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Easy Sealer Reviews: Does It Help To Store Food Without Spoiling?



Easy Sealer Reviews

Easy Sealer is an innovative sealing device that is that helps extend the shelf life of your food items. This portable, combat, and easy-to-use device is gaining popularity for indoor and outdoor purposes as it is very convenient to use. This lightweight device can be utilized for saving snacks, fruits, pet food, and anything that needs airtight packing. This Easy Sealer review will lead you to know more about this gadget.

Easy Sealer Reviews: Can We Use This Sealer For Sealing Thick Packets?

A recent study conducted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln reveals the role of oxidated food in causing stomach problems. Any food items like snacks, cut fruit, and packed food undergo an oxidation process once it is exposed to air. It causes unhealthy changes in the color, flavor, and nutrient content of the food. It affects the good gut bacteria colony and causes many digestive diseases. As per the information of the International Food Information Service, these pathogenic microorganisms may even cause colorectal cancer.  Having a proper sealing device will be a blessing for pet lovers too. 

A peripheral analysis of Easy Sealer reviews suggests the efficacy and compatibility of the device. A detailed analysis is needed to know more about it. As there are many fake devices and smart equipment that are legible at first look and are available in online markets, analyzing them in detail is a must. This Easy Sealer review will help understand the overall aspects of the device. Features, advantages, technical facts, working mechanisms, and purposes are explained here. 

The pricing details and refund policy will be helpful for you to have a comparative study. The Frequently asked questions help you clear all your queries regarding the device. 

Easy Sealer Review
Device NameEasy Sealer
Used ToSeal mini bags
Battery LifeUpto 1 month
Combat size101X46X37 mm
Warranty1 year
Refund Policy30 days
Price$39.99 for one piece
AvailabilityOnly on the official site
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is an Easy Sealer? 

Easy Sealer is a handheld sealing device that is portable and rechargeable. The device is available only online on the official website. It is mainly used for keeping food items safe from early trash days.

Aluminum foil bags, fruit bags, pet food bags, snack bags, and food storage bags can be sealed with the device. The Easy Sealer gadget can be utilized for indoor and outdoor purposes as it works on batteries that can be recharged using a USB.

According to the Easy Sealer official website, this magnetic-based compact is popular for its time-saving features. The device can easily seal any wrapper using just one of your hands. The facility to cut off the extra bag material adds to the convenience of the device. It does not require any preheating time to function. 

Features of the Easy Sealer 

Special features of the Easy Sealer portable gadget that make usage convenient are listed below.

  • Battery life: The battery of Easy Sealer lasts very long after the recharge. Even if you are sealing continuously, it will last up to one month. 
  • Adjustable temperature setting: The sealer can be switched to three different heat modes that can be used for different materials and different sealing needs. 
  • Compact size and fitting design:  The Easy Sealer equipment is very compact and it makes handheld operations possible. The fitting design helps make the usage very easy. 
  • Reachable USB port: A C-type rechargeable USB port is another salient feature of the device that adds to the comfort of users. Here, we don’t want to use and throw many disposable batteries. 
  • Weightless: The device is very lightweight and can be ported easily anywhere. Fitting the device in your pocket or vanity bag is not a big deal. 
  • In-built magnet: The Easy Sealer rechargeable device is designed with an inbuilt magnet that allows the device to stuck on metal surfaces including your fridge. This feature helps in easy access to the device and saves time.
Easy Sealer Features

Easy Sealer advantages

There are a few advantages that set the device apart from other sealing devices. 

  • Convenient to use: Easy Sealer can be used by anyone conveniently as the design and operation is very simple. 
  • Suits various purposes: As the device is portable and works without an extension, it can be carried to any place and utilized for various indoor as well as outdoor purposes. 
  • Save time: Unlike other sealing devices, the Easy Sealer gadget doesn’t require a preheating time to seal. The magnet inside the device helps it get attached to any metal surface. The hassle of searching for the device can be completely avoided. 
  • Eco-friendly: The sealer reduces plastic waste as it helps reuse the same packet again. Rechargeable batteries are used instead of disposable ones. 
  • Affordable: Discount for bundle packages and free shipping for purchases above $100 makes the device affordable for all. 
  • 1-year warranty: The device is coming up with 1 1-year warranty for damages as the manufacturer advises quality. 
  • 30-day guarantee: A 30-day refund policy allows the customers to try the device. 
Easy Sealer Advantages

Easy Sealer technical facts

  • Helps in the fast and easy sealing of plastic wrappers and aluminum foils. 
  • Fitting design for handheld usage. 
  • Portable and lightweight. 
  • The built-in magnet inside helps stock metallic surfaces including refrigerators. 
  • Can seam bags with a thickness of 0.03 mm to 0.13 mm. 
  • Heat levels can be adjusted as per the needs of the customer. 
  • Battery specification: Built-in 500mAh battery (polymer)
  • ABS is incorporated for the long-lasting of the device. 
  • Combat size: 101X46X37 mm

How does the Easy Sealer work?

The Easy Sealer rechargeable and portable device has a built-in battery that can be recharged using a C-port USB cable. The charge port is given on one side of the device. You can see a blade press switch on top of the device that accompanies a built-in mini blade.

Once the battery is charged, the power button of the device should be pressed for 4 to 8 seconds to get the device started. Press the bag that needs to be sealed in the middle of the device as if we placed paper on a stapler pin.

Press the device and slide it gradually to get it stuck. Repeating the process multiple times is also advised for air-tight sealing. The metallic portion inside the device gets exposed to high temperatures to get the bag sealed.  

Working Of Easy Sealer

Why do I need this Easy Sealer?

The Easy Sealer device has multiple benefits as it is an essential device in our day-to-day life. Unwrapped food packets are always a headache as keeping them safe is a big task.

Here, the Easy Sealer can be utilized for saving food items including packet food, fruits, pet foods, and all. It prevents food spoiling and waste to an extent. It is also useful for packing food items for travel purposes.

We can avoid skipping meals and snacks from the outside as we have them ready in our bags. Along with sealing the device also has the facility to cut the extra portion of the bag to have a decent look. Even though the device is portable, the battery charging is not going to trouble you as there is one month-long battery life assured.

Even if you use the device continuously, you will have to recharge the battery only once a month. The combat side and portability are other features that ease the usage. Carrying the device wherever you go is not a hectic task it fits your bag or pocket.

There is a built-in battery behind the device that adds to the comfort of the customer. The magnet allows the device to get stuck on any metallic surface including the refrigerator and hours of search the device can be avoided. 

Easy Sealer customer opinions and experiences 

As per the Easy Sealer reviews, the customers who have tried Easy Sealer are all happy and satisfied with the convenience of the device. All the available Easy Sealer customer reviews and comments are positive in tone. No customer is coming up with a negative concern suggesting the inefficacy of the device. The handheld model’s precise functioning and durability of the battery are the salient features that most of the customers are attracted to. Here is what customers think about the device. 

Carl Lin: The leftover snacks were a very big concern for me as I live alone. Throwing them to the dustbin was not that easy as the costs are rising day by day. After all, ethically, I hate food wastage. I have seen Easy Sealer when I go for a day out with my friend. She looked very organized and systematic as she sealed all her opened wrappers once she was done with it. No wastage or none of her snacks or fruit gone to premature spoilage. I have ordered one and started using it. I am very satisfied. 

Santana Bauer: Going out with a pet is a responsible task as it needs to be well-planned and systematic. We all know very well about the cost of pet food and no one opted for wasting it at any point. The opened-packet pet book is enough to make your travel bag a mess. Using Easy Sealer can be a solution here. The used packet can be safely sealed and kept in the bag until the food is finished. The same packet can be utilized until the stuff is over. It is beneficial for the environment too. 

Alvin Chen: I always carry an easy sealer in my vanity bag as I am well aware of the needs that we meet in our daily lives. As it is small and compact, it is easy to carry. The greatest attraction is ane durability of the battery. Charging is necessary only once in a month. There are many smart devices available in the market these days, but one of this kind is rare. 

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What does Easy Sealer cost and where to buy it?

We will have to log in to the Easy Sealer official website to place our order as it is not available on any other e-commerce portal like Amazon or retail stores next to you.

We should be very vigilant while placing the order as there are many imitate products available online. Such products will imitate the model of the vehicle.

It is very important to have a clear understanding of the pricing details before placing your order as there are price differences for various packages. 

  • 1 Easy Sealer = $39.99
  • 2 Easy Sealers = $39.99 per piece 
  • 3 Easy Sealers = $34.99 per piece
  • 4 Easy Sealers = $34.99 per piece
  • 5 Easy Sealers = $29.99 per piece

Easy Sealer refund policy

The Easy Sealer manufacturers are providing a one-year warranty for the device as they built the device with quality. They are also giving us a trial period of 30 days, as there are 30 days, a no-risk return policy.

The Easy Sealer device can be tried for 30 days without any hassle. If the customer couldn’t find it worthy, they can return the device within 30 days of the original purchase. The amount paid will be refunded without passing through any complicated process. 

Final words on Easy Sealer Reviews 

Easy Sealer reviews suggest the efficacy of the device for easy and comfortable sealing. Entrepreneurs, as well as housemakers, opt for the device with the same enthusiasm. The device helps save opened food items systematically without losing their freshness.

The features of the Easy Sealer device such as lightweight, comfortable usage, one-handed use, portability, and rechargeable add to the convenience of the customers. It is affordable compared to the advantages and benefits. The 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee provides the customers with an opportunity to give the device a hassle-free trial for 30 days. 

Frequently asked questions

1. May I know more about the battery and battery life?

The Easy Sealer has an in-built rechargeable battery that can be recharged with a C-type USB. Normally, the battery will last for one month. 90 minutes is the usual time taken for the battery to get it completely charged. 

2. What materials can be sealed using the Easy Sealer?

It helps us seal normal food wrappers such as wrappers of packed foods, aluminum foil bags, pet food bags, plastic wrappers for fruits and snacks, and all. Paper bags cannot be sealed using the device. 

3. What are the storage options for Easy Sealer?

It can be kept anywhere at your convenience. Choosing a metal surface is the best choice as the built-in magnet allows the device to stick to the surface. 

4. What is included in the Easy Sealer package?

You will be given an Easy Sealer, a C-port USB, and a manual in the package. 

5. What if I couldn’t find it worthy?

You can return the device within 30 days of the original purchase and claim a full refund of the amount paid. 

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