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ConvertoBot Reviews – Is This An AI Bot That Simulates “Real” Conversation?



ConvertoBot Reviews

Establishing a large-scale business is the dream of every businessman. There are many key strategies to follow to attain this goal. Utilizing the right platforms and tools for developing your business is the key strategy among them. If you are in search of such a user-friendly platform, then my article, ConvertoBot Review, will be an effective guide that supports you to your goal. 

ConvertoBot Reviews – A Chatbot Platform For Conversational Marketing!

While setting up a business, it would be helpful to implement an automated web chat to communicate with the clients. This practice supports the growth of your business by cutting down the overall expenditure.

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An Overview

ConvertoBot is a multi-channel bot platform that enables you to employ AI chatbots on websites, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp. With step-by-step video training, it is the simplest chatbot platform to use.

ConvertoBot review includes brief information about a chatbot platform that works as many channels as possible along with providing multilingual service. To catch up with more knowledge of the product, scan through the further portions of the article.

ConvertoBot Review

To Begin… What Exactly Is ConvertoBot?

ConvertoBot is a virtual assistant that works as a multichannel bot platform that uses AI Chatbots on websites and social media apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Shopify, GoDaddy, and others.

It performs a good human-like conversation with the clients making your task much easier. It provides multilingual services to communicate with people all around the world. ConvertoBot chatbots will deliver interactive answers to the queries asked and improve the responses over time. 

ConvertoBot platform is available to you in different plans which hold different specifications and costs. It helps you in growing your business by receiving more leads, sales, and bookings. This platform is user-friendly and provides you with complete guidance for execution.

It can be used by both newbies and expert users as it provides detailed step-by-step instructions along with video training. So you can fearlessly go for it even if you have no previous knowledge of coding or other technical skills.

ConvertoBot gives you a chance to use the sample chatbot available on their site or else you can design a chatbot with the required specifications with the help of an expert. The training program is not a time-consuming task and will take just a few minutes to begin. 

Product NameConvertoBot
TypeAI Chatbot Website & Social Media Chatbot Platform
PurposeGrow your business with a conversation bot and conversational marketing. 
Pros– This platform helps you to save valuable time.
– It can be used by anyone whether a newbie or an advanced user.
– ConvertoBot is easy to implement and understand.
– Available in different plans.
– Affordable cost.
– Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.
Cons– You will get ConvertoBot only from the official site of the product.
– To make use of the ConvertoBot a good and steady internet connection is required.
PriceStarter Plan – $27.00 per month
Professional Plan – $59.00 per month
Business/Agency Plan – $147.00 per month
AccessibilityOfficial Website
Customer SupportEmail: [email protected]
Phone: +44 (0)161 5092 529,+1 (646) 741-0119
Official WebsiteClick Here

Key Features Of The ConvertoBot Platform

ConvertoBot is serving about 7317 businesses and more than 12,529 chatbots have been activated by using this platform.

The main features of ConvertoBot which are increasing its hype among users have been discussed in the following.

  • ConvertoBot is a multi-channel bot that works on social media and websites.
  • It offers a multilingual service to make easy conversations with people who speak different languages.
  • This platform allows you to create your chatbots within minutes.
  • ConvertoBot is a 100% user-friendly platform.
  • This platform provides useful training materials for you to learn easily.
  • Provides 24/7 service for the users.
  • ConvertoBot allows the customization of your chatbots.
  • This platform is compatible with both desktops and mobiles so you can choose according to your convenience.

Click Here To Purchase The ConvertoBot From The Official Website

How Does ConvertoBot Work?

ConvertoBot website allows you to make automatic communication with customers or clients. When they enter your page, the chatbot will get activated and conduct productive chats with the clients automatically.

It makes interactions and responses to the conversation just like an FAQ does. ConvertoBot provides the exact answers to the queries being asked and provides complete support for the users.

The responses of the chatbot will improve as it is exposed to more conversations. The chatbot platform will convert them into leads and sales hence, improving your business.  

ConvertoBot Examples

Benefits Of Using ConvertoBot Multi-Channel Bot Platform 

The main benefits of the ConvertoBot platform have been listed below.

  • ConvertoBot helps you to generate more leads, sales, and bookings hence growing your business rapidly.
  • Both newbies and technical experts can use ConvertoBot as no previous coding skill is necessary for performing.
  • This platform provides virtual assistance while setting up a business.
  • It offers detailed step-by-step video training for you which will be very informative and simple to follow.
  • It allows you to make unlimited chatbots each with desired specifications.
  • ConvertoBot website provides instant customer service.
  • Provides endless patient support for the customers.
  • ConvertoBot is available to you in different plans and prices so that you can choose according to your usage.
  • It helps to engage visitors automatically to your website or social media.

Pros And Cons Of ConvertoBot


  • This platform helps you to save valuable time.
  • It can be used by anyone whether a newbie or an advanced user.
  • ConvertoBot is easy to implement and understand.
  • Available in different plans.
  • Affordable cost.
  • Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • You will get ConvertoBot only from the official site of the product.
  • To make use of the ConvertoBot a good and steady internet connection is required.

Click Here To Order The ConvertoBot From The Official Website

Setting Up And Using ConvertoBot

ConvertoBot training platform is easy to operate and includes just 3 simple steps.
These three steps are listed below.

  • Step #1

    – You can choose a chatbot among the 100s of chatbot samples available on the page just with a few clicks.

    – You can even create the chatbot with unique specifications using award-winning builders.

    – It includes simple drag and drops to build it on your own.

  • Step #2

    – You can now copy the codes for the chatbots if you intend to create a website bot.

    – Else if you planning to create a social media bot, then copy a link.

  • Step #3

    – Now paste your code to the website for the activation of the chatbot.

    – For social media bots, copy the link to activate your chatbot.

ConvertoBot Multi-Channel Bot Platform

ConvertoBot User Feedback And Testimonials

  • Gloria

“It was last year I tried ConvertoBot for the first time and my business met an incredibly high growth. It helped me in attracting more clients thereby making more sales. I have tried many platforms before, but ConvertoBot is the best among them”.

  • Freddy

“ConvertoBot is very easy to operate and implement. It provides the necessary training to create chatbots. I was skeptical in the beginning as I have no idea about the technical side. But it is very easy to handle and one of the most convenient platforms to deal with”.

  • Merin

“I tried ConvertoBot which provides a 24/7 service reducing my task to half. But I found it wasn’t effective in driving leads and sales to grow my website. But I hope it will do it in the coming days”. 

Pricing And Availability Of ConvertoBot

ConvertoBot is available for you at simple and competitive pricing on the official site of the product. The pricing of the product comes as the following.


  • Starter Plan – $27.00 per month

    Unlimited chatbots and 3000 conversations per month
    Chatbot templates
    Email Marketing/ Automation Integrations
    Zapier integration
    Analytics and Metrics Dashboard
    Calendar and Booking System Integration

  • Professional Plan – $59.00 per month

    Unlimited Chatbots and 16000 conversations in a month
    Custom Chatbot Design
    Remove ConvertoBot Branding
    Automatically Create Custom Chatbots by Filling in Short Forms
    Google Analytics Integration
    Google Ads and Facebook Ads Integration
    Webhook/API Integration

  • Business/Agency Plan – $147.00 per month

    Unlimited Chatbots and 50,000 Conversations in a month
    Entire ConvertoBot Platform
    Unlimited Sub-User Accounts
    Dedicated Customer Success
    Monthly Webinar Training Sessions
    Done-For-You Agency Website

ConvertoBot is only accessible to you through the official site of the tool. However, you might also notice similar products popping up on different sites and even eCommerce sites like Amazon.

But keep a safe distance from such tools as they might be duplicate tools that will not provide you with effective output. Always keep in mind that the tool is only available on the official site and purchase it from here itself.

ConvertoBot Reviews – Conclusion

After reading the ConvertoBot review, you may have understood that ConvertoBot is a platform that can be used to create unlimited chatbots to grow the business by increasing traffic and customer conversations.

This muti-channel bot platform helps you to bring an instant improvement in the business. The platform is very user-friendly and can be used for marketing purposes. ConvertoBot website helps you by minimizing your workload and business expenditure. 

ConvertoBot platform offers a 24/7 service for customers and can be used in multiple channels. This chatbot website is also multilingual, real-time, and proactive support for the customers to improve your business overall.

Click Here To Order The ConvertoBot From The Official Website

FAQs About ConvertoBot

1. I am a person with zero skills in technology. Will it work for me?

Yes, ConvertoBot will work for you even if you are a fresher who has no idea of tech. Moreover, it provides detailed step-by-step instructions on how to implement it to run your business successfully.

2. Does ConvertoBot offer any free trial before purchase?

Yes, ConvertoBot offers free trials for you which last for 14 days. After the trial, if you are satisfied with the platform you can continue with the product. It provides different plans for you which you can upgrade as per your usage.

3. What do I have to do if I exceed the conversation limit?

When you reach the conversation limit, your chatbot will become deactivated. You have to upgrade your plan to activate it again.

4. How many chatbots can I create using ConvertoBot?

You can create an infinite number of chatbots using this platform. You can either use the chatbots available in ConvertoBot or you can create chatbots by using a simple drag-and-drop builder.

5. Does ConvertoBot offer any customer satisfaction guarantee?

ConvertoBot provides a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee for you which lasts for 30 days. You can cancel it without answering any questions if you are unsatisfied with it.


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