Brain Training For Dogs Reviews: How Beneficial Is This Program For Your Dogs?

Brain Training For Dogs Reviews

Brain Training For Dogs is a dog training strategy that helps in eliminating troublesome behaviors from dogs and thereby making them well-behaved and obedient. This system is to help dog owners to train their dogs effectively. In this Brain Training For Dogs review, the training strategy is examined in detail to determine whether it is worth trying. 

According to a study conducted by the National Health Institute on canine behavioral problems, it was revealed that the way dogs behave can also be due to the conditions they had to go through in the different developmental stages. The bad behavior can be described as barking uncontrollably, jumping up, getting over-excited, digging up all the time, getting anxious frequently, and whining constantly. 

Brain Training For Dogs Reviews: Can This Training Treat Your Dog’s Behavioural Issues?

At first glance itself, Brain Training For Dogs program appears like an effective and worth-a-try strategy. However, before deciding to adopt this training system, an in-depth study of all its aspects is needed.

This Brain Training For Dogs review has sections on the creator of this program, the component factors in the training, it’s working mechanism, the benefits that the dog and owner can both get, the pros and cons, its legitimacy, and download options. Other than these, the review also has sections on customer reviews, pricing, and availability, and also refund options. 

Brain Training For Dogs Review
Product Name Brain Training For Dogs
CategoryTraining program for dogs
PurposeTo control the bad behaviors seen in dogs
CreatorAdrienne Farricelli
Sections▪️ 7 Trick Training Videos
▪️ Obedience 101 Training
▪️ Polishing Up Your Training
▪️ Adrienne’s Archive
Modules▪️ Module 1: Preschool
▪️ Module 2: Elementary School
▪️ Module 3: High School
▪️ Module 4: College
▪️ Module 5: University
▪️ Module 6: Graduation
▪️ Module 7: Einstein
Key Benefits▪️  Creates positive emotions in dog
▪️  Stimulates mental functions 
▪️  Removes fearful emotions from dog
▪️  Cultivates dog’s ability to learn things
▪️  Better bonding between you and your dog
▪️  Promote the overall health of dogs
Price47 US dollars
BonusBehavior Training For Dogs
Money-back Guarantee60-days
AvailabilityOnly on the official website
Official SiteClick Here

What Is Brain Training For Dogs?

Brain Training For Dogs is a dog training system that focuses on the primary causes of the dog being disobedient, aggressive, or anxious. The system contains multiple series of activities, games, and puzzles that the owner and the dog can participate in togetherly. 

These days hectic work schedules and imbalanced work-life balance can make you get only limited time to spend with your dogs. This can lead to dogs cultivating anxiety and developing behavioral disorders.

Brain Training For Dogs dog-training method, as its creator says, can be handy for you to eliminate multiple behavioral problems in your dog that have been developed newly or that have been ingrained for a long time.

The program works by concentrating on the mental stimuli of the dogs and hence can be useful to almost all breeds of dogs. 

Who Is The Creator Of Brain Training For Dogs?

The creator of Brain Training For Dogs is Adrienne Farricelli who is a professional dog trainer. Farricelli is certified with CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed), the accreditation provided by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers which proves that the person is professional with subject knowledge and expertise in interested stakeholders. 

She has more than ten years of experience in dog training and is a specialist in eliminating bad behaviors from dogs and finding out the intelligence hidden inside them. Farricelli has also been featured in USA Today and Every Dog magazine for her contributions to the canine field. 

What Is Included In Brain Training For Dogs Course? 

Brain Training For Dogs program includes more than 21 games designed to improve obedience and behavior. There are four key sections:

Brain Training For Dogs Methods
  1. 7 Trick Training Videos that teach the dog to take a bow, cover eyes, dance, shake hands, howl, play dead, and roll over. It comes as videos that you can watch and employ on your dog just as if you two are playing a game. 
  1. Obedience 101 Training teaches the dog to come to you and listen to your commands. It teaches you to train your dog to stop chewing and leave items. It uses a food item to lure your dog to listen to you and complete the task. 
  1. Polishing Up Your Training In the previous step you made your dog obey by using a food lure. In this, you slowly eliminate the food lure and get the dog to still listen to you. It includes communicating with the dog using hand signals and verbal cues. 
  1. Adrienne’s Archive is a set of gentle and force-free techniques from the creator to tackle the root cause of bad behavioral issues. It includes articles on multiple dog behavioral problems and has sections dedicated to puppy training. This training has potty training, crate training, socialization, and bite inhibition lessons. 

Brain Training For Dogs course has dog training techniques that are scientifically proven, and the instructions for these come with pictures making them easy to understand. Other than pictures, there are also video demonstrations of the training games. Although, the case can be different with each dog. Taking this into consideration there are troubleshooting segments included in the training course. 

If you come across any doubts or confusion while following the Brain Training For Dogs plan you have an option to directly contact the creator using the support system. You also get access to a dog private forum and an online member’s area. A private dog forum is a place where different dog owners can talk with each other on dog-related matters. The online member’s area is meant to be a way to access all the information that you need for the course while using it. 

There are seven modules included which will get your dog to obey and tap its master switch to intelligence and mental agility. The details of the Brain Training For Dogs modules with a brief description of each of the sections are described in the following section.

How Does The Brain Training For Dogs Work?

Brain Training For Dogs system works by finding out the hidden intelligence point of your dog and developing it. This automatically eliminates the bad behaviors seen in the dog. What follows is a look into the seven modules by which you can bond with your dog and make him/her a skilled one.

  • Module 1: Preschool – The foundation of the entire program. Teaches the dog to look directly into your eyes.
  • Module 2: Elementary School – This module is about relieving the boredom of your dog and enabling your dog to receive your commands.
  • Module 3: High School – This module helps the dog to learn patience and to control impulses. 
  • Module 4: College – This module develops the mental agility of the dog and helps the dog to be patient and calm.
  • Module 5: University – This is where you can create a strong and healthy bond with your dog.
  • Module 6: Graduation – This is to help your dog cultivate the habit of following you and obeying your instructions and commands. It is to make the dog able to understand what it needs to do by seeing your actions. 
  • Module 7: Einstein – This is the last module by which you can achieve an advanced level of intelligence. The dog will learn to do things such as clean up after he/she is done playing with their favorite toys. 

These functions of the Brain Training For Dogs strategy help in shaping a proper behavioral pattern in the dog with obedience and discipline. 

Order Brain Training For Dogs From Official Website

Brain Training For Dogs Benefits: How It Helps?

Using the Brain Training For Dogs program can have multiple health benefits for the dogs and upsides on the behavior patterns and on the bond between you and your dog. The bad behaviors can slowly disappear and the dog will turn into a better-behaved and more obedient one. Some of the Brain Training For Dogs benefits are listed below:

  • Stimulated mental functions 
  • Creates positive emotions in dog
  • Removes fearful emotions from dog
  • Cultivates your dog’s intelligence to learn things
  • The dog’s temperament will improve
  • The dog’s health will improve
  • A strong bond between you and your dog

Brain Training For Dogs Pros And Cons


  • Easy-to-use support system
  • Force-free and gentle 
  • Access to private dog forum 
  • Virtual descriptions for simple-to-follow processes
  • You get to decide the behaviors that you want to reinforce in the dog
  • The creator is CPDT-KA certified


  • You can’t choose the order of modules at your convenience 
  • If you pause the training without completing it, you might have to begin again

How Legit Is This Brain Training For Dogs Program? 

Brain Training for Dogs method appears to be a legit training program as it focuses on the root cause of the bad behaviors that the dogs exhibit. The creator of the program is a professional who has been in the field for the past 10 years and is a CPDT-KA certified dog trainer. 

The Brain Training For Dogs strategy is formulated after multiple years of attempts and from the observations and findings of each of the studies. The programs have been tested on multiple canine species and have been proven to be effective. 

Is The Brain Training For Dogs Full Free Download Available?

No, the Brain Training For Dogs full free download is not available. Since most people are choosing to be dog parents these days, dog-related issues are increasing. You have to be careful enough to not get cheated by any of the replicas of the Brain Training For Dogs course claiming to be the real one. This can be harmful to your dog as such imitations might not be tested. 

Brain Training For Dogs Customer Reviews

As we said in the earlier section, the number of people who own a pet is on a hike. The cramped life schedule of these days leads the owner to spend less time with their pets. Many such dog parents who found troublesome behaviors in their dogs have bought the Brain Training For Dogs digital training program. 

So far, there have not been any verified reports of the dog going violent or getting more aggressive after the employment of this training system. Some of the dogs responded to the program faster, while others took more time. It is based on mental agility, the breed, and the way your dog has been brought up so far. 

Brain Training For Dogs Price And Availability

This section deals with the pricing and availability of the Brain Training For Dogs system.

Brain Training For Dogs Price

Brain Training For Dogs is available for just 47 US dollars. This is the only price that you have to pay for the training system that consists of videos, modules, materials, games, and puzzles. What you have to make sure of is that you should order this from Brain Training For Dogs official website.

When you place the order on the official website, you have access to a bonus of the program. It comes as a free bonus and its details are described in one of the following sections which are entirely about the Brain Training For Dogs bonuses. 

Get Brain Training For Dogs From Official Website

Does Brain Training For Dogs Have Offers Any Refund Policy?

Brain Training For Dogs program is backed up with a refund policy that is described as a 60-day money-back guarantee. That is, after buying this digital training program for over a month, and if the behavior of your dogs has not changed a bit you can opt for the money-back. 

The only thing you have to keep in mind is that the request for a refund should be made within 60 days from the original date of purchase. 

Brain Training For Dogs Bonus

There is a free bonus that you can avail of when you buy the Brain Training For Dogs course from its official website. It is actually worth 47 US dollars. 

Brain Training for Dogs Bonus
  • Free Bonus 1: Behavior Training for Dogs

This is a course from the creator of this training system, Adrienne Farricelli. The content of the course describes the most common dog behaviors that can irritate or frustrate the owner. It also has details on the reason for such things happening and ways to stop such behaviors. 

Final Verdict: Brain Training For Dogs Reviews

From this Brain Training For Dogs review, you might have already reached the conclusion that this training system is force-free and legit. The program focuses on the root cause of behavioral issues in dogs and works by resolving such issues from the basic level. Brain Training For Dogs strategy is to mentally stimulate the dog through a series of activities and games and to tap into the hidden intelligence in them.

It is a support system that does not involve complex steps and the processes can be followed by the owner without the help of a canine professional. 

Brain Training For Dogs system is backed up with a 60-day money-back guarantee and therefore if you find it ineffective at any stage of the process you can request a return and claim your refund. If you are facing difficulty in dealing with your dog and if your dog has been acting differently, this is something you can give a chance to. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does this training provide a solution for excessive barking in dogs?

Yes, Brain Training For Dogs can provide a solution for excessive barking in dogs. It involves the recognition and training for such behavioral issues. 

2. My dog recently underwent surgery. After that, he is always whining. Can I use this training system?

It is true that this training program offers the solution to constant whining in dogs. But for a dog who has recently undergone surgery, the chances of the whining can be due to other reasons. It is advised to contact a dog care expert. 

3. My brother’s dog is not cooperating with us to implement his dog training program. What should I do?

If the dog has been disobedient for a long time then you can not expect that behavior to change in one day. Keep in mind to not force the dog to cooperate with you. If you cannot come up with any terms with the dog, then you can proceed to take help from a dog professional. 

4. I have a 2-year-old Shih Tzu. Can I use Brain Training For Dogs?

Yes, you can use the Brain Training For Dogs for a Shih Tzu who is 2 years old. The program is compatible with all kinds of breeds. 

5. Do I have to use the modules in the right order?

Yes, you have to use the seven modules of the program in the right order. It is mandatory, as each module serves to provide continuity to the following module. 


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