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Best Espresso Machines Reddit Picks: Budget-Friendly Coffee Machine!



Best Espresso Machines Reddit Picks

If you are craving to whip up cafe-quality lattes and cappuccinos at home, you should purchase the best espresso machine available. Though coffee-making is an art, having a suitable espresso machine is necessary. Right now, plenty of espresso machines are available in the market ranging from ones that need minimal user interaction to machines that require careful monitoring.

Top 7 Espresso Machines – 2022 Reviewed By Reddit Users!

Here, we have listed the best espresso machines Reddit picks based on a detailed analysis of all Reddit reviews and ratings. Keep reading this article to see which espresso machine suits your requirements. 

Best Espresso Machines 2022

Best Espresso Machines In 2022

Based on Reddit threads, we have selected the best espresso machines currently available in the market. Reddit is a legit online platform that posts the reviews and ratings of a range of products. The experts at Reddit carry out an extensive analysis by collecting data from trusted sources, interacting with businesses, and surveying customer responses. Let’s take a look at each one.

1. Gevi Compact Professional Machine

The first espresso machine on the list is the Gevi Compact Professional Machine. It is an advanced thermoblock fast heating system with 1350 W power that can be used to make espresso or froth milk. Water comes directly through the pipe and coffee can be prepared in just 45 seconds.

This espresso machine is equipped with a 20-bar high-pressure pump that provides fast and stable extraction thereby making the espresso more fragrant and rich in crema. The machine also has an adjustable steam system that makes it convenient to make a latte, cappuccino, and other espressos at home or in any comfortable space.

The machine is easy to clean as it has a removable froth nozzle. With a built-in pressure gauge, you can check the pressure and extract the perfect espresso. The Gevi compact professional espresso machine also has a hot water function that can be used to make long black coffee, teas, and instant soups. 

Gevi Compact Professional Machine

Material Stainless Steel
Filter Type Reusable 
Capacity 2.2 Pounds
Power 1350 W


  • Advanced thermoblock fats heating system
  • 20-bar high-pressure pump
  • Stable steam system
  • Built-in pressure gauge


  • This espresso machine might sell out quickly due to its high demand in the market

2. Calphalon Espresso Machine

Next on the list is the Calphalon Espresso Machine which is a machine equipped with a 15-bar Italian pump that delivers the right amount of pressure to enable maximum flavor extraction and also helps produce a beautiful layer of crema on your espresso.

The system comes with a dial interface for selecting steam, hot water, and pre-programmed single and double shots. It has a 58 mm cafe-sized porta filter that holds more grounds and ensures water dispersion and extraction for robust flavor. The thermoblock heating technology and PID temperature control provide even heat for consistently great-tasting espresso.

The system comes with a removable 2L water reservoir with a hinged lid for easy filling. It also consists of a cup-warming tray for holding espresso-ready cups. The steam wand froths milk for preparing cappuccinos, lattes, and other drinks. The Calphalon espresso machine also comes with a stainless steel milk pitcher, tamper, and cleaning pin. 

Calphalon Espresso Machine

Material Stainless Steel, Plastic
Filter TypeReusable
Capacity 2 L
Power 1350 W


  • 15-bar Italian pump
  • Thermoblock heating technology and PID temperature control
  • Removable 2 L water reservoir
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Milk frother might not be really good

3. Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine

Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine is an espresso machine that is in great demand in the market. This system has dose-control grinding that helps make a consistent and balanced espresso using the required amount of ground coffee. It has a 54 mm portafilter that ensures the creation of full-flavor and cafe-quality coffee.

The low-pressure pre-infusion technology lets gradually increases the pressure and help extract all the flavors for a balanced tasting cup. The machine comes with a thermojet heating system that helps achieve optimum extraction temperature in just 3 seconds. The Breville bambino Plus espresso machine is also equipped with digital temperature control and an automatic steam wand. 

Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine

Material Stainless Steel
Filter TypeReusable
Capacity 64 fluid ounces
Power 1560 W


  • Equipped with automatic steam wand
  • Digital temperature control system
  • Low-pressure pre-infusion
  • Innovative thermojet heating system


  • Has a steep learning curve 

4. Mixpresso Espresso Machine

Mixpresso Espresso Machine is also an espresso machine that has earned a high rating on Reddit. It has an Italian-made 19-bar pressure pump that helps extract the delicate flavor of each coffee capsule. The machine is compatible with Original line Nespresso capsules. This coffee maker is equipped with a fat heat-up system that reaches the required temperature in just 25-30 seconds.

It contains a removable 0.8 L water tank, capsule container, and drip tray that can be cleaned easily. Mixpresso Espresso Machine has an automatic energy-saving function that will automatically turn off the system after 9 minutes of inactivity. The espresso machine also comes with a one-year warranty. 

Mixpresso Espresso Machine

Material Plastic
Filter TypeReusable
Capacity 1.7 pounds
Power 1400 W


  • Nespresso compatible
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • Removable drip tray, water tank, and capsule container
  • 19-bar pressure pump


  • The machine might be a bit loud

5. ChefWave Espresso Machine & Coffee Maker

ChefWave Espresso Machine and Coffee Maker is a Barista-style Italian capsule espresso machine that features a high-quality Italian 20-bar pressure pump. Using this machine, you can brew a rich, flavorful, consistent, and delicious cup of coffee. It comes with 2 programmable brew sizes- Espresso (1.3 oz) or Lungo (3.75 oz). The system is easy to use and the capsule is automatically ejected and stored after brewing.

The machine is easy to clean as well as it comes with a removable capsule container, drip tray, and water tank. It is designed for use with the original line of Nespresso capsules or any other branded capsules. The machine is equipped with a fat heating system that reaches the ideal temperature in just 30 seconds. This espresso machine is compact and comes with an automatic 2-hour shut-off and standby mode. ChefWave Espresso Machine and Coffee Maker comes with a 1-year warranty.

ChefWave Espresso Machine & Coffee Maker

Material Glass
Filter TypeReusable
Capacity 1.7 pounds
Power 1400 W


  • 20-bar high-pressure pump
  • Programmable single-touch coffee maker
  • Easy, compact, and convenient
  • Energy-saving standby mode


  • Stocks might run out quickly due to this espresso machine’s high demand in the market

6. De’Longhi Stilosa Manual Espresso Machine

De’Longhi Stilosa Manual Espresso Machine is a machine that will help you prepare cafe-quality espresso, coffee, latte, and other drinks in the comfort of your home. It comes with a contemporary and compact design along with an easy-to-clean setup. The machine is equipped with a 15-bar pressure pump that will provide optimum pressure to extract a single or double espresso thereby making your rink perfectly rich.

It also comes with a manual milk frother that you can use to create an authentic cappuccino, latte, or flat white. De’Longhi Stilosa Manual Espresso Machine also contains a portafilter, 2 filters, and 2 level cup holders. It has a stainless steel boiler with a robust design and durable construction to ensure consistent and long-lasting performance. 

De'Longhi Stilosa Manual Espresso Machine

Material Stainless Steel, Plastic
Filter TypeReusable
Capacity 1200 ml
Power 1100 W


  • Contemporary and compact design
  • Manual milk frother
  • Stainless steel boiler
  • Two-level cup holder


  • De’Longhi Stilosa Manual Espresso Machine might take time to prepare cappuccino, latte, and other drinks

7. SOWTECH Steam Espresso Machine

Last but not least, there is a high rating for the SOWTECH Steam Espresso Machine on Reddit. It is an easy-to-use espresso machine containing a single switch knob with an indicator light for easy operation. It is also equipped with an accurate temperature control system to ensure the best coffee. The espresso comes with a powerful 3.5-bar pressure pump that can make up to 4 cups of espresso coffee and rich smooth cream.

SOWTECH Steam Espresso Machine has an easy-pour stainless steel cup that is clearly marked to serve the right amount and prepare a true rich espresso. The system has a frothing arm that makes creamy froth to top off your cappuccinos and lattes. It has a compact design with an easily removable and washable drip catcher. 

SOWTECH Steam Espresso Machine

Material Stainless Steel
Filter TypeReusable
Capacity 4 cups
Power 800 W


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Powerful 3.5 bar pressure pump
  • Stainless steel cup
  • Frothing arm


  • No automatic shutoff

Things to Consider While Purchasing an Espresso Machine

If you are a coffee lover and want to make cafe-quality coffee at home, buying the best espresso machine is important. But, there are certain factors that you should look for before purchasing an espresso machine so that you lay your hands on the perfect machine. 

  • Espresso with a Grinder

When choosing an espresso machine, it is important to go for one with a good grinder. As per the Reddit threads, the best espresso machines should have a mandatory grinder. Espresso machines like the Breville Bambino Plus espresso machine have a built-in grinder. 

  • Size of the Machine

Next, you have to check the space you have to occupy for an espresso machine and then choose a suitable size. For this, check the size and dimensions of the espresso machine before purchasing it. For daily use at home, single boiler machines are more than enough. The ones mentioned in this best espresso machine Reddit picks come with a single boiler. 

  • Pressure

It is important to check the pressure of the espresso machine. It is better to go for machines with a powerful pressure pump so that you can extract a rich flavor of coffee, latte, or any other drink. 

  • Warm-Up Time

The next factor to consider is the warm-up time of the espresso machine. People who have a busy schedule and want instant coffee can choose espresso machines that prepare coffee instantly and also warms up as necessary without taking much time.

  • Types of Drinks

The type of drinks you prefer is also crucial when purchasing espresso machines. Single-boiler espresso machines will help prepare straight espresso shots, americanos, and cappuccinos. 

  • Budget

Finally, you have to be sure about your budget and then buy an espresso machine. If you are ready to spend high, you can go for advanced espresso machines giving great espresso and cappuccino shots. If you have a limited budget, it is better to purchase small espresso machines that will also do a great job.

The Bottom Line – Best Espresso Machines Reddit Picks

As per the Reddit reviews and posts, the above-mentioned are the best espresso machines Reddit picks that you can purchase to brew the perfect coffee. We have chosen all the espresso machines listed here by considering the rating and reviews available on Reddit. So, all these machines are legit and are sure to help prepare cafe-quality espressos, americanos, lattes, and coffee.

We have also provided a detailed guide on the factors that you should consider while purchasing an espresso machine. Go through them carefully and then choose any one espresso machine mentioned here to start brewing the perfect coffee. 

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