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The importance of market research: Understanding customers’ needs in the U.S. in 2024



A successful business depends directly on the satisfaction of the customers. Understandably, when consumers have a positive experience with a brand, they are more likely to return for a new purchase. Understanding the target audience is a crucial step to ensure that you provide potential clients with the answers to their questions, as well as products and services that align with their values and vision. In the U.S., companies focus on market research and consider it a main tool that drives profit, and, in fact, it is essential to make informed decisions and create a reliable brand that serves the needs of their niche. Researching the market not only helps you improve the efficiency of your services but also supports good communication so that you can analyze and understand the behavior that stands behind the purchasing action. In this article, we are going to unveil the importance of market research and discover what customers in the U.S seek in 2024:

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Why market research is crucial for your business

Market research is the cornerstone of any business. It’s a tool that drives successful decisions and helps companies identify the best strategies to stand apart from competitors and opportunities for growth and innovation. Market research in the U.S. provides a deep insight into the dynamic markets, including customer preferences and emerging trends. Also, it’s an essential method for risk mitigation, as you can understand the potential challenges of the market, you have a competitive advantage keeping on track with the latest trends, brands create a strong connection with the target audience by understanding their needs and can benefit from optimized strategies with efficient market campaigns that may attract customers in 2024.

This strategy is essential before introducing a new service or product to analyze the demand when expanding to a new region to test the territory and study the demographics of the area, or in response to significant market changes that could push your business to a new milestone.

Market research is usually conducted by a team of experts; for instance, the professionals at Savanta in the United States will take into consideration the current market situation, focus on the demographics of your target audience, and help you develop efficient strategies to grow your company and win the U.S. market.

The largest industries in the U.S

The United States has the largest consumer market in the world, and many important industries are thriving and growing constantly in 2024 by prioritizing market research. For instance, the largest industrial sectors that contribute significantly to the economic landscape of the U.S are:

  • Real estate: it’s one of the biggest sectors that focus on market research and it contributes significantly to the economy of the U.S with residential investment and customers spending on rent and utilities. Market research in real estate relies on the current economic situation of people living in the U.S and takes into consideration the preferences of potential clients trying to find a property.
  • Healthcare: The increasing and ageing population in the U.S. supports this sector’s growth, so the industry targets an elderly audience and tries to attract younger generations with the implementation of new technologies and constant improvement of systems. Market research in healthcare focuses on data regarding the preferences of customers for more effective health plans and services through surveys and focus groups.
  • Technology: American tech corporations have emerged in San Francisco, and shortly after expanded to New York City and other smaller cities. It’s an ever-evolving sector that takes advantage of the latest technologies to attract the new generations that seek innovation. Market research for this sector focuses on tech adoption for various use cases and the introduction in new markets.

What do customers in the U.S. want in 2024?

To provide the target audience with the answers to their questions and offer services and products that align with their needs, it’s crucial to understand what exactly drives their purchasing decisions when choosing a brand. The psychology behind the purchasing action for customers in the U.S is mainly influenced by these 3 key factors the audience looks for in 2024:

Innovative technologies

Since the technological sector is continuously evolving in the United States, customers seek innovation. Consumers are more likely to purchase products and services that implement new technologies and adapt traditional concepts to the modern era. For instance, products that automatize some activities that would normally be conducted manually are in high demand, as they can potentially make life easier and be a time-saving option.

Human connectivity

Even if everything is ultra-tech nowadays, people still seek human connectivity, and customers want to be treated more like humans rather than just consumers. This desire can be satisfied through the presentation of a product, by addressing personal concerns, by understanding customers’ values, and by enhancing the experience with your brand with a personalized experience (see the next paragraph), which are all great ways to build trust and improve customer retention.


In 2024, personalized services are the key to success for any business. For instance, to enhance the customer experience, you can conduct frequent surveys to understand what your customers are looking for so that you can satisfy their individual needs. Loyalty reward programs, giveaways, personalized emails, and messages containing the name and personal information of your clients are just some examples of how your brand can get closer to the audience and improve their experience with your company.

The bottom line

Market research is the key to success for businesses in all industries. Understandably, every company aims to grow and expand its horizons in search of new opportunities, but in order to achieve that, a deep understanding of the audience is crucial to becoming a memorable and timeless brand. Emotional connection, data-driven decisions, and an overall good knowledge about what’s going on in your industry can help your company reach a new milestone that wins the U.S. market and beyond.

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