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Chiller Portable AC Scam: Why Should Be Aware Before Buying?



Chiller Portable AC Scam

For those who haven’t heard about the Chiller Portable AC, it is a newly launched portable AC that has gained much popularity recently. But have you wondered how this Chiller Portable AC instantly cools your room? Or about its safety or its legitimacy? Let’s find out about that in this Chiller Portable AC review. 

The Chiller Portable AC claims to rapidly cool your personal space and prevent dehydration. But the reviews that are available online about this AC look like a scam written for a mere promotional purpose. So, buying this Chiller Portable AC would be a huge waste of money. 

Chiller Portable AC Reviews: Does It Provide The Benefits It Claims? Untold Truth Revealed!

However, we can’t say that all the hyped devices are not worth it because there are devices that exceed our expectations and provide us with the results guaranteed by their manufacturer. One such device is the ChillWell 2.0, which is a portable AC with an affordable price that is highly efficient and worth buying. 

Anyways, first, let’s just get into a detailed overview of the device in this Chiller Portable AC review. I will give you all the details necessary to determine if it is worth the money or it’s just a scam.

Chiller Portable AC Review

What Is Chiller Portable AC?

Chiller Portable AC is an air cooler that is said to instantly cool the room and is easy to use as it is portable. It should be plugged in whenever it’s in use. You have to add water or ice cubes to the cartridge for it to start working.

The creator states that this portable AC is of low cost and maintenance as it doesn’t need to be installed anywhere. It is also said that this AC saves your electricity bill.

But first and foremost, the official link to this product is unavailable. So we don’t know about how the Chiller Portable AC is made, its quality, or its safety. Also, Chiller Portable AC consumer reports aren’t trustworthy and seem to be written just to promote the device.

A major disadvantage of this device, when compared to other portable air conditioners like ChillWell 2.0, is that it needs to be plugged in every time it’s in use. Devices like ChillWell are easy to use and do not need to be plugged in but can be charged. Once the device is fully charged, it can be used for 3.5 hours. 

Unlike Chiller Portable AC, ChillWell 2.0 has Insta-Frost technology that instantly cools the room. It has scientific evidence that supports its working and its safety. It also has an authentic website that has all the necessary information about the device like its working, its price, safety, etc. It also has honest customer reviews that are neither promotional nor scam.

Chiller Portable Air Conditioner Features

  • This portable air conditioner seems to offer various features like cooling the room in under a minute. 
  • By reducing the temperature, it claims to remove airborne particles, toxins, or any allergens in the room. That way one will be able to breathe fresh air without getting any pollutants inside the body. Since it does not have any evidence to support the health benefits offered by the device, we don’t know whether it will cause any harmful side effects or not.
  • It also offers peace of mind when you breathe fresh and cool air.

Even though the Chiller Portable AC has these many features, there is no evidence to prove this. This air conditioner claims to cool the room instantly but fails to cool a larger room. So, it’s hard to say this feature helps the way it is said.

Chiller Portable AC Advantages [ As Per Claims]

When talking about the advantages of this AC, if it works the way it is told and offers all those features, then you could expect some kind of benefits. But since the device doesn’t have any supporting evidence, it is hard to tell if it has any advantages. So, we cannot guarantee its safety. But here are some of the claimed benefits;

  • Cool the room within a minute.
  • Saves energy and money. 
  • Prevents dehydration.
  • Portable. 
  • Helps save money on electric bills. 

Chiller Portable AC Technical Facts

  • The truth is that the Chiller Portable AC does not have any authentic details like its size, weight, or its power source. 
  • Usually, portable air conditioners come in a small size making it easy to carry them anywhere. 
  • It is weightless and takes up less energy. But will be hard to get it repaired once broken. 
  • Unlike other portable air conditioners, ChillWell 2.0, is a portable air conditioner that seems to have scientific evidence for its working and safety. It helps you save money and energy using the Insta-Frost technology that provides polar air that instantly cools the room. 
  • When comparing Chiller Portable AC with ChillWell 2.0, ChillWell seems to be more effective as it has clear evidence about its workings and safety. It also consumes less energy.
  • ChillWell 2.0 can be charged and used for 3.5 hours and doesn’t have to plug in every time it’s in use like that of Chiller Portable AC. 

How Does The Chiller Portable AC Work?

The manufacturer claims that Chiller Portable AC is an easy-to-use air conditioner that cools the room in under a minute, although there is no evidence for its working or any authentic information about it. Even the official page is unavailable for this device and the reviews look like a mere promotional tool. 

The creator of Chiller Portable AC claims that this ac removes the pollutants in the air and provides a fresh atmosphere. But what is suspicious about this device is that it lacks evidence. For the device to work, we should fill the cartridge with water and for extra cooling, maybe add some ice cubes. Then plug the device at any place of your preference. 

Chiller Portable AC Comparison With ChillWell 2.0 AC

When comparing Chiller Portable AC to other devices like ChillWell 2.0, it can be assured that ChillWell 2.0 has scientific evidence to prove its working and safety. It uses the Insta-Frost technology and we can customize its cooling.

Chiller Portable AC Comparison With ChillWell 2.0 AC

Chiller Portable AC has to be plugged in every time it is in use whereas for ChillWell 2.0 it is not needed because it can be charged and recharged. And once it is fully charged, it can be used for 3.5 hours. It can be carried anywhere but for Chiller Portable AC that is a limitation as it can’t be carried to a place with no power socket.

Also, Chiller Portable AC customer reviews seem to be negative and most customers don’t seem satisfied with the device. But ChillWell 2.0 has positive and authentic reviews.

A major advantage of ChillWell 2.0 when compared to other air conditioners is that it is reasonably priced and the manufacturer is offering an additional 55% discount. In addition to that, the manufacturer also assures a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee in case the customers are dissatisfied with the device or its working. You can easily charge the device and speed setting, room temperature, and humidity levels will affect how long a charge will last.

Thus you know your investment is safe. Whereas ChillWell has all this authentic information, Chiller Portable AC does not even have an official website or any details about the device. Since the Chiller Portable AC has this many disadvantages, its quality or safety can’t be guaranteed and might get damaged easily. 

ChillWell 2.0 AC

Chiller Portable AC Customer Opinions And Experience [SCAM ALERT]

Chiller Portable AC customer reviews seem to be a scam to promote the device. The first-hand testimonials and experiences from the customers seem to be negative. Most customers are not happy with its usage or experience. As we mentioned earlier air conditioners like ChillWell 2.0 have positive and authentic reviews and the customers seem to be satisfied with the device. 

  • Amber, New York

I have been using this device for quite some time now and to be honest it did not provide the cooling effect it promised. It has been a total waste of money as it failed to cool the larger rooms. 

  • Adam, San Francisco

I ended up purchasing this device thinking it will provide the health benefits it promised. But the truth was I did not feel like it cleared all the pollutants from the air and it lacked any evidence of its working or safety.

  • Luca, Boston

When comparing Chiller Portable AC with other portable air conditioners, it is overpriced and is not worth the hype or money. 

How Much Does The Chiller Portable AC Cost And Where To Buy It?

Since the product website is unavailable, the price of the Chiller Portable AC is unknown. The price seen online does not seem to be accurate. Also, the link to purchase this device is not available, but when it comes to ChillWell 2.0, it comes at a reasonable price. In addition to that the manufacturer offers a discount of 55%. This device has extra cooling features and can be recharged using USB charges which run for 3.5 hours once fully charged. 

I will attach the link to the official website of ChillWell 2.0 in case you plan on buying it. 

Final Words: Chiller Portable AC Reviews

Going through this Chiller Portable AC review, it does not seem to be a genuine device, and spending money on it won’t be worth it as it is not anything as the manufacturer claims it to be. It seems overpriced when compared to other portable air conditioners and also the price shown on the internet is not accurate.

When compared to ChillWell 2.0, Chiller Portable AC seems like a waste of money. Chiller Portable AC does not have any money-back guarantee whereas ChillWell has a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee in case the customers are not satisfied with the device. 

Since the information about the Chiller Portable AC’s making or safety is unknown, its quality can’t be guaranteed. It might get damaged easily and cannot be repaired. It will be a total waste of money. Also, its noise levels would be quite high and could be a disturbance. It is not as energy efficient as it claims to be. Plus the first-hand experiences and opinions about this device seem negative. So, we wouldn’t recommend this device to anyone looking forward to buying it.


1. Is Chiller Portable AC suitable for larger rooms?

No. Chiller Portable AC cools only a  small area, unlike the air conditioners that are installed in your rooms. This portable device only focuses on just one area and cools instantly. 

2. Is Chiller Portable AC safe to use?

Since the Chiller Portable AC does not have an official website, its safety can’t be guaranteed. It can’t be said that it will not cause any harmful side effects as there is no information about the device or how its made.

3. Is Chiller Portable AC worth the hype?

When looking at the features and details of the Chiller Portable AC, it does not seem like a device that is not worth the hype. 

4. What are the customer reviews about the Chiller Portable ACs?

There are not many authentic customers reviews available about the device. Although the ones available seem to be scams and written for mere promotions. When looking at the first-hand customer experience and opinion, it seems to be negative. 

5. Are there any portable air conditioners better than Chiller Portable AC?

Yes. ChillWell 2.0 seem to be a better portable air conditioner that uses Insta-Frost technology and comes with a reasonable price along with a 55% discount. It also comes with a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee in case the customers find the device dissatisfying. 

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