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Buzz Bug Bulb Reviews: Is This Lamb Washable With Water?



Buzz Bug X Pro Review

Buzz Bug Bulb is a mosquito-repellant lamp. This Buzz Bug Bulb review will give you an idea about the working and all the other parameters of this lamp. This Buzz Bug X pro review will give you enough information about this lamp to make a conscious decision on whether or not to purchase the product.

Buzz Bug Bulb Reviews: Is It Rechargeable With USB Cables?

Before you make a decision to purchase Buzz Bug X Pro, you need to be aware of the method that is adopted by this lamp to eradicate the issue of mosquitoes. To know that, a deep analysis of the working and features of this lamp has to be done. This Buzz Bug Bulb review will be providing you with all the information that you need. 

This Buzz Bug Bulb review will help you determine if this lamp leaves any side effects or if this lamp uses any toxic material. It will also include the pricing options of this product that will help you come to a conclusion on whether or not this lamp is safe and effective.

Buzz Bug X Pro Review

Product NameBuzz Bug Bulb
Target SpeciesMosquitos
Key FeaturesWater-resistant and sturdy body
No toxins are emitted
Provides electricity for 10 hours
Rechargeable with USB cables.
AdvantagesCan be cleaned with water
Does not use toxins or chemicals
Durable hardware
10 hours battery life
Three levels of brightness
Secure transfer method
Comes with a hanging bar
Price1 bulb = $39.95
AvailabilityOnly on the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is Buzz Bug Bulb?

Buzz Bug Bulb is a portable lamp that is beneficial to get rid of all the bugs and light up the surroundings. It uses UV light in order to lure the insects in simultaneously while providing bright light. The captured bugs and insects are dealt with using electricity. This lamp is rechargeable and wireless. It comes with a handle that lets you hang it anywhere. 

There are a lot of bug repellants available in the market. But most of them cannot be used in a household that has pets and kids. This is due to the fact that they use toxic materials and chemicals to kill the bugs. These materials could be harmful to the human body.

This is where Buzz Bug Bulb portable anti-mosquito lamb is different from those products. Buzz Bug X Pro electrocutes the insects instead of exposing them to toxic chemicals. In addition to this, the area in which they get electrocuted is guarded by a plastic covering which makes it safe to hold. Buzz Bug X Pro water-resistant lamb prioritizes the safety of the customers.

Features of Buzz Bug Bulb

Buzz Bug Bulb portable anti-mosquito lamb comes with a lot of unique features. Some of them are as follows;

  • Water-resistant and sturdy body

The lamp has a very durable and stylish design. The body of the Buzz Bug Bulb is water resistant which makes it safe to use in camping areas and water parks.

  • No toxins are emitted

Unlike other mosquito-repellent lamps, Buzz Bug Bulb mosquito-repellent device does not use any toxic materials or chemicals to kill insects. This product electrocutes them.

  • Provides electricity for 10 hours

The charge in the Buzz Bug Bulb lamb remains for ten hours just with charging the lamp for three hours.

  • Rechargeable with USB cables

This lamb can be recharged with USB cables by connecting them to laptops, desktops, power banks, etc.

Buzz Bug Bulb Features

Buzz Bug Bulb Advantages

  • Can be cleaned with water

The mosquitos that get accumulated in the lamp can affect the effectiveness of the lamp. This can be cleaned thoroughly when it comes to Buzz Bug Bulb.

  • Does not use toxins or chemicals

The bugs are killed and gotten rid of using an electrocution method. Therefore, there is no risk of inhalation of toxic materials or chemicals. This makes it safe to use even around kids.

  • Water-resistant

The water-resistant nature of this lamp makes it safe to use the lamp around camps, pools, and rain.

  • Durable hardware

The hardware of the Buzz Bug Bulb mosquito repellent device is very durable. There is an outer plastic covering on the part that electrocutes the insects. This will protect the people who touch the lamp.

  • 10 hours battery life

Once the lamb is fully charged, you can use it without any worry for a whole ten hours. It takes only three hours to fully charge the lamb.

  • Three levels of brightness

If you feel like the lamp is too bright for your taste, you can adjust the brightness level. There are three levels which include dim settings.

  • Secure transfer method

The Buzz Bug X Pro website is very secure and none of your personal information will be accessible to the general public. The card would not be charged multiple times either.

  • Comes with a hanging bar

The lamp comes with a hanging bar which allows you to hang it anywhere. 

Order Buzz Bug Bulb From Official Website
Buzz Bug Bulb Mosquitto Repelling Lamp

Buzz Bug Bulb Technical Facts

  • This mosquito-repelling lamp is small in size and compact which makes it easy to carry and pack.
  • Buzz Bug Bulb water-resistant lamb is rechargeable.
  • Three hours of charging can leave you with enough energy to work the lamp for ten hours.
  • Buzz Bug Bulb comes with three levels of brightness.
  • It can be charged with a USB cable connected to computers, laptops, power banks, etc.

How Does the Buzz Bug Bulb Work?

Buzz Bug Bulb works by luring insects and mosquitoes with bright UV light. Once these bugs reach a specified radius, they get electrocuted. Mosquitos are naturally attracted to ultraviolet light because of their wavelength. So it is easier for their eyes to detect UV light and go toward them. 

Buzz Bug Bulb mosquito repellent device uses an extremely high voltage electrically charged metal grid. This is the part of the lamp that electrocutes the bugs. This electrically charged metal grid is covered with a plastic frame that has gaps in between. Bugs navigate in between the gaps and get in resulting in their execution. This plastic frame effectively protects a person holding the lamb from getting electrocuted. 

Buzz Bug X Pro Lamp

Why do I need this Buzz Bug Bulb?

Buzz Bug Bulb is beneficial for people who frequently go camping. They are also very useful for people who live in areas that are generally more forested. These areas are more prone to insect infestation. Insects can ruin everything including a general outing. A lot of mosquitos cause deadly infections.

The thought of these serious infections often makes people stay home and miss out on nature. Buzz Bug Bulb mosquito lamb provides a solution for this. They eradicate the issue of insects without releasing toxins. This fact makes it easier for people to use Buzz Bug X Pro around their loved ones without the fear of seeing them suffer from the horrible side effects that are experienced due to exposure to toxins.

Buzz Bug Bulb Portable Anti Mosquitto Lamp

Other Factors Checked While Reviewing Buzz Bug Bulb

BatteryUSB Rechargeable Battery
Perfect For UseIndoors And Outdoors
Item Weight9.5 ounces
Shipment Tracking48-72 hours
Battery Life10 hours battery life

Buzz Bug Bulb customer opinions and experiences

A lot of user Buzz Bug Bulb reviews are available throughout the internet. Some of them are;

Julio Gomez, 

I saw an advertisement for Buzz Bug Bulb when I was looking for a mosquito repellant for a camping trip. I decided to invest in it even though I was skeptical. It was the best decision. My friends and I used the lamp throughout the night with no issues. The light was bright and we had no issues with bugs. 

Frederick Steve,

I purchased Buzz Bug Bulb portable anti-mosquito lamb after my friend recommended it to me. She said she used the lamp for 4 months with no issues at that point. I decided to give it a try. I was surprised by the results. Living in Florida, we almost always have issues with bugs. This lamp instantly helped in decreasing the number of bugs. It was truly a relief.,

Mary Rogers,

I came across Buzz Bug Bulb when I was looking for a mosquito repellent that does not contain any toxins. I previously used sprays and creams. They resulted in me experiencing rashes and burns. But with the use of Buzz Bug X Pro, there are no side effects and they are more effective than those mosquito repelling sprays that smell terrible.

There are multiple customers who have reported great satisfaction with the results that they received after using Buzz Bug X Pro. Buzz Bug Bulb Customers are not afraid to use this mosquito-repellent lamp around their loved ones. portable anti-mosquito lamb Users have reported that this lamp could be used for a long time considering that they are rechargeable. 

How much does the Buzz Bug Bulb cost and where to buy it?

The price listed on the official website of Buzz Bug Bulb is as follows;

  • 1 bulb = $39.95.
  • 2 bulbs = $75.
  • 3 bulbs = $109.
  • 5 bulbs = $139.

They are currently available for lower prices due to a special discount. The original price of each Buzz Bug Bulb can be up to $70. Right now these mosquito repellants are available with a 50% discount. 

These lamps are only available on its Buzz Bug X Pro official website. The manufacturer does not distribute these mosquito repellants through any retail stores or eCommerce stores. There are identical mosquito repellents available in the market.

However, the technology used by Buzz Bug Bulb portable anti-mosquito lantern is not the same. The technology used is the factor that makes Buzz Bug X Pro different from other bug-repellant lamps. 

Get Buzz Bug Bulb At Very Affordable Pricing

Buzz Bug Bulb Reviews- Final Verdict

After analyzing the functioning and other factors of Buzz Bug X Pro, it seems like this mosquito repellent lamp is a legit product. It gained popularity among people due to the unique method it uses to get rid of insects that do not include toxins or chemicals. 

This mosquito-repellant lamp has a durable design that is water resistant. The design of the Buzz Bug Bulb anti-bug lamp also has a hanging bar that aids in hanging the lamp in camping sights and barbeque grills which are areas that are prone to insect infestation. 

Buzz Bug Bulb is available at a discounted price right now. Even the original price of this lamp is lower than other mosquito-repellent lamps that are available in the market. This lamp can be recharged easily and used multiple times.

After analyzing all the parameters of Buzz Bug Bulb reviews, this lamp seems to be a legit product that you can invest in if you are looking for a mosquito repellant that does not release any toxins.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Buzz Bug Bulb effective to kill roaches?

Buzz Bug Bulb is only effective in killing bugs and mosquitos that are smaller in size. This lamp won’t be effective in harming Spiders and Roaches. Moreover, electricity does not really affect roaches.

2. Can I use the Buzz Bug Bulb mosquito repellent device around my children?

Buzz Bug Bulb works by attracting bugs using UV light and trapping them with electricity. Chemicals and toxins are not emitted to kill the bugs. Therefore, it is safe to be used around kids.

3. Is there a possibility of getting electrocuted while dealing with the Buzz Bug bulb X Pro?

There is an outer covering that is made out of plastic and does not conduct electricity around this bug repellent. This will help people avoid direct contact with the part of the lamp that electrocutes. It is still recommended to handle the lamp with care.

4. How can I clean theBuzz Bug Bulb anti-bug lamp?

This bug repellant is water resistant. Therefore, you can clean it thoroughly using water and other cleaning supplies. It is necessary to clean these frequently since the electrocution of bugs only works effectively with a clean surface.

5. Where can I purchase the Buzz Bug Bulb X Pro portable anti-mosquito lamp?

You can get access to purchase Buzz Bug Bulb through its official website. The design of this product may look similar to other bug-repelling lamps. Therefore, make sure you choose the right lamp before you confirm the order.


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