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Top Cannabis Strains for Menstrual Pain Relief



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Though the male gender is strongly associated with cannabis use, the modern reality is pretty different. Many women in the USA and other countries with legalized medicinal and recreational weed use have already embraced the pros of weed for many medical conditions, including menstrual cramps. The reason for such popularity of weed is that it’s affordable, non-addictive, and gently affects the person’s body and mind. Thus, the use of cannabis and weed-infused products for cramps is increasing, and we’re sharing this guide to help you make a wise choice of suitable cannabis items for this specific condition. You can find out about the difference between Indica or Sativa for menstrual cramps at

Physiology of Menstrual Cramps

The pain we experience during menstruation comes from the spasm of the uterus, and the release of prostaglandins into the bloodstream. As a result of excessive prostaglandin release, uterus muscles get contracted to decrease the blood flow and oxygen supply to the uterus. These processes result in significant pain and discomfort for women, and their intensity differs depending on the individual features. Women feel cramps in the lower abdominal area, which vary in intensity and can get acute for some time.

While for the majority of women, menstrual pain is largely tolerable, others may suffer from debilitating and highly irritating sensations. The conditions that worsen the intensity of cramps are endometriosis and uterine fibroids; in some cases, improper nutrition or vitamin and hormonal disbalances can elevate the symptoms. As a result, some women suffer from cramps of high intensity, which lock them to a couch for the entire menstrual period and sometimes even extend to the pre- and post-menstrual days.

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How Can Cannabis Help with Menstrual Pain?

The main reason for cannabis’s growing popularity in the treatment of menstrual pain is that it has a long and successful track record of pain management. Weed has proven pretty effective against all kinds of pain, from acute to chronic, so women rely on weed during menstruation or pre-menstrual syndrome for a reason.

There is little clinical evidence of the exact mechanisms through which cannabis soothes pain in people and animals. However, it is assumed that the analgesic effect of weed comes from its ability to numb the senses, thus soothing the pain and making the user feel it less intensely. THC is the primary component of weed associated with pain relief. Still, CBD and other cannabinoids, as well as a rich terpene profile any weed strain contains, also play a role in soothing pain and improving a woman’s mood during menstrual cramps.

Top Cannabis Strains Used for Pain Relief

Overall, there are no weed strains specifically meant for cramps and menstrual pain. However, some weed types are better suited for pain and muscle relaxation than others, so they may be tried out for menstrual pain relief. Here are a couple of strains enjoying a positive reputation among women.

#1 Purple Stardawg

One of the cannabinoids in weed famous for its analgesic effect is CBG; it is usually present in a meager concentration in most strains, but Purple Stardawg is an exception. This type contains enough CBG to soothe your pain and comfort your uterus. The strain is famous for the strong relaxing effect that most women need during painful menstrual cramps.

#2 Orange Kush Breath

Women like an esthetically pleasing weed consumption experience, and Orange Kush Breath can give it to everyone. This weed comes with an appealing citrus flavor and a deeply relaxing effect ideal for the menstrual period. It uplifts the user’s mood and soothes pain, thus reducing one’s proneness to cramps and mood swings.

#3 Harlequin

This strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with 70% of sativa genetics, which has high THC and CBD concentrations and delivers potent healing effects on the user’s body. However, this weed variety acts very strongly and is optimal for evening use so that you go to bed and relax fully. If taken during the day, Harlequin can cause a strong stoned effect that will prevent you from performing daily routines.

#4 Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a strain with balanced genetics and pronounced sedating and analgesic effects. Its use is suitable for newbies and mature cannabis consumers, so it’s an ideal option for anyone seeking potent muscle relaxation.

Strains for Mood Improvement During Menstruation

Cannabis can not only kill the pain that menstruation is causing you; it can also help battle the mood swings millions of women experience during this period. Thus, even if your menstrual cramps don’t bother you too much, you can use cannabis for mood correction and enjoy a happy, balanced life even during these days. The top picks for mood improvement are:

  • Super Lemon Haze – the Sativa-dominant hybrid with juicy citrus flavors is sure to lift you up and make you forget about the troubles and pain of menstrual days.
  • Durban Poison – another potent Sativa strain with uplifting and energizing properties ensured with high THC concentrations and a rich terpene profile.
  • Sour Diesel – a Sativa strain that can make anyone feel euphoric and jump off the couch, ready for the new day’s challenges.

CBD-Rich Products for Menstrual Cramps

CBD is also of much help for women suffering from cramps, as it also comes with pain-killing properties and doesn’t cause the intoxication characteristic of THC-rich strains. Women often use sedative CBD topicals or CBD gummies to soothe pain and muscle discomfort. You’re also sure to reap many benefits of used CBD drops under the tongue; the effect arrives pretty quickly and helps you restore your mental and physical well-being during this uneasy period.

Cannabis Can Help with Menstrual Cramps

As you can see, cannabis is of real help to women who suffer from menstrual cramps and want to restore their normal functioning and well-being during this challenging period of their hormonal cycle. Though there are few medications containing cannabis available at present, and the choice of strains for menstrual cramps is a task for every individual consumer, the body of evidence about weed’s benefits is gradually increasing. Thus, women can enjoy safe and efficient remedies to avoid the couch-locking effect of menstrual pain and live a full life all the time.

The author of this article is Lana Braslavska, an expert in the cannabis industry with a strong focus on user education and safe weed use promotion. Lana writes for AskGrowers and presents well-researched pieces to help consumers choose weed varieties wisely and reap maximum health benefits from weed consumption.

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