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Door Ringer Reviews: Does This Door Ringer Video Doorbell Monitor Your Front Door Entire Day?



Door Ringer Reviews

Door Ringer is a new innovative motion detection door security system. This advanced technology is specially designed for individuals who travel frequently for business trips, holidays, and others. This comes with advanced technology for the user to easily communicate with the visitor at the door from anywhere in the world. Here in this Door Ringer review you will know more about this device.

Door Ringer Reviews: An Advanced Technical Device To Guard And Monitor Your Front Door!

In America, most often burglary happens in isolated homes. Reports suggest that burglar finds it easier to break into homes with normal locks and often avoids camera using masks. But with this Door ringer, you can monitor all the activities from your mobile phone through the lens of the camera.  

This wide-angle monitoring device has amassed a million customers in the United States. Several customers have been pondering queries about the innovative equipment. Despite its huge popularities, many people are wondering if it works just as it claims.  Other than reviews, customers were struggling to find relevant information about the equipment. This is why we drafted this Door Ringer review to furnish you with all the information about the Door Ringer video doorbell device.

In this Door Ringer review, you will find all the relevant information such as a detailed overview, features, working, benefits, and many others. All the information in this review is generated from official websites and trusted sources. Continue reading to find out more about cutting-edge technology. 

Door Ringer Review
Device NameUnlock Your Spine
Used ForMonitor your front door
FeaturesWide Angle Lens
Live video feed
1080p HD 
2-way talk system
Key BenefitsProvide security
24-hour surveillance
Record for video evidence
Package delivery
Price1 Door Ringer- $99.99
Money-back guarantee30 days
AvailabilityOnly on the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is a Door Ringer?

Door Ringer is a multi-feature door monitoring device to control and guard your front door. It comes with modern innovations of motion detection, and two-way audio to hear to speak. The surveillance system can be easily installed in the front door and connected to your smartphone. This helps to monitor answers to the visitors to your house when isolated. It has a wide-angle camera to detect the activities outside your home.

This Pioneering technology will never miss a package or a visitor from reaching you. When it is connected to the smartphone it will receive instant notification when Door Ringer detects any visitor or incident through the camera. The option to record is also available for solid evidence in case something goes wrong.

Unlike other leading competitor products it has a wide range of features – which we will discuss clearly in the next section of this Door Ringer review.

Features of the Door Ringer video doorbell

Similar monitoring equipment by other competitors has limited features such as Motion Detection, Night vision, and smart notification. Whereas Door Ringer video doorbell promotes multiple features in addition to the same. The additional features of this equipment are given below:

  • Wide Angle Lens

The camera lens incorporated in the device can capture a field view of 155° Horizontal and 90° vertical. This feature will allow you to monitor a wide landscape of the front of your house. 

  • Live video feed

This feature allows you to monitor the front of your house from anywhere. All you have to do is to connect the device to your smartphone and access the connectivity to both devices.

  • 1080p HD 

High-resolution video displays a clear and detailed view of your lawn. This feature will help you to recognize the visitor or to find the culprit in case of any burglar incident.

  • 2-way talk system

If you have ordered a package and cannot receive the delivery due to unforeseen circumstances then this feature will help you to connect with the visitor – where you can instruct what to do with the package with clear communication.

Order Door Ringer From Official Website
Door Ringer Features

Door Ringer advantages

  • Provide security – Door Ringer surveillance system is effective in providing day and night security as it has motion detection technology and a high-quality camera to detect any visitor or any activity in your house. 
  • 24-hour surveillance – The smartphone connectivity and long durable battery help to monitor your house every day. You may not need to glue on to the phone. In case of any activity, the smartphone will help you to keep up with the notification.
  • Record for video evidence – The camera also comes with a record feature where you can record the live video of any unusual incident and keep it for evidence. This feature is beneficial when there is a burglar.
  • Package delivery – With Door Ringer, you do not have to worry about missing out on the delivered packages. The 2-way speak and listen system will help you to instruct your delivery guy on what to do with the package.

Door Ringer technical facts

Door Ringer is a pocket-sized surveillance device that can be easily installed on the surface of the door. The device is 64 mm in length and 40 mm in width. The device is mounted with a lens and a PIR sensor followed by a speaker in the centre.

The microphone for communication is located at the bottom of the speaker. In between the microphone and speaker, the device has a button to adjust the settings as well as to switch on and off the surveillance system.

Door Ringer Technical Features
Dimensions64mm x 40mm x 133mm
2.6in x 1.1in x 5.1in
Video1080 HD IR Day & Night Vision
Geo-Fencing & Advanced Motion Detection &
Field of View155° Horizontal & 90° Vertical
Audio2-Way Talk System with ANC
Power2 Battery Pack
2 Mbps for Optimal Performance
Connectivity802.11 WiFi Connectivity
Installation Time
15 mins
-4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C)
Standard Doorbell System
2x 18650 batteries
Box IncludesVideo Doorbell
32gb SD Card
Quick Start Guide
Installation Tools and Screws
Mounting Bracket

How does the Door Ringer work?

Before it is switched on, Door Ringer multi-featured device must be mounted on the door. The Door Ringer comes with a video doorbell, installation tools and screws, a mounting bracket, and a 32 GB SD card.

Once the device is unboxed it is advised to fully charge the device. While the device is charging, you can go through the quick start guide to learn the tips and shortcuts that can be accessed on the device. Once you completely read the instructions, you can start mounting the device. All you have to do is mount the bracket using installation screws in the door. 

When the charge is full, you can switch on the device and connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and allow all access from the smartphone to the device. Once the device is connected you can adjust all the settings through your phone.

You can leave the device in the mounting bracket. The Door Ringer device should be kept on so that it could capture all the incidents. Once it is activated and mounted in the door, then you can leave it there while monitoring it through the smartphone.

Why do I need this Door Ringer?

There are many reasons why you should purchase a Door Ringer monitoring device. However, it is specially made for people who are away from home.

This device helps to record and capture all the incidents and activities happening outside on the road. It is features itself are outstanding to determine. Customers are pleased with the two-way communicating feature.

This feature allows the customers to communicate with the visitors such as courier department employees and other delivery guys. It helps to connect with the door from any place in the world.

Moreover, you can record every incident and use it as solid evidence in terms of a crime or burglary. 

Door Ringer video doorbell camera is also helpful for customers who live in the place. While sleeping at night, it will help to detect any kind of motion and alert through the smartphone. This device can help you to be aware of any danger that could fall upon.

This helps you either reach the police or come out of danger. Moreover, it will also help you to know the identity of the visitor before letting them in. This way you can save from frauds, criminals, and others. 

To secure your place from any harm or danger then this is the ideal surveillance system to purchase.

Door Ringer Video Doorbell

Door Ringer customer reviews and experiences

More than thousands of customers have been using this door surveillance device. Almost every customer has provided positive feedback. From the analysis of the Door Ringer reviews every customer feels safe staying away from their homes after installing this device.

Customers are pleased with the multiple features that can be availed from this device. Its two-way audio-to-hear-and-speak feature is the most satisfying feature as it allows the customers to collect the ordered packages one way or another.

This Door Ringer customer reviews prove that this device’s feature allows customers to overlay complete surveillance on their homes. 

What does Door Ringer cost and where to buy it?

If you purchase Door Ringer from the official website then you can avail huge discounts. The manufacturer has offered multiple deals.

Each package has its own benefits. These packages come at various prices with additional discounts and other equipment. A detailed overview of the Door Ringer price packages is given below:

  • Alpha Bundle – Buy one Door Ringer for only $99.99 + Fast shipping.
  • Winter Special – Buy one Door Ringer + one battery kit for only $159.98 + Fast shipping.
  • Beta Bundle –  Buy two Door Ringer + two battery kits for only $199.99 + Fast shipping.
  • Winter Special + Spy Bundle – One Door Ringer and Battery Kit + Spy Bulb for only $199.99 + Fast shipping.
  • Ultimate Security Package –  One Door Ringer and Battery Kit + Two Spy Bulb + Two SD cards for only $255.99 + Fast shipping.

This equipment is only available on the Door Ringer official website. If you wish to purchase this surveillance device then you should log into the official website to grab the steal deals.

The Door Ringer manufacturer has not authorized the sale of the monitoring device through any other e-commerce platforms or websites.

Moreover, the stock of the device is also low. It is presumed that the once the stock is finished it may take some time for the new batch to develop. Also, with the increasing manufacturing costs the price of the device may increase. 

You may come across a similar device under the same name. Be aware that these devices are not authentic and it is highly possible to malfunction within no time. Therefore, be cautious to check for the brand and distributor while purchasing.

To be precise, it is not advisable to purchase from the official website as authentic supplements are available on the official website. 

Get Door Ringer From Official Website

Door Ringer refund policy

Door Ringer monitoring device is protected with an ironclad 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not pleased with the equipment then you can claim this money-back policy. This refund policy is only for customers who have purchased the surveillance system from the official website.

This 100% money-back policy can be claimed without any questions asked. All you have to do is to reach Door Ringer customer support within 30 days of the purchase and provide all the relevant purchase details of the selected package.

Recovery of a full refund will be initiated once the purchase details are verified. In this way, investment is entirely secured with the video doorbell system.

Final words on Door Ringer Reviews

To summarize this Door Ringer review, it is clear to state that the multi-featured video doorbell system promotes several benefits for customers. It is manufactured using quality materials.

This breakthrough technology is capable of providing 24-hour surveillance from anywhere in the world. This system also gained the confidence of the customers to travel on business trips and holidays without worrying about their homes. 

The Door Ringer video doorbell camera is packed with multiple features such as high-resolution video quality, night vision, smart notification, motion detection, and many others.

It also has a microphone and speaker for two-way communication between the user and visitor. this technology allows the users to attend to all the visitors as well as receive the shipments.  From what we assume, this is the ideal surveillance system for people who are away from their homes. 

It also comes with a money-back policy for customers who are not pleased with the supplement. The dissatisfied customers can claim this policy within 30 days of the purchase with no questions asked. 

To Purchase Door Ringer From Official Website

Frequently asked questions

1. Is my payment secured?

All the information used to purchase the Door Ringer is encrypted and transmitted using a Secure Socket Layer protocol. This ensures that your privacy is protected. 

2. Is Door Ringer legit?

Yes, the Door Ringer is entirely legit. It is manufactured using high-quality materials and customer reviews further suggest that the device is indeed genuine and authentic. 

3. Where should I buy this for the most feasible cost?

You may find the Door Ringer for a cheaper price on the official website. But it suggests that the cheaper price indicates low quality. Therefore, authentic products at the most affordable price are only available on the official website.

4. How long does Door Ringer take to deliver?

Once the order is finalized, it may tackle up to 5-7 business days. 

5. Where is Door Ringer being manufactured?

It is manufactured by an American-owned company.

This is a sponsored post. The perspectives and views expressed in the post are solely those of the sponsor and author and do not represent the views of SDGLN.

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