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LeanBiome Reviews 2023: Benefits, Ingredients, Side Effects Risk, Customer Complaints & Reports



LeanBiome Reviews

LeanBiome is an all-natural formula formulated using clinically supported bacteria and plant-based ingredients to help with weight loss. This probiotic supplement helps you lose weight by repopulating the bacteria in your gut, which, according to recent studies, speeds up your metabolism and burns fatter. According to the manufacturer, the formula is designed in such a way that consumers will be able to shed weight within a few months of using it. They also claim that every LeanBiome ingredient has health properties that can increase your gut bacteria efficiently, and you will be able to lose weight healthily.

Several customer reviews and the official website say that the formula is a non-GMO supplement with no artificial ingredients. The manufacturer also says that LeanBiome pills are safe and won’t cause harmful side effects.

Presently, natural diet pills are one of the most commonly preferred ways to lose weight, and their popularity is increasing every day. The apparent reason why people prefer weight loss supplements to any other weight loss methods is that they need an effortless weight loss experience that does not cause any adverse effects. But other reasons make weight loss supplements a better option than diets or bariatric surgeries.

There are different dietary supplements available on the market that target other root causes of weight gain, and this gives you the option to choose the one that your body needs, which is very different from doing diets and workouts as these methods do not work on the root cause of your weight gain. Additionally, weight loss supplements will not cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars and are an affordable way to lose weight effectively.

Many weight loss supplements are available, and among them, LeanBiome is one of the most popular ones. Even though LeanBiome is a new supplement for losing weight, this probiotic formula became very popular in just a few weeks. But just because the supplement is popular, we can’t avoid the fact that LeanBiome is a newly launched supplement. There are a lot of questions that we need to address before deciding on the safety and effectiveness of the supplement.

All You Need To Know About LeanBiome Review

In this review, we will address every query you may have about the formula and discuss the procedure comprehensively. So let’s dive right in!

We have already mentioned in this review that many weight reduction pills are currently available. On one side, having numerous options for weight loss supplements is an advantage because a person has multiple options.

But on the other side, it will be challenging for a person to distinguish the effective ones from the non-effective ones. Many dietary supplement work effectively, and many don’t.

But in this world, people are either too busy to spend time managing their weight or too lazy to put any effort into weight loss. This is why weight loss supplements are considered the best and easiest weight-loss option.

LeanBiome Classifications

Product nameLeanBiome
TypeWeight loss support formula
Ingredients containedLactobacillus gasseri
Lactobacillus rhamnosus
Lactobacillus fermentum
Green select phytosome 
The principle behind the formulaIncreasing the lean gut bacteria in your body, hence aiding in weight loss. 
Benefits offeredSupports healthy weight loss
Increase your satiety
Reduce cravings for foods.
Reduces fat storage
Boosts your metabolism
Ideal dosageThe manufacturer recommended dosage of LeanBiome is one capsule a day. 
Quality standardsDoctor-formulated non-GMO supplement that does not have any artificial stimulants.
Manufactured in a high-quality standard facility.
BPA-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and crustacean free.
RestrictionsLeanBiome is designed for people above the age of 18 only. 
ConcernsLeanBiome isn’t suitable for children even if they are overweight.
Should not be consumed by pregnant women and breastfeeding women.
People with an underlying medical condition should consult a doctor before using the supplement
Pricing30-day supply: One bottle and the price is $59.
90-day supply: Three bottles and the price is $49 per bottle.
180-day supply: Six bottles and the price is $39 per bottle. 
Shipping chargesWhile ordering one bottle and three bottles packages, you will have to pay a shipping fee of $9.95 whereas the six-bottle package is free of shipping charges. 
Refund Policy180-day money-back guarantee 
Customer support[email protected] 
AvailabilityOn the official website of LeanBiome only
Official website addressClick Here

LeanBiome is an effective and safe weight loss formulation, making the supplement popular quickly. LeanBiome’s recipe uses lean gut bacteria and other natural ingredients that support weight loss. Read until the end of this LeanBiome review to learn how this proprietary blend of natural ingredients supports healthy weight loss. 

What is LeanBiome?

LeanBiome is a doctor-formulated unique proprietary formula created using clinically researched lean bacteria and other natural ingredients that support weight loss.

According to the manufacturer, the LeanBiome fat-burning pill works on the root cause of unexplainable weight gain in most people, which is terrible lean bacteria.

The supplement focuses on repopulating your gut microbiome with lean bacteria and boosts your metabolism, reduces hunger, and releases fat storage.

LeanBiome’s probiotic formula is designed in the form of easily swallowable pills, and each tablet contains the right proportion of LeanBiome’s ingredients. According to the official website, LeanBiome belly fat burner is a non-GMO formula that is entirely vegan-friendly and free of harmful artificial substances.

Now that you know what LeanBiome Formula is, let’s go into more detail about the supplement and its various features.

What is gut bacteria & how does it affect weight loss? 

Gut bacteria are living organisms that live in your gut which makes your gut microbiota. Gut bacteria play a vital role in your body’s overall functioning, from regulating your metabolism to your mood.
One of the main functions of gut bacteria is breaking down your food and converting it into energy. So from this, it is apparent that gut bacteria play a significant role in your digestion process and metabolism rate.
Many recent studies conducted on gut bacteria and their effect on weight loss found that lean people have a vast number of gut bacteria in their digestive tract compared to fat or obese people.
So this means that bad gut bacteria or a poor gut microbiome is one of the reasons why some people gain weight rapidly, whereas others don’t. LeanBiome probiotic pills are created by using scientifically-backed nine gut bacteria and a few natural ingredients so that your gut microbiome will be sufficient enough to regulate metabolism and fat burning.

Scientific evidence on weight loss and gut bacteria

Enhancing your gut microbiome and providing it with enough gut bacteria play a significant role in weight management. It increases your body’s metabolism and also releases stored fat. Many research studies have scientifically proven this.

In a research article published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, it is stated that as the primary functions of the gut microbiome are regulating metabolism, vitamin synthesis, and digestion, it has a considerable impact on weight gain and weight loss.

Based on these studies, the LeanBiome dietary supplement is formulated based on solid science, and the accompaniment is filled with ingredients that can work on enhancing your gut microbiota. 

Ingredients used to formulate LeanBiome capsules

The following are the ingredients used in the LeanBiome formula: 

Lactobacillus gasseriLactobacillus gasseri is a probiotic famous for having health properties that can help lose weight and improve bowel movement. Lactobacillus gasseri is scientifically proven to aid in weight loss and to lose stubborn belly fat. The probiotic can also enhance your body’s immune system and has anti-inflammatory properties.
Lactobacillus rhamnosusLactobacillus rhamonosus is a probiotic usually found in your digestive tract. The bacteria is available as a supplement and is famous for aiding in weight loss. The probiotic is a good bacteria that enhance your gut health and improves your immunity response.
Lactobacillus fermentumLactobacillus fermentum is a gram-positive bacteria that plays a massive role in maintaining gut microbiota health. Many scientific studies suggest that bacteria are capable of helping in weight loss. Lactobacillus fermentum can also help you in lowering LDL cholesterol levels.
Greenselect Phytosome Green Select Phytosome is an ingredient that is extracted from green tea. Green tea is famous for having properties that aid in weight loss. It is loaded with antioxidants and has caffeine, which, according to many studies, can help lose weight effectively. Green tea can also increase fat burning and improve your metabolism.
LeanBiome Ingredients

How do LeanBiome Pills work for weight loss?

One thing that you should carefully study before purchasing a supplement is how it works. We should know how the supplement you have chosen works in achieving your weight loss goals.

This will help you know if the supplement is the one you need that your body needs to lose weight healthily and safely. In this section, we will discuss how the LeanBiome gut health formula works on your body to help you lose weight.

According to the manufacturer, the formula assists in weight loss by repopulating your gut bacteria. We have already discussed the scientific studies that found that gut bacteria play a significant role in weight loss.

So, to repopulate your gut bacteria, this detoxifying formula uses nine lean gut bacteria and a few other natural ingredients that support weight loss.

So when you consume the LeanBiome pills, it reaches your digestive tract safely and will release the ingredients to your gut.

Once the elements are released, they will enhance your gut microbiome, which will result in regulating your metabolism, removing stored fat, and reducing your hunger

Check The Availability Of LeanBiome Weight Loss Pill From The Official Website

key features of LeanBiome weight loss supplement

These are the few features of LeanBiome that have made the supplement so popular within a little time. Let’s go through each one of them. 

These are the few features of LeanBiome that have made the supplement so popular within a bit of time. Let’s go through each one of them. 

  • LeanBiome tablets are formulated using clinically tested and verified natural ingredients that support healthy weight loss and management.
  • It works on the typical reason behind weight gain: the absence of sufficient lean gut bacteria.
  • The formula does not contain any artificial substances and is non-GMO.
  • According to the official website, the formula is created in an FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility.
  • LeanBiome toxin cleanser is soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, BPA-free, crustacean-free, egg-free, and vegan-friendly.    
  • Along with aiding in weight reduction, LeanBiome pills also increase your metabolism and reduce your cravings for foods.      
  • It can be bought online, and the supplement will be delivered to your address within a few days.
  • LeanBiome is supported by a 180-day money-back which gives you the option to return the supplement if you aren’t satisfied with it.
  • Continuously consuming the capsules for a few months will enhance your overall physical health. 

What to expect from The LeanBiome probiotic pill?

According to the manufacturer, the formula provides many health and weight loss benefits. A few major benefits that you can expect from LeanBiome are given below:

Aids in weight lossThis is the apparent benefit of using LeanBiome tablets. The formula aids in effective and healthy weight loss by repopulating good bacteria in your gut. The Leanbiome weight loss formula is created using ingredients that will help you shed weight quickly without following a strict diet or exercise.
Boosts your metabolismLeanBiome probiotic pills can boost your metabolism. By providing your gut with enough gut bacteria, the formula will increase the breaking down of fat and conversion of them into energy. By boosting your metabolism, the procedure ensures that all the unwanted fat in your body is converted into energy.
Enhances your gut microbiotaLeanBiome enhances your gut microbiota through the powerful probiotic good bacteria in the formula. The formula will help keep your gut microbiome healthy and improve your digestive system.
Releases stored fatLeanBiome tablets will release all stored fat in your body and burn it for energy. The formula also restricts further fat accumulation in your body and helps get rid of stubborn belly fat.
Increase your satietyLeanBiome supplements can increase your feeling of fullness and reduce your cravings. This way, the formula limits your food intake, stopping further weight gain and also help you lead a healthy lifestyle as you only eat foods your body requires.

Where to buy LeanBiome dietary supplement?

LeanBiome weight loss formulation is presently available on their official website. LeanBiome probiotic pills are offered at an affordable cost so that everyone can use the supplement and enjoy the health benefits that the formula provides.

You can order LeanBiome digestive health supplement on their official website by choosing the package you want and paying. The supplement will be delivered to your place within a few business days.

The manufacturer says they haven’t authorized the formula’s selling through third-party sellers or e-commerce platforms. As the popularity of LeanBiome is increasing, replicas of the supplement are sold on unauthorized platforms like Amazon.

So please distinguish these replica supplements from the real LeanBiome, as both might have the same label and bottle. To avoid such pitfalls, order on the official LeanBiome website.

The manufacturer is offering the supplement in three different packages, and the details of the package along with its price are given below:

  • One-month supply: The official website suggests one bottle for one month, and the price is $59 per bottle + 9.95 shipping charge
  • Three-month supply: The official website suggests three bottles for three months, and the price is $49 per bottle + 9.95 shipping charge
  • Six-month: The official website suggests six bottles for six months, and the price is $39 per bottle + free shipping. 

These are the three different packages that the manufacturer offers. Although buying one bottle is a wise decision, it is better to order the three or six bottles packages as the supplement might go out of stock soon.

There is no risk in buying either the three bottles or the six-bottle package, as a money-back guarantee backs the supplement. 

Click Here To Purchase LeanBiome Fat-Burning Formula From The Official Website

LeanBiome Side effects & safety evaluations

It is always wise to evaluate the safety of a weight loss supplement before using it. This way, you can be sure that the supplement is of high quality and that there aren’t any risks associated with using it.

LeanBiome is an all-natural weight loss formula that is created using clinically verified natural ingredients. The manufacturer of the Leanbiome weight loss pill assures that it is of high quality and does not have any artificial substances or harmful chemicals in it.

The available review guides on the internet are all positive. Although LeanBiome’s toxin cleanser seems like a safe option, one should know a few things before buying the supplement.
LeanBiome digestive support supplement is designed for adults.

So anyone under 18 should not consume the supplement, even if it is entirely natural. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should also not swallow LeanBiome pills.

The manufacturer states that weight gain during this phase is expected, so it is recommended that you do not use a weight loss supplement during this phase.

Additionally, if you are someone who has an underlying medical condition and is taking medicines for it, it is suggested that you seek advice from your medical expert before using the
Leanbiome weight loss formula.

refund policy

We have already mentioned that buying the LeanBiome supplement is risk-free as a money-back guarantee. The money-back-guarantee option is open for 180 days from the date of purchasing the supplement.

This means that you can use the supplement for six months, yet if you aren’t satisfied with it, you can request a refund from the manufacturer.

To return the supplement, all you have to do is return the bottles you have bought, even the empty bottles, and the LeanBiome manufacturer will provide you with a full refund after receiving them. 

Is the LeanBiome dietary supplement legit or fake?

One thing that can help you identify if a diet pill is legit or fake is the scientific evidence. Dietary supplements do not usually have clinical trial results or scientific studies as scientific evidence supporting their effectiveness.

This is because dietary supplements usually do not undergo any such trials or studies. But we can verify if a supplement is effective or not by looking at the scientific evidence available of the ingredients used in the formula.

LeanBiome probiotic gut health formula is a proprietary blend of clinically tested and verified natural ingredients that has several scientific studies supporting the manufacturer’s claims about them being effective in weight loss.

The LeanBiome formula is created on the science that repopulating your digestive tract with gut bacteria will result in losing weight. The LeanBiome ingredients, along with helping in weight loss, also improve your gut health.

The manufacturer of the LeanBiome fat-burning formula states that every bottle is crafted by using advanced technologies in an FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility, which assures that they haven’t compromised on the quality of the supplement.

What are customers saying about the LeanBiome supplement?

LeanBiome is a newly launched supplement but the formula has more popularity than many other weight loss supplements which have been introduced before LeanBiome. One thing that made the formula popular is the customer reviews.

The customer reviews on the official website of LeanBiome tell that the formula works effectively and has helped them lose weight. Now you might be thinking those are the customer reviews shared on the official website, so it would be positive only. 

We have also looked at the customer reviews and feedback of LeanBiome published on many discussion forums. The majority of them are positive reviews that state that LeanBiome has helped them lose weight within a few months.

From the customer testimonials of LeanBiome, one thing that is apparent is that LeanBiome hasn’t caused any negative effects to these users yet and they felt rather energetic while using the supplement. 

 LeanBiome Customer Reviews

How & When To take LeanBiome weight loss pills?

LeanBiome is in the form of DRcapsules. DRcapsules means delayed-release capsules. As per the official website, this gut health formula is designed in this way because since the formula has living bacteria as its main ingredients, it is necessary that those bacteria reach safely into your gut.

So when you consume the LeanBiome DRcapsules, the formula isn’t released right into your stomach but is transported to your gut, where it will be released. 

One bottle of LeanBiome supplement includes 30 capsules in it, which are worth a month’s use. The manufacturer recommends that you take the LeanBiome capsules continuously for 2–3 months to achieve every benefit that the formula offers.

It is recommended that you take the supplement in the morning before breakfast, with a glass of water.

LeanBiome Dosage

LeanBiome review Conclusion – Does it Really work?

In this review, we have studied different aspects of the supplement. From the information gathered about this thermogenic fat burner, LeanBiome is a natural solution that can help you lose weight without any risk or adverse effects.

LeanBiome belly fat burner has a unique method of losing weight, and it is by increasing the number of gut bacteria in your digestive tract.

The LeanBiome customer reviews suggest that consuming the supplement continuously for a few months will help you lose weight and improve your physical health.

They also said that LeanBiome probiotic pills are safe as the supplement does not cause any side effects.

The LeanBiome manufacturer is offering at an affordable cost in three packages. Additionally, this weight loss formula is supported by a 180-day refund policy which makes buying LeanBiome a risk-free investment.

Taking everything into consideration, it looks like the LeanBiome probiotic is worth giving a chance. 

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LeanBiome weight loss pill– Summary

Let’s end our LeanBiome reviews by taking an overview of what we have talked about in the formula so far:


  • LeanBiome is a doctor-formulated natural formula that is a proprietary blend of natural ingredients that can increase your body’s gut bacteria and boosts your metabolism.
  • Along with supporting healthy weight loss, it also increases your metabolic rate and reduces fat storage.
  • As the formula is entirely natural, there haven’t been any side effects reported of LeanBiome yet. 
  • Non-GMO supplement that is formulated in an FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility. 
  • A risk-free money-back guarantee supports leanBiome fat-burning supplements for six months.
  • LeanBiome formula is safe to use for an extended period if you want, as there aren’t any artificial stimulants or addictive substances in it.


  • People below the age of 18 are restricted from taking pills.
  • The supplement isn’t recommended for pregnant women, and breastfeeding women as weight gain are typical in this phase.
  • LeanBiome is limited in stock, and there isn’t any information about restocking.
  • People with underlying medical conditions should consult a doctor before taking LeanBiome to ensure that the supplement is safe to consume.
  • It isn’t available on e-commerce platforms or in retail stores.

Frequently asked questions

  • How long does it take for LeanBiome to show results?

The manufacturer of LeanBiome suggests 2-3 months to obtain results, but if you want, you can take it for a more extended period, as the pills do not have any adverse effects.

  • Can I order on Amazon?

LeanBiome is available only on the official website, and the capsules that are available on Amazon with the same name are replicas of the original LeanBiome.

  • How many capsules do I need to take, and when should I take them? 

The ideal dosage of LeanBiome is one pill a day, and this should be taken before your breakfast meal, along with a glass of water.

  • Does a money-back guarantee support LeanBiome?

A money-back guarantee supports LeanBiome for 180 days.

  • Is it suitable for children?

LeanBiome isn’t suitable for people below the age of 18. 

Click Here To Purchase LeanBiome Fat-Burning Formula From The Official Website(180-Day Money-Back Guarantee)


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