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The Home Doctor Reviews: Does Every Medical Situation Get Better With This Medical Book?



The Home Doctor Reviews

The Home Doctor is a medical guide that is prepared with homemade remedies and detailed instructions on instant medical treatment. It has been getting all of the public’s attention recently. The Home Doctor review in the following article will give you all the information that you seek about the book.

The Home Doctor Reviews: A Detailed Guide For Every Medical Need At Your Home!

At first glance, this medical guide seems a bit skeptical, but as the saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover. Let’s unbox the book and see what it contains, how it will help with the claims of homemade remedies, and how far the consequences go.

You can only reach a final verdict about the book after analyzing it from front to back. You can then decide if the book is indeed as good as the website claims or if it is only a waste of your time. Keep reading to learn all about The Home Doctor book before you make a purchase.

The Home Doctor Review
Program NameThe Home Doctor
Used ForThe medical needs at home
CreatorDr. Maybell Nieves
Key Benefits-Gives a detailed description of certain health issues
-Offers natural and risk-free solutions
-Provides a list of first aid and medical supplies
-Support your health in every way
-Helps you understand the medicinal drugs
-Make the best use of home remedies
ProsEasy-to-understand manual
Provides step-by-step instructions
Uses simple language
Saves a lot of medical expenditure with modern medicine
Has no side effects from any of the remedies mentioned
ConsIs only available on the official website.
Limited in stock and running out frequently.
PriceThe Home Doctor’s physical and digital books -$37 (plus $9.99 delivery)
The Home Doctor’s digital copy -$37
Bonuses1. Wild Edibles You Can Forage for or Find Around Your House
2. Natural Healing Secrets of Native Americans
AvailabilityOnly on the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is The Home Doctor?

The Home Doctor is a 304-page book of all the expert tips and methods you will need to know during a medical situation at home. It is produced and authorized by professionals, with every instruction and piece of advice illustrated with minute details. The book contains crucial knowledge about all the medical procedures or remedies that can be done in your personal space to get immediate relief from problems. These problems are the ones that you can do your best to treat at home without spending a huge amount of money on modern medications.

To make it easier for the reader, the author has added graphical illustrations, step-by-step instructions, relevant information regarding the procedure, and useful advice for almost every medical situation. Almost all of these protocols and procedures are self-applicable and require no amount of medical intervention, especially when aid is not immediately available. 

This The Home Doctor book is specifically created to help everyone, regardless of their knowledge of the matter. In this book, you will learn about a range of issues, from what to do with medications that require refrigeration to the worst medical errors you can make during a blackout.

Who is the creator of The Home Doctor?

Dr. Maybell Nieves created The Home Doctor, which was co-authored by Dr. Rodrigo Alterio and Claude Davis. Dr. Maybell is a general surgeon at Caracas University Hospital in Venezuela with more than 10 years of operating room experience. She is also the leading surgeon of the Unit of Breast Pathology at the same institute.

She became well known after developing such a method following the collapse of Venezuela’s economy, which resulted in limited stocks of medicines, supplies, electricity, and running water in the hospitals. Currently, Dr. Rodrigo Alterio is employed by the surgical division of the UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas.

Claude Davis is a veteran prepper and an expert on the history of the Wild West. He believes that the methods people use for disaster management in the current space are outdated. Dr. Maybell, Dr. Rodrido, and Claude put all of these ideas into one place and called it The Home Doctor, where every medical problem is assisted with home remedies.

What is included in The Home Doctor?

Including more than 30 DIY remedies, The Home Doctor medical book is a comprehensive practical guide with every detail down to the point. Here are just some of the issues and solutions you will find in the book, with an even more detailed picture.

  • One of the chapters talks about exactly 10 medical supplies that you should keep at home in case of a medical emergency.
  • It lists the worst mistakes you can make during a blackout and gives advice on how to counter them.
  • The Home Doctor book also talks about expired medications and how far past their expiration date you can keep using them.
  • Another chapter talks about the four important antibiotics that you must have at home that can prevent any medical situation from worsening.
  • The guide gives details about an ideal painkiller that you can just grow at home and even gives tips on how to take care of it.
  • One chapter gives you an idea of what to do with medications that require refrigeration, like insulin.
  • It also gives a clear idea about the risks of taking the wrong probiotics.
  • Another section of the guide contains information on how to take care of yourself when you have respiratory issues like the flu.
  • There are also homemade remedies for almost every skin condition.
  • The Home Doctor medical book contains simple stretching exercises to relieve back and neck pain.
  • For women, it includes a rather descriptive breast examination that you can do by yourself at home before going to a doctor.
  • It also contains tooth-care remedies for when you cannot visit your dentist.
  • For a better sleep cycle, the book gives homemade recipes to take before bed.
Order The Home Doctor From Official Website

How does the Home Doctor work?

The mechanism of The Home Doctor by Dr. Maybell Nieves is made pretty simple for the readers so that even those who are amateurs in the field can do it. This book is designed in an easily comprehensible way that leaves no room for confusion or complicated methods. It contains in-depth information about numerous widespread health conditions, like the flu, and effective treatments. It also gives details regarding heart attacks and all kinds of pain, with simple solutions that can be self-reported with no difficulty.

The Home Doctor book is addressed to laymen and is illustrated with plain language and graphics to guide you through the procedure. It is easy, detailed, and works for everyone. And while it gives you a set of supplies that are must-haves at home, the other remedies simply use a list of items that are available at every home. There are remedies and procedures that you can muster when actual medical assistance is delayed, and you do not even need a medical brain to understand them.

The Home Doctor benefits

  • Gives a detailed description of certain health issues and how to deal with them.
  • Offers natural and risk-free solutions
  • Provides a list of first aid and medical supplies you must always keep at home.
  • Support your health in every way and ensure the remedies are safe.
  • Helps you understand the medicinal drugs that you require for your illness.
  • Helps you gain a fast, responsive attitude during emergencies.
  • Make the best use of home remedies before you have to submit to modern medicines.

Pros and cons of The Home Doctor medical book

The Home Doctor remedy book is a detailed guide with home remedies for ailments that require medical attention but are not getting any immediately. But when you look at the book at a glance, you will also have to glimpse at the haves and have-nots. Let’s look at what the guide is beneficial for and where it lacks:


  • easy-to-understand manual
  • Provides step-by-step instructions and graphic images of every step.
  • uses simple language and gathers everyone’s attention.
  • Contains prerequisite knowledge regarding most of the ailments you can treat at home.
  • Saves a lot of medical expenditure with modern medicine.
  • Has no side effects from any of the remedies mentioned.


  • Is only available on The Home Doctor official website.
  • Limited in stock and running out frequently.
Get The Home Doctor From Official Website

Is The Home Doctor legit or not?

The methods and information provided in The Home Doctor medical book were developed and certified by Dr. Maybell, Dr. Rodrido, and Claude, medical experts, and innovators, regarding the medical assistance that can change lives with home remedies instead of expensive modern procedures.

This book was created with the idea of promoting or empowering normal people with credibility and self-reliability in cases of unavailable medical assistance. It contains only safe and risk-free methods using natural remedies.

It has worked for the thousands who have tried even a single chapter in the book, so it can be deemed a legit working model of DIY medical support.

Is The Home Doctor full free download available?

You can access The Home Doctor in both physical and digital formats after making the purchase. The official website of The Home Doctor medical guide contains information regarding pricing and purchasing matters. You can order the book directly from there and access it as soon as you receive it. The digital copy of the book alone is available for a mere $37.

The Home Doctor customer reviews and complaints

Before giving it out to the public, these methods were tested first by the creators of the book to ensure the results were positive and not damaging. And of the thousands of people who have tried the remedies in the book, all of them have repeated the same thing: that they actually work.

The methods are said to be effective and fast. Plus, they do not have to go to great lengths to get to the nearest hospital or go knee-deep in debt due to medical expenses.

Most of them applaud the book for giving advice on the must-have supplements and medicines to be stored at home since they actually helped in case of an emergency. Also, The Home Doctor book is easy to read and understand, even without the hard-to-pronounce medical terms.

The Home Doctor pricing and availability

The Home Doctor official website has authentic products being sold for a reasonable price. Other sites or stores that hold similar claims are only wasting your time and money, as The Home Doctor book is an exclusive product sold only on their official website. So that everyone can benefit from this innovative medical approach in the comfort of their homes, it is offered at a reduced cost.

  • The Home Doctor’s physical and digital books cost $37 (plus $9.99 delivery).
  • The Home Doctor’s digital copy costs $37.
Purchase The Home Doctor From Official Website

The Home Doctor refund policy

The Home Doctor remedy book comes with a guarantee of money for 60 days. You will be provided a full 60 days to try The Home Doctor and the medical practices in the book. During this period, you can decide if the book is working for you. If somehow it disappoints and the outcomes are far from your expectations, you can apply for a refund. The entire amount will be returned to your account, no questions asked.

The Home Doctor free bonuses

  • Wild Edibles You Can Forage for or Find Around Your House: This book contains information on the lifesaving herbs in Venezuela that serve as foods. You will be able to identify all the edible plants in the wild and use them to your advantage.
  • Natural Healing Secrets of Native Americans: From this bonus product, you will be able to identify the natural plant remedies that were used in the ancient days and are just as powerful as modern medicine.
The Home Doctor Bonuses

Final Verdict on The Home Doctor Reviews

The Home Doctor medical book is a detailed manual with illustrated instructions in simple language to help people understand the basics of home remedies. It contains a number of situations that need medical attention but are unable to get it from the hospital on time.

It also helps save a lot of money that would otherwise go down the drain with modern medicine. These methods have been tested and approved by credentialed doctors.

It is safe to apply, risk-free, and simple to register. Many have used the guide and found a diligent attitude towards a homemade remedy. The Home Doctor reviews are all in a positive tone.

The book is already cost-efficient, to begin with, and it always grants a 100% money-back guarantee for 60 days. I would say The Home Doctor looks like a valid investment for homemade medical remedies and is worth trying.

Visit The Home Doctor Official Website

Frequently asked questions

1. Can I give it a try even if I am inexperienced in the medical field?

A: Sure, The Home Doctor book does not require the reader to be acquainted with medical terms or theories. It is well written in simple language and can be used by anyone who desires to treat ailments at home.

2. How much does it cost for just the digital version of the book?

A: The digital version of The Home Doctor costs only $37, whereas the physical copy adds $9.99 for the delivery charge.

3. Is this book available on Amazon or Kindle?

A: The book is only available for purchase on their official website. You will not be able to find them on Amazon or Kindle.

4. According to The Home Doctor book, what are the medical supplies that I should keep at home?

A: You will need to keep a number of medical supplies at home at all times. The list contains about 10 medicinal drugs and four essential antibiotics. The other supplies required for the remedies are easily available at home.

5. Who is the author of The Home Doctor?

A: Dr. Maybell Nieves authored the book The Home Doctor along with Dr. Rodrigo Alterio and Claude Davis. All three of them are professionals in medicine.


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