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Power Blast Keto Scam – Yes Its A Fake Supplement?



Power Blast Keto Scam

Recently, my social media pages are flooring with the Power Blast Keto dietary supplement advertisements. Being a dietary supplement consultant I was curious as to what is behind the product for such marketing. As I searched the supplement name on google, numerous websites popped up and claimed outstanding benefits of the formula which motivated me to prepare a genuine Power Blast Keto review.

Power Blast Keto Reviews – A Warning To Customers!

But little did I know that these claims were all bigotry. When I researched for the evidence for all the claims I couldn’t find any, not even the official website, as per my knowledge genuine supplements are all listed on the official website. Then I thought Power Blast Keto may be a fresh product for the market, so began further in-depth research about this supplement only to come out with nothing except heavy scientifically unbacked claims

All these fake claims motivated me to rescue the new and existing users from utilizing the formula. Hence, I have exposed this Power Blast Keto scam after in-depth research using available information from my trusted sources.

Reading this article right to the end will let you gain a different perspective. I have also attached some of the genuine alternative keto supplements that are beneficial to health.

Power Blast Keto Reviews

An Overview Of Power Blast Keto Scam Supplement

As per the supplement reviews pondered all over the websites, the Power Blast Keto dietary supplement is effective in supporting weight loss by burning fat and assisting the body’s shift to a ketogenic state.

As we all know that a keto diet is grueling to maintain. The websites mentioned that this supplement not only burns fat but also assist in regulating blood sugar level and cholesterol level.

Like any other keto supplement, it is also made with BHB salts and natural ingredients. As well as manufactured in GMP and FDA-certified facilities. However, there is no single piece of scientific evidence to back these claims.

What Are The Claims On The Power Blast Keto Official Website?

All my effort were hopeless in my search for the official website.

When I redirect using the links in the review pages it directs me to a different website with a completely different product. This led me to realize the harsh truth that there is no official website regarding dietary supplements.

Hence, I believe that the supplement is not genuine at all due lack of scientific evidence. Therefore, the prices on e-commerce websites are remarkably low, compared with other supplements on the official website.

This huge factor indicates that cheap products are commonly developed using low-quality ingredients to save costs and generate more sales.

With these supplements, instant benefits may be avail, but I guarantee you that dietary supplement doesn’t work like that. It takes time to work in the body.

What Truth Did We Find About The Power Blast Keto?

In-depth research has led to finding lots of factors about this supplement. From the research, we acknowledged that all the claims are fake in the review websites. As there was no official website we could not find any genuine information regarding the product. 

Wider research on the effects and results of the supplements has led to a dead end which came to the point that all these claims are just for marketing the supplement. A

s the product is listed on amazon which is being distributed by justified laboratories, but what amused me is there was no such supplement on the official website of justified laboratories.

All the details provided by the e-commerce giant are unreliable.

The factors we exposed about the supplement are listed below.

  • No official website- As per the claims in the review. The link for the website redirects to an entirely different supplement which I was shocked to witness. That is when I came to understand that there is no official website to back all these claims, not even any trusted sources
  • Reliability of result- Since the product is available on the market for a cheaper price it is clear to conclude that the supplement is developed using low-quality ingredients to save the budget, which undoubtedly affects the result of the formula, including the lack of evidence on the manufacturing standard of the supplement. These factors highly affect the reliability of the result.
  • The company behind the product- As per the massive e-commerce website amazon. It is mentioned that the supplement is distributed by justified laboratories. According to the official website of justified laboratories, there is no dietary supplement under the name Power Blast Keto. It is evident that the product is distributed by a random retailer under the name of justified laboratories.
  • Possible side effects– Since there is no scientific evidence to back the ingredients as well as manufacturing standards of the supplement. I believe this supplement may hold a lot of potential negative effects due to these factors including cheaper prices in the market.
  • Paid marketing- The lack of scientific evidence on heavy claims is usually part of paid marketing. Moreover, the lack of an official website and original distributor directly links that marketing teams do all the review pages. Paid marketing is the primary reason for numerous article reviews on the website.
  • Unsatisfied customers- As per my findings, many customers have reported negative reviews regarding the supplement. Many have claimed adverse effects from the product and no response from customer support when contacted.
Power Blast Keto Review

Does Power Blast Keto Appear On Shark Tank?

As per my knowledge, shark tank is a reputed American business show. It is highly unlikely for the power bast keto to appear in a shark tank due to a lack of support by scientific evidence.

Furthermore, there is no evidence of the program displaying the Power Blast Keto supplement. Even no videos of proof have emerged on the internet up to this.

Since there is no scientific evidence to support the quality as well as manufacturing standard, then the product is not genuine, which makes it onerous to appear in the repetitive television show.

From my research, it is evident to believe that the supplement never appeared in the shark tank.

Is Power Blast Keto Endorsed By Celebrities?

Other than promotions from paid marketing, I couldn’t find any endorsements by celebrities or any product-based promotions in different cities. Celebrities are highly cautious about their social status.

As they are aware of their influence on society, it is highly unlikely for them to promote a brand without checking its facts. For now, we all are aware that this supplement only has claims and not facts, not even scientific proof.

It is highly unlikely for celebrities to jeopardize their career by mixing up fraud cases and scams. Celebrities only promote products after checking their genuineness and effectiveness.

From the research, there is no evidence of the promotion of the supplement by a celebrity.

Are All Keto Products Scams?

No, other genuine supplements in the market follow manufacturing guidelines as well as their ingredients are scientifically backed by clinical tests. The ingredients are also cultivated by local growers and extracted only the plant and herbs are fully grown.

Unlike this product, these authentic formulas are only available on their official website and do not authorize sale through other portals to preserve the quality of the dietary supplement. 

For the sake of one product, do not assume that every supplement is fake. The authentic supplement is effective in supporting weight loss and has other several benefits. Besides, the manufacturer guarantees no negative effects from authentic products. 

Are There Any Legitimate Keto Products From Trusted Brands?

As mentioned above. Authentic supplements do not involve paid marketing schemes but rather look upon the encouragement of the dietary supplement through customer feedback.

The introduction of unlimited products and paid marketing could lead you to question about genuineness and authenticity of the supplement. To save you from the difficulty of finding an ideal supplement.

I have enclosed some of the best authentic supplements in the market after qualitative research on different keto supplements.

Among them, I found many authentic supplements and narrowed them down to the best supplement according to their ingredients quality, nature of manufacturing, pricing, and many other factors.

Below you can find some authentic keto supplements from trusted brands.

1. GoKeto BHB Gummies

This dietary supplement is prepared using all-natural ingredients and does not include any chemicals or stimulants. The manufacturing is done under strict and sterile standards by following GMP guidelines in FDA-approved facilities.

All the ingredients are clinically tested for safety and effectiveness. To ensure the quality of the supplement, the company does not allow the sale through an e-commerce website or retail stores, therefore it is only available on the official website.

Thus, it does not avail any negative effects on the customers as well no side effects have been reported up to this date. The manufacturer ensures maximum effects from the supplement if consumed at the instructed dosage and the result may last for a longer time.

Moreover, if you are not pleased with the product then you can claim their 100% refund policy.

For further information such as its price, ingredients, working, and others read the review of Goketo BHB supplements for better insight into the supplement.

GoKeto BHB Gummies

Also, you can read the complete review of the GoKeto supplement here.

Visit GoKeto BHB Gummies Official Website

2. ViaKeto BHB Apple Gummies

This second alternative supplement is highly practical in supporting weight loss as well promotes several health benefits. It is designed using 100% plant-based ingredients and is free of GMOs and chemicals.

The manufacturer ensures the quality and effectiveness of the supplement by following GMP guidelines and manufacturing in FDA-approved facilities under strict and sterile standards. Up to this date, no negative effects have been reported from the users.

The primary ingredients are natural ingredients and BHB salts that assist the body’s transition into a ketogenic state. The company guarantees maximum effects if used at instructed dosage.

To avoid any adulteration in the supplement, the manufacturer does not authorize the sale of the product in other portals other than the official website.

As this short version may not provide you with a clear perspective, read the reviews of the supplement to understand more about the supplement.

ViaKeto BHB Apple Gummies

Also, you can read the complete review of the ViaKeto BHB Apple Gummies here.

Visit ViaKeto BHB Apple Gummies Official Website

3. Supreme Keto ACV Gummies

This dietary supplement is similar to any other keto supplement. It assists in weight loss through minimal exercise or physical activity which means that with this supplement your body will burns fat with no movement.

As per my research, I found out that this product is highly effective in controlling blood sugar levels as well as enhancing digestive health. It is formulated using all-natural ingredients which are scientifically backed by clinical rights.

In addition, the ingredients are cultivated using natural methods by local growers. Manufactured in GMP and FDA-certified facilities following strict and sterile conditions under the supervision of experts.

All the types of equipment are disinfected before preparing every batch of the formula. Thus, it does not avail any negative effects on its users. To have ever-lasting effects, you should only consume as per the advised dosage for at least 2-3 months.

In any case, if you are not satisfied with the product then you can claim their 30-day money-back policy.

For more information on the supplement kindly go through reviews of the supplement or the official website. 

Supreme Keto ACV Gummies

If you are interested in Supreme Keto ACV Gummies and want to know more about these gummies here is an in-depth review of the supplement.

Visit Supreme Keto ACV Gummies Official Website

Power Blast Keto Scam – A Conclusion

In this Power Blast Keto review, I have clearly stated not to use any dietary supplement that does not have any scientifically backed evidence. We should always be careful of what is inside these health supplements and only consume them if they are safe.

Based on all the research about the Power Blast Keto, it is evident conclude that all the claims in the reviews were untrue as well supplement does not have any scientific evidence for its effectiveness and safety which makes it toxic to consume.

These pseudo-products are more likely to be sold on e-commerce websites to generate more sales by selling for a cheaper price. Whereas authentic ones are only available on the official website because the manufacturer fears quality getting compromised by others.

The alternative supplements mentioned above are completely safe to use. From these supplements, you will gain benefits for sure because of their manufacturing standards and the nature of extracting ingredients. Even if you have not benefitted from the product then you can simply claim back your money with their 100% money-back policy.

To learn more about these supplements, please read the review pages of the supplement as well as their official website and evaluate the ideal supplement for you. You will find all the details about the product attached to those reviews.

Do not blindly purchase products hovering over the internet.


This is a sponsored post. The perspectives and views expressed in the post are solely those of the sponsor and author and do not represent the views of SDGLN.

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