a pair of running shoes before you start running.

According to experts, running cannot focus on the belly fat itself. It could burn fat from the legs back and internally too. Also, running is advantageous for lowering cholesterol and the health of the liver and removing fat from arteries. 

If you want to boost the result of running, you must dedicate yourself to a nutritious and balanced diet. Avoiding overeating and junk foods is a must along with avoiding sugary things and carbonated things. Having proper medicinal checkups and if you have any medical conditions, you can get serious suggestions from a personal medical practitioner.


  1. Can I reduce my belly fat by running?

You can burn belly fat through running. But, still running cannot focus on the belly and abdominal area. So, you can do some scrunches and exercises by taking some intervals in between the running. Also, keep proper timing and planning before you start running. 

  1. What are the main things to be followed by a beginner?

You can start with the running process slowly. It is better to walk slowly, then warm up and do intense running at taken intervals. In addition, if you are a beginner, the timing should be lower and then you can increase the duration and pace. If you are a beginner you have to make your posture well and follow a healthy lifestyle. 

  1. How could belly fat affect my health?

Belly fat is a combination of visceral fat and subcutaneous fat. We could see only subcutaneous fat, which is deposited in the epidermis of your skin. But Visceral fat is dangerous. It could be deposited in between the organs and even in arteries. It may affect your cardiovascular health and even blood circulation. 

  1. Can I get weight loss by running?

Yes, running can considerably reduce the fat content in the body. It will gradually affect of melting deposited fat and also increase the strength of muscles, and bones, and boost metabolism, thus weight loss. 

  1. How can I boost the results of running?

You can use little steps to boost the results of running by regulating your lifestyle. You can have a nutritious diet, drink enough water and avoid junk food items. Avoiding smoking as well as drinking can be followed for better results. Running at the correct time daily is encouraged for more metabolism, losing belly fat, and weight loss too.

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