Moonlight Manifestation Reviews – Can Alexander Wilson’s Program Be Trusted?

Moonlight Manifestation Reviews

Moonlight Manifestation is a unique program that helps you achieve your dreams by triggering your subconscious mind. The set of miraculous audio tracks offers solutions to several problems humans deal with in their life.

Moonlight Manifestation ReviewsHow Frequently Do You Need To Listen To The Audio Track?

The program turns your manifestations into reality and brings you closer to everything you want to accomplish. 

There is more to the Moonlight Manifestation program that you deserve to know. So, continue reading our Moonlight Manifestation reviews to understand every aspect of this program and find out whether this program is suitable for you or not

Moonlight Manifestation Reviews
Product NameMoonlight Manifestation
CreatorAlexander Wilson
Available formatsEbook, Audio track, DVD
Age RangeAdults
Potent frequency bandsThe deep sleep layer
The storybook scripting layer
The manifestation acceleration layer
Bonuses The Dream Yoga Activation System
Overnight Hypnotic Healer Series
Overnight Health Series
Money-back policy60-days
AvailabilityOfficial Website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is the Moonlight Manifestation program?

Dreaming about what you want to accomplish in your life is very easy because you don’t have to put any effort into it. However, the real challenge occurs when you want to turn your dreams into reality—the bigger the vision, the more obstacles you face. 

You can deal with all these problems with the Moonlight Manifestation program, which is dedicated to helping humans achieve whatever they want. The program is curated with the ancient Mayan in mind. Additionally, it comprises the life awakening quotes by the Himalayan Yogis.

It ensures to open the Moonlight Manifestation Window at midnight, i.e., 2:00 am precise. During this time, you can manifest anything you want in life. So, if you believe in the miracle of manifestation and aspire to be financially independent and happier, this manifestation program is most suitable for you. 

You only have to perform the 3-second ritual before hitting the bed, ensuring the awakening of the subconscious mind. 

Who is the Creator of the Moonlight Manifestation program?

The creator of the Moonlight Manifestation digital program is Alexander Wilson. He believes that the energy orbiting can be generated inside us via hypnotic orientation and the NLP program. Energy orbiting means the automatic healing process, allowing the brain to channel towards positive subjects. 

Wilson’s main goal behind this program is to inspire downtrodden souls and help them to enhance their manifestation capabilities. The motivation to create the program occurred to him when he wanted to help his friend Jessica who was going through a series of unfateful events in her life. 

Creator of the Moonlight Manifestation program

How does the Moonlight Manifestation program work?

As mentioned earlier, the Moonlight Manifestation soundtrack was established by the Himalayan Yogis, who helped humans to open their Moonlight Manifestation Window. The window ensures the awakening of meditation, visualization, and affirmation from the Thalamus, a brain organ. 

So, when you practice this technique before going to sleep, this window opens for 10 minutes from 2:00 am to midnight. The process begins in a deep sleep only when your REM cycle continues. As a result, it creates awareness in the dream form throughout sleep. During sleep, only your subconscious mind remains operational. 

In addition, this manifestation guide has 32 levels of vibrational encoding, which activates the Thalamus. The creator claims that over 30,000 people have benefitted from the Moonlight Manifestation program. 

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Which are three potent frequency bands for Manifestation activation?

The encoding is assembled in the soundtrack format with 32 frequency bands. These bands are also known as Manifestation Activators, which work at midnight. The series includes three vital bands, I.e. the deep sleep layer, the storybook scripting layer, and the manifestation acceleration layer. Let’s understand each of them in detail.

  1. The deep sleep layer: The frequencies are responsible for you sinking through a floor vibe. It awakens your subconscious mind while you are sleeping. At the same time, it enhances energy levels and vibrations. The layer is crucial for the manifestation window opening. 
  2. The storybook scripting layer: This frequency powers your desires to turn into commands for your subconscious mind and encourages you to push your limits and achieve goals. Additionally, it scripts new positivity and happy manifestation.
  3. The manifestation acceleration layer: The frequency includes Quantum Field Technology that solidifies the positive preferences and, thus, accelerates the manifestation layer. 

What is included in the Moonlight Manifestation program?

The Moonlight Manifestation DVD program includes healing audio that motivates you to transform your life in a good way. Each track has 32 frequencies that stimulate the manifestation abilities of your subconscious mind. It is more accessible for humans because of the influential frequency bands.

You first experience the deep sleep that allows your mind to open the Moonlight Manifestation Window. The awakening boosts your mind to acquire your desires and dreams in life. It blocks all the negativity and regulates positive thoughts. 

The Moonlight Manifestation soundtrack includes Quantum Field Technology that solidifies the positive preferences and, thus, accelerates the manifestation layer. Consequently, you become eligible to connect with the universe that forces you to manifest and convert your dream into reality.

These soundtracks include:

  • Income Manifestation Series: The series has two parts, i.e., Abundance Rising and Divine Block Dissolver. The Divine Block Dissolver awakens your subconscious mind while you are sleeping. At the same time, Abundance Rising enhances energy levels and vibrations. It includes:
  • 12D self activator
  • Energetic Signature
  • Akashic Journey 
  • Karma Clearing
  • Unstoppable Motivation series: This soundtrack powers your blood and charges your chakras with energy that encourages you to push your limits and achieve goals. Additionally, it ceases your procrastination and traumas.
  • Unlock Quantum Magic series: The soundtrack helps you to discover your talents. Also, it increases your memory capability and IQ levels. Your speaking skills also improve when you listen to this soundtrack consistently. 
Moonlight Manifestation Program Includes

What benefits do you get from the Moonlight Manifestation program?

As per the Moonlight Manifestation reviews, here are the claimed benefits of this manifestation program

  1. It allows you to manifest abundantly and fills your mind and heart to accomplish all your dreams.
  2. All the negativity inside you vanishes gradually, and your mind only has a positive perspective on everything.
  3. The evil noises incoming from the Thalamus are silenced forever.
  4. A person listening to the Moonlight Manifestation soundtrack can go into REM deep sleep.
  5. The audio program improves brain functioning and makes us sharp and creative.
  6. The soundtrack’s vibrational layering sound helps you overcome all your financial hindrances. 

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Pros and cons of the Moonlight Manifestation program

Now, we’ll look at the pros and cons of this program.


  • Improves IQ and memory power
  • Boosts positivity in life
  • Eliminates all kinds of negativity
  • Stimulates Thalamus
  • Activates your desires and helps you connect with the universe for manifestation
  • It enables you to process all the obstacles coming your way 
  • It puts you in the REM deep sleep cycle
  • It stops you from procrastinating
  • Motivates you to achieve your dreams and manifest harder


  • The product is only available on the company’s official website.
  • You can reach everything the program promises by being consistent for 30 days.
  • The program’s outcomes may differ according to the person’s mental ability.

Is the Moonlight Manifestation program worth trying?

The moonlight Manifestation audio program is already tried by more than 30,000 verified customers who have specified to have positive outcomes. In addition, the program is legitimate and is based on scientific and traditional techniques. It helps you manifest from the universe and cope with all the negative experiences in life. Thus, your way to success becomes more manageable.

Moonlight Manifestation reviews suggest that it is definitely worth trying if you believe in the power of manifestation.

Moonlight Manifestation program customer reviews and complaints

Here are some of the Moonlight Manifestation reviews taken from the official website:

Uta S.

I divorced my husband and was struggling financially. I didn’t know how to turn my financial manifestations into reality. Thank goodness I came across the Moonlight Manifestation guide. The program makes you financially independent and helps you surpass the obstacles life throws at you. It is helping me significantly.

Thowas W.

My childhood traumas made me less confident and unable to achieve my dreams. So I tried the Moonlight Manifestation DVD program to help me recover from my childhood traumas, overthinking, and negativity. I have become a positive person and feel encouraged to manifest my dreams.

Catherine R.

The program’s drawback is that you must listen to it daily for results. Now, I don’t have time to give everyday to this program. Wish it worked differently.

Moonlight Manifestation Guide Pricing and where to buy them

Find the practical solution to the financial, emotional, and psychological issues that stop us from achieving our dreams. 

The Moonlight Manifestation online program is available for purchase on their official website


The program costs $55.5 with additional discounts. 

Bonuses Offered with Moonlight Manifestation DVD program?

Moonlight Manifestation manufacturer offers some exhilarating bonuses too. So, let’s have a look at them:

  • The Dream Yoga Activation System is a fantastic bonus track that helps you manifest your desires.
  • Overnight Hypnotic Healer Series: It teaches you the hypnotic tricks to communicate directly with the subconscious mind. 
  • Overnight Health Series: The program allows your soul to heal naturally.
Moonlight Manifestation Bonuses

Moonlight Manifestation Reviews – Final verdict

Many of us don’t dare to step any further and create manifestation into reality. The Moonlight Manifestation ebook is excellent for people who aspire to manifest. It helps you to turn your desires into existence with the power of manifestation. As a result, you can achieve income, love, and immense wealth. 

The Moonlight Manifestation digital program comes with a 60-day money-back policy and is risk-free. Also, the program’s discounts fit your budget easily. The creator of the program assures that the advantages of this guide will start showing within one week. Therefore, he advises that you focus on your goals before starting this program. 

So, you stay motivated and positive from the beginning. However, you should know that consistency is the key to testing the effectiveness of this program. Thus, stick with this program till the end and turn your manifestation into reality. After going through many Moonlight Manifestation reviews and available data this manifestation program by Alexander Wilson is legit and worth a try


  1. Can I find peace of mind with the Moonlight Manifestation program?

The Moonlight Manifestation mp3 shuts all the negativity surrounding your Thalamus. So, the person starts having peaceful life and optimistic thoughts.

  1. What if the program doesn’t work for me?

You can apply for a money-back policy if the program doesn’t show satisfactory results even after trying for 60 days.

  1. Can I get this Moonlight Manifestation pdf in hard copy?

No, the program is only available as the soundtrack, and you cannot get it in hard copy format.

  1. How can I get discounts on this program?

Currently, the company is offering some exciting discounts on the product. So, purchase now to be eligible for discounts.

  1. What are the shipping charges?

The program’s access is via online mode. So you don’t need to pay any shipping charges.

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