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Magnetic Laundry System Reviews – Does It Actually Clean Laundry Without Chemicals?



Magnetic Laundry System Reviews

Magnetic Laundry System is a new way to wash your clothes based on the power that magnetism has on the water to pull out dirt and stains and clean things. The laundry detergent works by the same method of altering the surface tension of water that the detergents and soaps work by.

It helps you to not use chemicals and that way to avoid the harm that the chemicals can have on your skin. This Magnetic Laundry System review will examine the Magnetic Laundry System and how well it works as a substitute for conventional laundry detergents.

Magnetic Laundry System Reviews – Is This A Proven Laundry Detergent Alternative?

The people who have used laundry detergent have been reporting back that they have received good results. At the same time, the system is also getting widespread attention from all over regarding the way it does the laundry and the easiness with which it can be used.

When I examined the Magnetic Laundry System for the first time it seemed that it works. Although I had to go through all other aspects of the system to confirm that it really works.

This Magnetic Laundry System review was made after analyzing each of the factors that are related to the system. This review contains details such as the working mechanism of the system, its features, the advantages of using the Magnetic Laundry System, and why you need this system if it is a legit one. 

In addition to this, you can also find details such as the Magnetic Laundry System customer reviews and experiences, and the pricing and availability of the system. Toward the end of this review, you can also find the frequently asked questions about this system. If there has been a question that you have been pondering about then you do not have to go anywhere else to find the answer to that question. 

Magnetic Laundry System Review
Product NameMagnetic Laundry System
Product TypeLaundry accessory
Number of Magnets2 magnets per set
ColorBlue circular magnets
Magnet StrengthPowerful magnetic force
Features– It is a powerful magnet
– Double-patented improvement technology
– Uses only less water
– MLS is Lightweight
– Easy to use
Benefits– No synthetic smell on the clothes
Longevity of the clothes increases
– Saves energy and water
– Soft clothes and soft hands
– Eliminates skin issues
– Improves health
InstallationEasy installation, no tools required
UsageReusable and long-lasting
Refund Policy60 days
Available onOnly On the Official Website
Official SiteClick here

What is a Magnetic Laundry System?

Magnetic Laundry System (MLS) is a system that can be used to do laundry without using any kind of detergents or soaps. This is a set of blue circular magnets that washes the clothes. The system is created by the water safety mission Water Liberty.

Magnetic Laundry System is created with the aim to put an end to the laundry detergents that take the life out of the users and the clothes. Such chemicals have been found of having harmful substances in them, even carcinogenic ones. 

These pair of MLS have to be stuck in your washing machine. You just have to put it inside the washing machine. And the rest of the process remains the same. You can wash your clothes just like you used to do.

It says that the clothes come out clean and with a fresh and natural smell of the fabric.  The system cleans clothes by promoting individual health and environmental protection. Magnetic Laundry System comes with a money-back guarantee that you can claim in case you feel not satisfied after using this system to wash your clothes. 

Features of the Magnetic Laundry System

Magnetic Laundry System is a set of two circular-shaped magnets. Both of these is pair is used together to get effective results. 

🔵 It is a powerful magnet. Do not confuse it with your fridge magnets because MLS is approximately 390 times stronger than that. It is also referred to as the Hulk of Magnets. You can place one of the units on one side of the palm and the next on the other side of the palm to see that they stick to the palm.  

🔵 MLS is a double-patented improvement technology that offers user-friendly usage methods. 

🔵 It uses only less water than that used when you wash your clothes by using detergents.

🔵 MLS is lightweight You do not have to worry about the extra weight that it can add it your washer. It weighs only a fraction of a pair of wet jeans. 

🔵 MLS is easy to use  It does not have a complicated mechanism to fix it inside the washer. You just have to stick it onto the inner walls of the washer and it stays there. 

🔵 There are no issues even if it gets away from the walls of the washer – After washing when you open the washer if you find both magnet units stuck to each other you do not have to run the wash again. The magnetic units still generate the power field even when it is stuck together. 

Order Magnetic Laundry System From Official Website

Magnetic Laundry System Advantages

There is no synthetic smell on the clothes – The clothes come out smelling fresh but there is no added fragrance to it. 

The longevity of the clothes increases – Clothes do not come in direct contact with chemicals. Thereby clothes last longer.

Saves energy and water – When you use this, the entire step of rinsing your clothes after the washing can be eliminated. Therefore, you can save the energy and water needed for that 

Soft clothes and soft hands – Since there are no added chemicals in Magnetic Laundry System, they cannot affect the softness and smoothness of the clothes. Also, it keeps your hands soft as the hands come in direct contact with the clothes.

Eliminates skin issues – As there is no presence of any chemicals there cannot be any more itching or skin rashes.

Improves health – The chemical residue left on the cloth by substances is no more, Magnetic Laundry System detergent will not trigger your asthma or allergic conditions. Also, reduces chronic headaches. 

Fragrance of the clothes can be chosen – In case you need your clothes to smell good you can add a few drops of your preferred essential oil to it. 

How does the Magnetic Laundry System work?

Magnetic Laundry System is a set of two blue magnets that can be stuck to the insides of the washing machine. It works by the powerful forces of magnetic fields that are created inside the machine.

This magnetic force changes the surface tension of the water and makes it more slippery. This water will pull out the dirt particles from the fabrics. Magnetic Laundry System functions based on the fact that cleaning processes in the laundry are driven by the force of water.

Therefore, this system uses the force and the universal solvent properties of water to clean the clothes. The magnetic field created spread out the water molecules to make them spaced. It also focuses on the magnetic properties that a water molecule has.

Water molecules are already magnetic molecules that have positive and negative charges. When these molecules rotate in the magnetic field created the surface tension of the water changes.

Magnetic Laundry System

The magnetic power cannot cause any harm to you or your clothes. The power of the field exists only in a certain area around the field and when you take your clothes out of the washer, that is a place that the field does not have power on. 

According to many This Magnetic Laundry System reviews, it works in all kinds of washers such as the top load washers and the front load washers. In the case of the washers with water drums in them, the magnets have to be placed outside the drum.

Also, if you are using a front load washer it is suggested to put the magnets in a pair of pants than sticking it on the machine wall. You can also use a thick pair of socks even though pants are the preferred choice. This is to eliminate the sounds the forces of the horizontal axis might create. 

Why do I need this Magnetic Laundry System?

There are multiple factors that you can consider if you want to buy the Magnetic Laundry System. 

🧺 It does not end –

As the soaps and detergents end and need to be replaced, this magnet does not end. That is not how it works. You will not have to buy it when the supplies end and will not have to replace it. 

🧺 It comes with a 50-year warranty –

MLS comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 50 years. That is, at any point, if you feel that the efficiency of the system has decreased or it is not working out the way it should then you can proceed with the warranty. You will get a new pair of magnets. 

🧺 You don’t have to necessarily stick it to the insides of the washer

Magnetic Laundry System can work even if it is not directly in contact with the water. The units just need to be rested somewhere near the water. It is because the water has to be inside the magnetic field created by the units. 

🧺 It is easy to fix –

Take the pair of units and fix them on the walls of the washer. You do not have to take Magnetic Laundry System out and clean it or fix it every time you are using the washer. 

🧺 The stain remover – Enzymatic Stain Remover Concentrate –

MLS has an enzyme concentrate to remove the stains from your fabrics. It can be used as an alternative to bleach and it is non-toxic. It is easy to use as you just have to spray the dilute o to the stained cloth, let it sit for 10 mins, and then put it in the washer. It actually costs 45.95 but when bought with MLS it costs 39.99 US dollars.  

Magnetic Laundry System Customer Opinions and Experiences

Magnetic Laundry System Customer Opinions

I used the Magnetic Laundry System and it just works. I was surprised to find that it cleaned my clothes and the fabric was not damaged. The clothes came out clean and smooth. 
Harold Harrison

I saved on power and water. I was able to avoid the rinse part in the washing cycle. The washing was less time-consuming. It was not even difficult to fix the magnetic units on the walls of the washer. I have been using this for the past many months and honestly, you never know that the magnets are in there. I am never buying a laundry detergent again.
Jessica Jacob 

I did a couple of washes using the Magnetic Laundry System. The clothes were cleaner than they were when I put them in. But they were not as clean as I expected. I don’t know why. I use a front loader and I stuck the magnetic units on the electronic control panel. I wonder whether this was a reason. 
Lilly Lytt

What Does Magnetic Laundry System Cost and Where to Buy?

Magnetic Laundry System can only be bought from its official website. It cannot be bought from any other e-commerce websites or from any other platforms. MLS cannot be found in any retail stores. 

Price of a Magnetic Laundry System = is 69.99 US dollars

If you have already bought it from the Magnetic Laundry System official website and want to refer it to someone else or if you are making a second purchase again then you can buy it for 49.99 US dollars. The system comes with a manufacturer’s warranty and a money-back guarantee. 

Purchase Magnetic Laundry System From Official Website
Magnetic Laundry System Customer Opinions and Experiences

Magnetic Laundry System Refund Policy

Magnetic Laundry System comes with a refund policy of 60 days. That is you have a time of more than one month to return the laundry system units if you are not satisfied with them. By this time you can wash many clothes and try whether it is going to work or not.

You will have to send back the units to the sender and the refund will be processed only after the sender receives the return package. All of the money that you spend on this will be refunded back to you. 

Final Words On Magnetic Laundry System Reviews

After analyzing the Magnetic Laundry System review it seems like a cost-effective one. This can be a solution to the health ailments caused by the chemical residue on the clothes when you use a detergent or soap. It works entirely on the magnetic property of water and the magnetic field that the units create to alter the surface tension of water.

MLS does not take a lot of time to fix it as it just can be stuck onto the walls of the washer. It is a sustainable design that does not cause any harm to the environment or the planet. 

The Magnetic Laundry System comes with a money-back guarantee of 60 days. That is, even after using it for more than a month and you cannot find your clothes coming out of the washer clean then you can opt for the money-back guarantee that will pay all the money that you spend on the washer.

In case anything happens to the power of magnetism after a few years of using it, MLS comes with a 50-year warranty. Therefore, if you have been intrigued about this washing system and were planning to give it a try, you can do that. 

Get Magnetic Laundry System From Official Website


1. Does it damage the color of the clothes?

No, it does not damage the color of the clothes. The system works completely based on the magnetic field created by the magnets that cannot cause any harm to the fabric. 

2. Does it harm the tensile strength of the fabric?

No, it does not harm the tensile strength of the fabric. The system works with magnetic power and there are no substances that come in direct contact with the clothes hence any of the existing properties of the clothes can not be removed. 

3. Is it a one-time payment? 

Yes, it is a one-time payment. You only have to pay the price one time. There is no need to pay repeated prices or any kind of subscription fee. 

4. Does the Magnetic Laundry System add fragrance to the clothes? 

Yes, MLS does have a manufacturer’s warranty. The system comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 50 years. 



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