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SafetyCam Reviews: How This Safety Camera Stacks Up Against Other Cameras?



SafetyCam Reviews

This SafetyCam review is a detailed analysis of this popular safety camera to know whether it is a quality product to buy. Cameras are devices that are in use worldwide for various purposes including safety, documentation, and so on. However, cameras become the most convenient when they are attached to a much more personal device such as your mobile phone. But when in emergencies, or life threats, you may not be able to use your mobile phone cameras effectively. On the contrary attacks and violence against random people on roads and streets are also increasing day by day.

This situation necessitates the need for a safety camera that is easier to use and record than a usual mobile camera. SafetyCam is such a device that enables clicking, and recording whenever in need of emergency. The manufacturers of the formulation also claim that this particular camera captures and records everything in its topmost clarity and accuracy.

SafetyCam Reviews: Does It Provide Safety And Protection In Various Circumstances?

If the promises of the SafetyCam body camera are true, it might be a truly effective gadget for personal safety, and security. However, the effectiveness should be analyzed based on various aspects such as the instructions to use, the experiences of previous customers, and so much more. That is what we have attempted here in this SafetyCam review with separate sections.

Device NameSafetyCam
CategoryAdvanced safety camera
Rating★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Weight200 gms
Features/ Highlights▪ 1080P HD Resolution
▪ 24/7 Recording
▪ Two-Way Audio
▪ Motion Detection
▪ Micro SD Slot
▪ 130 Wide Angle
▪ Weatherproof & Durable
▪ Discrete & Lightweight
▪ IR Night Vision
Benefits▪ Promote personal safety
▪ Can record stalkers
▪ Can record encounters with law enforcement
▪ Can be clipped on easily anywhere
▪ User-friendly
Customer reviewsPositive
Price$69.99 for one camera
Refund Policy30 days
BonusFree DashCam with 2 SafetyCam combo
AvailabilityOnly on the SafetyCam official website
Official websiteClick Here

What Is SafetyCam?

SafetyCam can be understood as a personal security gadget that can be used more effectively than a mobile camera. It is said that the features and recording quality of the SafetyCam camera are quite excellent so it would be efficient to save you from emergencies by proving your point with solid proof. If you were attacked you may be able to prove your victim state, and if you are someone who is accused of something erroneous, you would also be able to prove your innocence.

The manufacturer of the SafetyCam device says that it thus become a truthteller in the days to come. In some mysterious cases, where the truth remains unclear, this particular device may help the same to uncover without much hassle for the investigators as well as the victims and the accused.

Features Of SafetyCam Advanced Camera: What Makes It Unique?

SafetyCam body camera is known for its unique features. Take a look at what makes it different.

SafetyCam Features
  • 1080p resolution

SafetyCam clip-on camera comes with a 1080p resolution. This excellent quality in capturing and recording makes the functioning of truth-telling have the best and most undeniable quality ever.

  • 24*7 Recording

Unlike many other devices that may record only during specific periods, the SafetyCam safety tool records the visuals and happenings surrounding the life of the owner 24/7. This helps in facilitating protection for the individual non-stop.

  • Motion Detection

SafetyCam camera has also the feature to detect the motion of the individual. This would also serve as solid proof of the surroundings in which the owner is in.

  • Micro SD slot

You may also insert an SD card in SafetyCam in order to store the recorded visuals and recordings. You may also change the same when the storage capacity reaches the max.

  • 130 wide angle

SafetyCam advanced device has also the feature to capture visuals and recordings at a 130-degree wide angle. This may help not to miss out on anything happening on the front side of the individual.

Major SafetyCam Personal Body Camera Advantages You Can Expect

Let’s discuss some of the important benefits linked with the camera in this section of the SafetyCam review.

  • Clip it easily anywhere

SafetyCam system can be clipped on safely and easily anywhere such as in your backpack, or pocket or you can wear it on your neck. You can even place it flat on the table.

  • Proof for self-defense

If you have not done anything criminal and still get accused of something, this device would help you prove your innocence. You would be able to present proofs that are undeniable in every aspect.

  • Proof to uncover the real culprits

If you have been attacked or stand witness to something unjust, the SafetyCam high-quality device would help you show the real culprits to the world. This may also make the investigation part much easier.

  • Stand as undeniable proof in case of law enforcement

In most mysterious cases, situational evidence often stands as the decisive element in proving. But if the witness, victim, or accused was wearing a SafetyCam safety camera, this would become solid proof that helps the process of law enforcement.

  • Record your life

Apart from having an eye on the safety and security aspects, you may also wear a camera in order to record yourself. This may help you record memories and cherish them later.

  • Live a disciplined life

Since the SafetyCam protection device helps you keep a record of the events happening in your life, it also helps you do all your daily chores and duties without fail. It may help you choose the path of discipline and success if added with a bit of determination.

  • Weight: The weighing measurement of SafetyCam is just 200 grams. Since it is quite lightweight, attaching this to your clothes or body accessories would not be a hassle or discomfort.
  • Size: 6.1 inches and 2.8 inches are the dimensional measurements of this particular device. This measurement is also quite handy and comfortable to be attached to our clothes or automobiles.
  • Power Source: The power source of the SafetyCam safety tool is a powerful 5600mAh battery. It would record around 3 hours of video and 7 hours of speech continuously after a full charge.
  • IR Night Vision: IR night vision of the camera helps in recording visuals and speech even during the night hours without glare. This makes the device ideal for nighttime safety.
  • Shockproof: SafetyCam gadget can be seen as shockproof. This makes it perfect to be used during outdoor activities and sports.

How Does The SafetyCam Clip-On Camera Work?

SafetyCam is a safety device that would help you record videos and capture photos in its best quality. This device is quite portable and you may carry it everywhere either by attaching it to your clothes or by clipping it to your automobiles or baggage. The motion-detecting button of the SafetyCam safety gadget is the one that makes the recording start automatically.

You may also press the button on the device to give manual instructions to start recording. It is also said that the working mechanism of SafetyCam functions effortlessly during the day and night without the issues of nighttime glare. This is made possible with the infrared rays integrated into the device. SafetyCam battery life is also worthy to mention, being 3 hours of continuous video recording and 7 hours of continuous audio recording.

Why Do You Need This SafetyCam Personal Safety Body Camera? A Quick Look!

Every individual is in need of a SafetyCam advanced camera regardless of what profession or field he/she is in. However, if you are someone who is prone to attacks or outbreaks of violence, this device may help you to the max. It may help you prove your innocence or your state of victim, using solid and undeniable proof.

If you are someone who engages often in outdoor activities and sports, this would also help you keep a record of the activities you accomplished. This again becomes helpful if you are someone who is in need of traveling more during the night hours. During the night hours, the SafetyCam device may become an added safety feature that would help you record the happenings in your surroundings using the IR rays.

This would also help you record without glare during the night that’s again an added advantage in its working mechanism. The working of SafetyCam safety devices is also beneficial at the workplace for surveillance purposes and even for individual safety. You may also excel in roadside safety by attaching this tiny device to your automobiles, which is again a great advantage provided by its working mechanism.

SafetyCam Customer Reviews: How Satisfied Are They With The Product?

Customer experience assumes the topmost importance when it comes to making a final decision regarding the purchase of the device. It is important to know how they could make use of the device, and on what occasions and events. It would also help us understand the tips and tricks to make use of the device in the most effective manner.

SafetyCam Customer Reviews

Moreover, you may also understand the features and the ways to make use of them from the experiences of previous customers who bought and made use of the device. According to the SafetyCam customer reviews found on the official website, many of them are quite satisfied and happy with the device. Many of them could record some mandatory events and situations that helped them prove their innocence or state of being a victim using solid proof.

Some of them also mention that it helped them deal with law enforcement and prove their claims. People also report that it has helped them do great during outdoor activities and other sports. Some of them also mentioned that SafetyCam has helped them keep a record of things that indirectly helped them mold life for the better and acquire discipline in their lives.

What Does SafetyCam Cost? Is It Affordable?

You may only buy it from the SafetyCam official website. This may help you from many scams and illegal trades. There are high chance that you may come across such devices on several platforms. But it is important to know that these devices are just imitations of the original and never the authentic device.

If you would like to have the authentic, make sure you buy the same only through the official website. The sale of the authentic SafetyCam device is only carried out through the official website of the same. No other E-Commerce websites or offline retail shops sell the authentic package. The SafetyCam price details have been mentioned below.

  • 1 camera – 69.99 USD
  • 2 cameras – 104.99 USD
  • 3 cameras – 139.99 USD

Does SafetyCam Camera Offer A Refund Policy?

If you are not satisfied with the performance of the SafetyCam safety body camera, you are eligible to claim a refund from the manufacturer. You may contact the customer support team by using the device continuously for a period of 30 days.

You will be given a no-questions-asked refund in such cases. This again shows the confidence and clarity of the manufacturers regarding the device.

Final Words: SafetyCam Reviews

SafetyCam is a personal safety device that can be used by attaching to one’s clothes, automobiles, or even baggage. This particular device records video and audio both during the daytime and during the nighttime. Thus it becomes a convenient device to be used during any time of the day. It is the Infrared rays of the device that make recording during the night hours possible without glare.

Safety and security personnel can make the most out of the device since they are the ones who come across sensitive situations more often. Moreover, it is also quite handy to be carried anywhere and everywhere. Apart from that, the wide-angle capturing and recording capacity of the SafetyCam advanced safety tool is also quite beneficial in recording things with perfection. It may also help you in recording things with the zooming feature.

It may also detect motion automatically and start recording on its own. We may also give manual instructions by pressing a button on the SafetyCam camera. It is also shockproof and waterproof adding more benefits to the device. Apart from that, the SafetyCam reviews of the previous customers are also quite approving since most of them are satisfied and happy with the device. Even if they haven’t used it for personal safety, recording their life has helped them build discipline and routine in their life. Some of them have also shared experiences of documenting memories with the SafetyCam device and cherishing them later. Thus it becomes a legitimate and credible device for personal safety. 


1. Is the SafetyCam personal safety body camera perfect for day and night?

Yes, you may record events with the best HD clarity using this device. It is the IR rays that help the device record events effectively without glare.

2. How does the SafetyCam safety device record events?

SafetyCam device may start recording using the automated motion-detecting feature of the device. You may also press a button on the device and then start recording.

3. What is the best SafetyCam package to buy?

The 3-camera bundle is the best to buy. This is the most affordable in terms of price per camera, and you would also get some benefits.

4. What if I don’t feel satisfied with the SafetyCam protection camera?

You don’t have to worry about losing your money invested in the device. You may contact the customer support team and ask for the Money Back after 30 days of usage.

5. How long does the SafetyCam camera record things continuously?

The camera would be able to record videos for a continuous 3 hours and speech for a continuous 7 hours. 5600mAh battery life is the feature that makes this longevity possible. 


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