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The Wealth Compass Reviews: Does This Mark Pescetti’s Audio Program Really Work?



The Wealth Compass Reviews

The Wealth Compass is a manifestation program for wealth and individual development program that has been getting a lot of attention recently. In The Wealth Compass review, the legitimacy of the program is being analyzed. 

The Wealth Compass Reviews: A Useful Audio Tracks For Self Motivation!

My first impression of the program was that it does seem safe and effective. However, before starting to use the program all the aspects related to it has to be analyzed in detail. 

A final verdict on The Wealth Compass can be arrived at only after carefully considering all the factors such as the creator of the program, the way the program functions, its basic principle, the benefits of the program, and its pros and cons. 

So, start reading The Wealth Compass review, to know everything that you need to know before buying The Wealth Compass. 

The Wealth Compass Review

Program NameThe Wealth Compass
Program FormWealth Manifestation Program
CreatorMark Pescetti
BenefitsHelps in self-development
It clears away the limiting beliefs 
Gets rid of the illusion of scarcity
Improves quality of life
ProsEasy to use
Easy accessibility
Can be downloaded into any device 

No fabricated sound frequency
ConsOnly available on its official website
Limited available 
Bonuses“How To Become The Leader of Your Attention” (Video Training)
The Wealth Compass E-Book
Bonus 3: The Wealth Compass Printable Attention Tracker
The Wealth Compass Inner Circle
Money back guarantee60 day
Price27 US dollars
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Official Website Click here

What Is The Wealth Compass?

The Wealth Compass is a wealth manifestation program. It is a digital product and contains audio tracks. The audio tracks are the sound frequencies of the brain and are Theta tones. There are a total of four original Theta tones such as the four different tracks of the tone North, South, East, and West. The program focuses on the energy field, which contains all of the wealth that someone imagines having. 

The sound frequency reprograms the subconscious for unlimited abundance. As these are the actual sounds that the brain naturally makes. It helps to clear away the noises in your head. These tones are called brainwave tones. It helps the listeners get mental clarity and a clearer picture of the things that are happening around them. 

Who Is The Creator Of The Wealth Compass?

The creator of The Wealth Compass is Mark Pescetti. He is a fourth-grade drop put and a self-made individual. Pescetti is an online entrepreneur and a noted manifestation expert. He has, reportedly, made more than 100 million US dollars through online sales of his manifestation programs. Pescetti is the founder of the entire Wealth Compass program. 

What Is Included In The Wealth Compass? 

The Wealth Compass is a self-development and money attraction manifestation program. This section is about what comes in as part of the program. It includes:

The Wealth Compass – Main Program:

The Welcome Video

The Four Audio Tracks

🔉Track 1 – North On The Wealth Compass – Connecting Your Natural State

🔉Track 2 – East On The Wealth Compass – Feed The Good Wolf

🔉Track 3 – South On The Wealth Compass – Waking Up From The Dream

🔉Track 4 – West On The Wealth Compass – Celebrating Your Dream

How Does The Wealth Compass Audio Track Work?

The sound frequency is the brain wave and the auditory representation of the organic part of the way the brain functions. The brain functions are in wave frequencies. It is called Theta and it is the same place where all the conditioning and resistance is accumulated. The audiotrack in the CD is a Theta tone.

All the conditioning in the subconscious blocks the storing of new information and hinders making a reshift in the attention focus. By listening to the Theta tones every day, the subconscious junk is removed and the place becomes available to store new information in it. That is due to the direct connection that the subconscious has with the energy field. 

The played Theta tones directly access the subconscious and enable the brain to store new information. And the listener can manifest abundance by directly focusing on wealth and prosperity.

It imagines the sun as the source of all the money and wealth. Now imagine the clouds are covering the sun, and are causing scarcity and limitations. It just means that the wealth source is blocked, but it is still there.

So, in order to attract money, the sun needs to be brought out. This program helps to manifest that. It helps to tap into the field. In general, it uses the Law of Attention to develop wealth manifestation principles. 

What Are the Benefits In The Wealth Compass?

Using The Wealth Compass audio program can have a lot of benefits. It acts as a wealth attraction program and can be used by anyone. In The Wealth Compass review, the only needed things to use it are a device to which the program can be downloaded and a pair of earphones or headsets to listen to it. It gives abundant health and wealth. The benefits of the program are listed below in bullet points: 

  • Helps in self-development
  • It clears away the limiting beliefs 
  • Helps to build resistance to the restricted Natural State of Abundance
  • Helps in abundance mindset development
  • Gets rid of the illusion of scarcity
  • Reprograms the subconscious to remove the subconscious conditionings 
  • Manifests the attention only to the needed things.
  • Helps to grab the circumstances and find opportunities
  • The Wealth Compass audio frequency program Improves the quality of life

Pros And Cons Of The Wealth Compass

Look deep into the cons and make decisions on how the cons are going to affect life. 


  • Easy to use
  • Can be used anytime 
  • Can be used anywhere 
  • Easy accessibility
  • Can be downloaded into any device 
  • No fabricated sound frequency


  • Only available on its official website
  • Limited Availability

Is The Wealth Compass Legit Or Not? 

The Wealth Compass appears to be a legit wealth manifestation program. It works based on the Law of Attention. The Wealth Compass program comes in the form of audio tracks that one has to listen to. It contains the sound frequencies of the brain and it helps the brain to unlearn the old patterns and subconscious conditioning.

Anything that one learns in upbringing and from old life conditions will be erased from attention. The brain will be rewired and have enough space to accommodate the new thoughts and attention. Considering all these, it can be said that the program is legit. 

The Wealth Compass Customer Reviews And Complaints

Based on The Wealth Compass reviews, it appears that customers are able to refocus their attention as per their needs. The Wealth Compass customers have reported being able to feel the change in their mindset and energy. 

To read The Wealth Compass customer reviews, the official website of the program can be visited. Most of the reports say that the customers have felt the incoming wealth and abundance. In the case of some of The Wealth Compass users who did not get the results, it was understood that such ones were not regular with the usage of the program. 

The Wealth Compass Pricing And Availability

The Wealth Compass can only be bought from its official website. Its CD form is not available in any retail stores. Also, there is no option to download the full free version of the audio program. Even The Wealth Compass official website does not ask to do that, instead, the full version will be sent to the email id of the user after the confirmation of the payment. 

Price of The Wealth Compass = 27 US dollars 

It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Any return and refund choices due to not receiving the expected results, should be made within the first 60 days of the purchase. 

The Wealth Compass Bonuses List

When the program is purchased from its official website, three bonuses and one optional can be availed of:

  1. “How To Become The Leader of Your Attention” (Video Training)
  2. The Wealth Compass E-Book
  3. The Wealth Compass Printable Attention Tracker
  4. The Wealth Compass Inner Circle (Optional)

Continue reading to know the details:

👍Bonus 1: “How To Become The Leader of Your Attention” (Video Training)

The creator has made a video that demonstrates the application of The Law of Attention. A simple breathing exercise is also demonstrated. 

How To Become The Leader of Your Attention Bonuses

👍Bonus 2: The Wealth Compass E-Book

The e-book contains the visual versions of the meditations in The Wealth Compass. It can be used to understand the right way to do the meditations with the help of visual representations. Also, it helps in reinforcing the Law of Attention in the everyday life of the user.

The Wealth Compass E-Book Bonuses

👍Bonus 3: The Wealth Compass Printable Attention Tracker

This bonus is a tool to measure the growth that each of the users gets with the usage of the manifestation program. It helps in the journey of focusing attention. It can be used as a tool to keep track of attention. 

The Wealth Compass Printable Attention Tracker Bonuses

👍Bonus 4 (Optional): The Wealth Compass Inner Circle

This is an optional bonus. Along with the purchase of the program, free access to The Wealth Compass Inner Circle will be unlocked. That comprises the latest monthly content and access to the private Facebook group of the program in which the users can directly interact with the manufacturer. The free access to the inner circle will be valid for one month. 

The Wealth Compass Inner Circle Bonuses

The Wealth Compass Reviews – Final Verdict

The Wealth Compass seems like a legit and safe program for harnessing wealth and abundance in life. It is based on the Law of Attention, which helps the user to focus attention to needed specific things and thereby attract attention is in.

Mark Pesectti is the one who created the program. It comes with 4 original Theta tones that the brain makes and it is advised to listen to them carefully every day.

In The Wealth Compass review, the program gives attractive appearance development for attention and thereby adds to the abundance and prosperity. If it does not provide the expected results there is a refund policy that can be opted for. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is The Wealth Compass based on the Law of Attraction?

No, The Wealth Compass is not based on the Law of Attraction. It is based on the Law of Attention. 

2. Can women use The Wealth Compass?

Yes, women can use The Wealth Compass manifestation program. It can be used by every adult. As the program consists of brain waves audio, there is no restriction for anyone to use it. 

3. How should I use the manifestation program?

As the manifestation program comes in the form of an audio track, it can be listed need to, as per convenience. Make sure to use earphones, to completely listen to the tracks, and do not miss doing that on any day. 

4. How long will it take to be delivered? 

It does not get delivered. It is an audio track and a digital program it is not sent via post. It will be delivered to the email id provided at the time of purchase. 

5. How quicker will I receive the results?

It is solely dependent on the person who is using the program. Generally, it is advised to try The Wealth Compass mindset development program for about 60 days.


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